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Hi, welcome to Saimoe Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Saimoe Records page.

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Hi there, to answer your question about the format. I don't really mind either way now. I did those long ago when I first discovered this wiki, at that time I was more used to the official ISML format of surname first follow by given name, so it was easier to just copy exactly what it said from the result page instead of trying to think the other way and swapped the surname and given name. Over the time of dealing with AST and KBM, I came to grow used to using "given name > surname" format. About the percentage, I found it extremely time consuming so it's probably a better idea to ditch it. I added the round and period at the end of the match just so it was easier to go and find it on the actual ISML result page.10ZHAbin

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