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Violet Evergarden is the main protagonist and the eponymous title character of Kana Akatsuki's light novel and its anime adaptation by Kyoto Animation.

Blessed by the creative staff at KyoAni, Violet Evergarden (both the show and the character) garnered positive reception from critics and audiences alike. Since her anime debut in Winter 2018, Violet came to be known as an all-around player, having many vocal supporters all around the world, but her greatest strength comes from the support of the Chinese fanbase.

Violet is the most successful girl debuting in 2018, winning ISML's Winter Diadem and the overall seasonal championship. Not content with this success, she took it one step further by winning the Aquamarine necklace and the Heavenly Tiara in next year's tournament.

Elsewhere, she secured a fourth-place finish in China's Bilibili Moe in 2018, and was the most successful debutant in the sixth edition of r/anime's Best Girl Contest, reaching the round of 16 as a 15th seed.

Contest History

Kyoto Animation's creative talent is responsible for much of Violet's strengths. The first thing the audience sees are the incredibly detailed and beautiful visuals of the anime. Some of the episodes are anime-original, which serves to futher develop her character arc. Violet's first major tournament happened in China, where she is one of the favorites to win Bilibili Moe 2018. Her tournament run ended when she lost to Nero in the semi-finals, narrowly losing to the Fate character by two thousand votes despite significantly leading in true-love tickets (which are worth 2 votes each and can only be used once). She then lost the playoff to Rin, finishing the tournament in fourth place.

Meanwhile in r/anime, she made her debut in the 2018 Winter edition of the Seasonal Salt contests, where she stood in the shadow of Zero Two from Darling in the FranXX. The same result came in the Best Girl of 2018 contest, losing to the klaxosaur girl in the semi-finals. However, when the actual Best Girl Contest came in 2019, Violet got the highest seed among the debutants (#15) and also got the farthest among them: she lost in the round of 16 to r/anime powerhouse and #2 seed Aqua from Konosuba.

It wouldn't take long for Violet to win a major title however, as she had shown signs of promise to win ISML by winning the 2018 Winter Diadem and taking the "best girl of the year" title away from Mai. When the actual tournament began in 2019, she immediately won the first necklace round and finished a respectable 3rd place in the regular season.

The playoffs were a different beast altogether, but Violet's military experience allowed her to adapt to the single-elimination format. Every single match was fought tooth-and-nail. She denied Mai once more in their rematch in the semi-final by a margin of 168 votes, and her rematch against Rin in the grand finals didn't disappoint either-- Violet got her revenge by winning the Heavenly Tiara by 173 votes, and denied Rin what could have been the most dominant playoff runs in ISML history.

Violet is the third KyoAni girl to win ISML after Mio Akiyama (2010) and Eru Chitanda (2015), putting the studio on par with J.C. Staff in terms of Tiaras won. (J.C. Staff won three titles with Mikoto in 2011, Kuroneko in 2013, and Shana in 2016.)

International Saimoe League

ISML 2019'''ISML 2019'''

2018: Playoffs (seed 3)

  • R16: Win vs (14) Shouko Nishimiya, 11748 - 10052
  • QF: Win vs (6) Kurumi Tokisaki, 11946 - 11520
  • SF: Win vs (2) Mai Sakurajima, 10410 - 10242  (168 votes difference!)
  • Final: Win vs (4) Rin Tohsaka, 13329 - 13156  (173 votes difference!)

Best Girl Contest


Bilibili Moe

2018 Edition

Group Stages

  • ????

Final Bracket

  • R32: Win vs Narberal Gamma, ?????
  • R16: Win vs Kurisu Makise, ?????
  • QF: Win vs Umaru Doma, 136273 - 110530  (2415-2482 TL Votes)
  • SF: Loss vs Nero Claudius (Saber Extra), 173627 - 175459  (16254-7522 TL Votes)
  • '3rd place match: ' Lost vs Rin Tohsaka, ?????


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