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Violet Evergarden is the titular protagonist of Kana Akatsuki's light novel of the same name and its TV adaptation by Kyoto Animation. She is a former child soldier who was treated as a "weapon" by her officers, except Major Gilbert Bougainvillea, who treated her like a human. Due to her military upbringing, she is extremely deadly in combat, but has trouble expressing and understanding emotions. She lost both of her arms during battle, and her missing limbs were replaced by mechanical prostheses after the war ended.

At the start of the series, Violet enlists in the CH postal company to become an "Auto Memory Doll" with the goal of understanding the meaning of Gilbert's last words spoken to her during the war's last stages. Her primary responsibilities as a Doll involve traveling to different places where she fulfills her clients' requests by ghostwriting letters. Through these letters, Violet interprets their thoughts, emotions, and intended messages through her own words. Her mechanical hands proved to be extremely useful because of her job's heavy focus on typing.

First appearing in the Winter 2018 anime season, Violet's most notable achievement in the context of this wiki happened in 2019 where she won the International Saimoe League on her first eligible appearance, becoming the fourth female champion to do so following Nanoha's Fate (2008) K-On's Mio (2010), and DAL's Kotori (2014).


Contest profile[]

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Both the show and the title character garnered positive reception from critics and audiences alike. The KyoAni anime adaptation is responsible for much of Violet's strengths, as it was praised for its signature highly detailed visuals, anime-original scenes, and the emotional impact of several episodes. [note 1] As a result, Violet came to be known as an well-rounded and successful player in character popularity contests, garnering many supporters from all around the world due to its wide-reaching appeal. She also bears strong resemblances to the Fate heroine Saber, such as blonde hair, blue and white dress, and emotionless demeanour; this has led her to be given nicknames such as "Sabergarden" and "Fullmetal Saber" [note 2] in the online anime fandom.

Violet's first major tournament happened in China, where she was pegged as one of the most likely contestants to win Bilibili Moe 2018. Her tournament run ended after losing to Fate/Extra's Saber in the semi-finals by two thousand votes despite significantly leading in true-love tickets, which are worth 2 votes each and can only be used once. She was defeated by top seed Rin Tohsaka in the following round, finishing the tournament in fourth place.

in ISML[]

ISML Profile Flavor Text
("written by Guoba")

“I want to know what love is.” with this line, Violet’s journey as an auto-memories doll has started.

Her written history as a soldier was legendary. After the war ends, she ignored her broken, scarred memories behind it. She is now an auto-memories doll who doesn't talk much, but she has potential power to restore clients.

Of course, Violet's lack of emotions can be a turn off for clients. She is somewhat difficult to empathize with at the start. But no worries. Violet learns by listening to the client's problem. She began to understand a feeling precisely after knowing what problems hers client was experiencing. 

Violet faces the fact that the world is filled with bitter words. Not only happy ones but that doesn’t discourage her despite bringing back sorrow memories. So after knowing the meaning of losing someone, she cried out loud because of the major's last words.

Overcoming that heavy nirvana, Violet comes to accept those words as part of her and grows stronger. Now she has changed from a heartless weapon into a human who understands the sense of farewell.

Road to Tiara[]

It wouldn't take long for Violet to win a major title howver, as she had shown signs of promise to win the International Saimoe League by winning the 2018 winter seasonal contest and blowing out Fall champion Mai Sakurajima in the final inter-seasonal match. In the 2019 main tournament, news of the KyoAni arson attack and the ISML website putting a donation page for the victims on its front page may have played an important part on her status as a tournament favourite, as Violet immediately won the first necklace round and finished 20-1 in the regular season, only losing to Emilia in the Ruby period.

In the playoffs, the #3 seeded Doll dispatched Shouko in the last 16 before undertaking perhaps the most dangerous championship run in ISML history, as her matches from quarter-finals and beyond were decided by increasingly tighter margins. She defeated Kurumi by 426 votes, Mai-san by 168 votes, and finally Tohsaka by 173 votes, to claim this year's heavenly tiara and becoming the fourth female debutante to win the award. Furthermore, Violet becomes the third Kyoto Animation girl to win ISML after Mio Akiyama (2010) and Eru Chitanda (2015), putting the studio on par with J.C. Staff in terms of Tiaras won. [note 3]

Tournament of Champions[]

Evergarden competed in the following year's hall of fame tournament as a favourite to win (as is tradition for newly introduced champions). However, she stumbled to a 3-way tie for second with Katou and Angel (in her last ToC), sending all of them into the final round. Violet ended up placing second behind group-topper Eru Chitanda.

