Say whatever you want about utaha, but HOT FUCKING DAMN look at that pantyhose. It's like she was deliberately designed for all you leg enjoyers out there and she fucking knows it, that's why she keeps teasing the MC with her legs and feet. If I were him I'd aggressively fondle her legs right there and then. God my dick is diamonds right now. I want utaha to smash my face with her nylon-covered ass and choke my neck with her thighs while she shouts mean things at me.

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Utaha Kasumigaoka is one of the main love interests of Saekano, a light novel and anime series written by Fumiaki Maruto. She is an aspiring writer who uses the pen name Utako Kasumi, and later works for Tomoya Aki's visual novel development team as the writer of the story. As a character of an ecchi and harem series, Utaha's main traits include wearing a pantyhose and sexually teasing the MC with her legs and feet. She also scored the first kiss on the main character despite ultimately losing out to Megumi Katou at the end. Because of this, a spin-off manga named Koisuru Metronome was produced, which is dedicated to her romance with Tomoya.

Utaha is a regular competitor in the International Saimoe League series, and is Saekano's second-string representative in the contest. Her best finish happened in the 2017 edition, placing 13th despite failing to qualify for that year's playoffs. The writer also made four consecutive round 3 finishes on r/anime's Best Girl Contest since its second edition. In Best Girl 7 she gained some attention from the threads after she was knocked out of the first round against Urara Shiraishi by 8 votes.

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