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Zero Two






ISML name Zero Two
Chinese Zero Two
Other names Code:002, Nine Iota
Anime Darling in the Franxx
Anime Debut Winter 2018
Voiced by Jp.png Haruka Tomatsu
Us.png Tia Ballard
Status Regular
Best Results
Isml logo.png ISML Main: Regular season (2019, Emerald)
Ranime logo.png Best Girl Round of 32 (BG6)
Bilibili Moe Round of 16 (2018)
ISML record
Main Tournament 2019: RS (Emerald, Ro40)
2020: RS (Sapphire, Ro64)
Seasonal 2018: Winter 3rd
r/anime contest record
Best Girl BG6: R32 (seed 29)
BG7: R64 (seed 43)
Best Character BCh5:
Seasonal Salt Winter 2018: Champion
Best Girl of 2018: Runner-up
Defunct Majors Record
Other Contest Wins

Zero Two is the main heroine of Trigger and CloverWorks' anime original series Darling in the Franxx.

Zero Two is one of the most popular characters from the Winter 2018 season. In r/anime contests, she has won the corresponding seasonal contest, and finished runner-up in its "Best Girl of the Year". Her best result came a year later in Best Girl 6 where she reached the round of 32; in that stage she notably became the closest to defeating Asuna Yuuki, who would go on to win the entire thing.

The horned woman is becoming a regular competitor in the International Saimoe League, but has struggled to make it into the later stages of the regular season. She has finished third in the contest's Winter seasonal, losing to arch-rival Ichigo in the semi-finals.

Contest History[edit | edit source]

International Saimoe League[edit | edit source]

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Best Girl Contest[edit | edit source]

Zero Two's Best Girl Contest Record
Edition Round Opponent Score Result
Best Girl 6 (2019)
(seed 29)
Round of 512 (484) Tsukasa.png Tsukasa Hiiragi 3570 - 1280 Win
Round of 256 (228) Yuuri.png Yuuri 3687 - 1807 Win
Round of 128 (100) Beatrice re0.png Beatrice (Re:Zero) 5646 - 2471 Win
Round of 64 (36) Sayaka.png Sayaka Miki 6076 - 3975 Win
Round of 32 (4) Asuna Yuuki Asuna Yuuki 8058 - 8090 Loss
Best Girl 7 (2020)
(seed 43)
Round of 512 (470) Lieselotte Sherlock 2160 - 791 Win
Round of 256 (214) Narumi.png Narumi Momose 2789 - 1768 Win
Round of 128 (86) Shizuka.png Shizuka Hiratsuka 2845 - 2763 Win
Round of 64 (22) Cc.png C.C. 3029 - 3660 Loss

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