Violet remained as a contender in the 2021 ToC, finishing 2nd with 6 wins and 1 loss in the group stage, including a crucial win against Chitanda in round 6 which essentially eliminated her opponent. She then overcame the undefeated newcomer Yukino Yukinoshita in the final round to claim her first ToC title in just her second appearance.

in r/anime[]

During her Seasonal Salt days, the Auto Memory Doll dwelt under the shadow of Franxx's Zero Two, losing to the horned girl in the semi-finals on both 2018 Winter and the yearly contest. Despite these losses, the former soldier matured into a fairly strong and better-seeded contestant in the subreddit's major brackets. Violet was the most successful newcomer on Best Girl 6, securing the highest seed (#15) and best finish (a last-16 loss to Aqua). The following year, she was eliminated by Yui Yuigahama in the fifth round of Best Girl 7. Violet returned to the round of 16 as an #11 seed in Best Girl 8, managing to give #6 Megumin a scare, but she ultimately fell with a 143* votes difference.

In Best Character 5, Violet notably defeated Guts in round 4 before barely losing to Subaru in the next match.

ISML record[]

Seasonal & Exhibition[]

Seasonal Diadem - 2018 Winter

  • Group stage: 1st, 2W; CVP: 5.014 (seed 1)
    • R1 plate.png Hana i.png Hana Ichinose {Slow Start) 8331 - 1176 (Aqua 7)
    • R2 plate.png Lacia.png Lacia (Beatless) 11,165 - 1617 (Aqua 13)
  • T16 plate.png (16) Koizumi.png Koizumi-san 12,646 - 4007 (Aqua Gem)
  • Qf plate.png (9) Yuzu aihara.png Yuzu Aihara 8479 - 2048 (Topaz 2)
  • Sf plate.png (4) Takagi.png Takagi-san 10,365 - 5885 (Topaz 3)
  • Final plate.png (2) 015.png Ichigo (DitF) 8729 - 3212 (Topaz 4)


Main Tournament[]

  • Overall record: 24-1
  • Necklace won: Aquamarine 2019 Aquamarine
ISML 2019
Directly qualified (2018 winter winner)
Rd Opponent Score W-L?
Aqua 1 Ginko s.png Ginko Sora 7035 - 3140 W
Aqua 2 Eriri.png Eriri Spencer Sawamura 6179 - 4760 W
Aqua 3 Origami.png Origami Tobiichi 6031 - 5389 W
Tpz 1 Kei karuizawa.png Kei Karuizawa 6472 - 4256 W
Tpz 2 Umaru.png Umaru Doma 6557 - 5500 W
Tpz 3 Sora kasugano.png Sora Kasugano 9136 - 6139 W
Amet 1 Shouko m.png Shouko Makinohara 6238 - 4232 W
Amet 2 Mirai.png Mirai Kuriyama 6578 - 3726 W
Amet 3 02.png Zero Two 6160 - 5117 W
Sapp 1 Megumin.png Megumin 7738 - 6624 W
Sapp 2 Index.png Index 7415 - 6105 W
Sapp 3 Yoshino dal.png Yoshino 9031 - 6452 W
Eme 1 Isla1.png Isla 6830 - 5335 W
Eme 2 Chino.png Chino Kafuu 7004 - 5500 W
Eme 3 Tohru dragon.png Tohru (Dragon Maid) 7967 - 5145 W
Ruby 1 Azusa n.png Azusa Nakano 6438 - 6045 W
Ruby 2 Mio kon.png Mio Akiyama 6530 - 6319 W
Ruby 3 Emilia.png Emilia 6100 - 7049 L
Dia 1 Iroha.png Iroha Isshiki 10,294 - 9282 W
Dia 2 Kanna.png Kanna Kamui 9976 - 8256 W
Dia 3 Asuna.png Asuna Yuuki 12,249 - 9932 W
Playoffs: seed 3 (Dia 1st, 4W)

RS CVP: 25.6250

Ro16 (14) Shouko.png Shouko Nishimiya 11,748 - 10,052 W
QF (6) Kurumi.png Kurumi Tokisaki 11,946 - 11,520 W
SF (2) Maisan.png Mai Sakurajima 10,410 - 10,242 W
Final (4) Rin tohsaka.png Rin Tohsaka 13,329 - 13,156 W
Final position: CHAMPION

Tournament of Champions[]

ISML Tournament of Champions history
Rd Opponent Score Period
ISML 2020
(tied w/ Kanade & Megumi)
5W 2L
Kanade.png Kanade Tachibana 3523 - 1858 Aqua 3
Ruri Gokou Ruri Gokou 4052 - 2119 Aqua 4
Kotori Itsuka Kotori Itsuka 2725 - 2057 Aqua 7
Eru.png Eru Chitanda 2591 - 3551 Aqua 8
Shana.png Shana 2676 - 1290 Topaz 2
Megumi k.png Megumi Katou 2192 - 2347 Topaz 3
Rem.png Rem 3212 - 2527 Topaz 5
Final (range) Eru.png Chitanda 50,257.3 Topaz Gem
Violet.png (You) 42,266.1
Megumi k.png Katou 37,998.8
Kanade.png Angel 29,920.5
ISML 2021
Kotori Itsuka Kotori Itsuka
Ruri Gokou Ruri Gokou
Shana.png Shana
Eru.png Eru Chitanda
Rem.png Rem
Megumi k.png Megumi Katou
Yukino.png Yukino Yukinoshita
ISML 2022

Poster Gallery[]

Awards = 4

r/anime record[]

Seasonal Salt[]

Seasonal Salt - 2018 Winter - seed 4

  • T64 plate.png (61) Haruka Kyan 2316 - 220
  • T32 plate.png (29) Akira t.png Akira Tachibana 1589 - 596
  • T16 plate.png (13) Yuzuki s.png Yuzuki Shiraishi 1999 - 1374
  • Qf plate.png (5) Shirase.png Shirase Kobuchizawa 1794 - 1699
  • Sf plate.png (1) 02.png Zero Two 1820 - 3189

Best Girl of 2018 - seed 6

  • T32 plate.png (27) Moeta.png Kaoruko Moeta 2672 - 843
  • T16 plate.png (11) Shimarin.png Rin Shima 1753 - 1316
  • Qf plate.png (3) Rio.png Rio Futaba 2542 - 1960
  • Sf plate.png (7) 02.png Zero Two 1919 - 2830

Best Girl Contest[]

Best Girl 6 - seed 15

Best Girl 7 - seed 14

Best Girl 8 - seed 11

Best Character Contest[]

Best Character 5 - seed 23

Other contests[]

Bilibili Moe[]

Bilibili Moe history
Bilibili Moe 2018
Qualifying: 1st (Advanced)
Rd Opponent Score Series TLV
Group F4
Violet.png (You) 121,247 Violet Evergarden 2221
Francis Drake (Rider) 35,887 Fate/Extra 42
Momo y.png Momo Yaoyorozu 24,161 My Hero Academia 52
Kaho.png Kaho Hinata 13,179 Blend S 24
Bracket stage
Ro32 Narberal.png Narberal Gamma 142,091 - 39,486 Overlord 1132 - 100
Ro16 Kurisu.png Kurisu Makise 132,190 - 94,572 Steins;Gate 1599 - 4672
QF Umaru.png Umaru Doma 138,273 - 110,530 Himouto! Umaru-chan 2482 - 2415
SF Nero fate.png Nero (Saber) 173,627 - 175,459 Fate/Extra 16,254 - 7522
3rd-4th Rin tohsaka.png Rin Tohsaka 163,195 - 209,331 Fate/stay night 6936 - 5600


Contest wins[]

Baidu Nova Moe 2018 - Winner

Total Wins = 9 (ISML Heavenly TiaraISML Tournament of Champions Win)

  1. ISML 2018 Winter Diadem (seasonal)
  2. Baidu Nova Moe 2018 (Baike Baidu, China)
  3. ISML 2019 Heavenly Tiara ★
  4. Anime-We are Family Vote Best Waifu 2019 [1]
  5. Facebook Anime for Weebs Waifu War 2020 [2]
  6. ISML 2021 Tournament of Champions ☆
  7. Otra Pagina de Otakus: Torneo Waifus versus Husbandos 2021 [3]
  8. Trung Thanh Chung Ket Waifu 2022 [4]
  9. Facebook Anime - Magic Land @Ánh Nhật vote waifu 2022 [5]

Runner-up finishes[]

"But Violet, the letters you wrote... they will reach her. No matter how far away she is."

In the Chinese-language ISML Tieba forum, a certain infamous user (mobile link) who posts Facebook waifu tournament results lists Violet as one of the "Kings of Runner-up" due to her many 2nd place finishes in these contests.



  1. in Youtube and Reddit, the most commonly cited episode that made audiences cry is Episode 10, which involves a terminally ill mother and her young daughter.
  2. a reference to Fullmetal Alchemist character Edward Elric, who has an arm and a leg replaced by metal prostheses.
  3. Three characters from J.C. Staff-produced anime have won the ISML tiara: Mikoto Misaka (2011), Kuroneko (2013), and Shana (2016).

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