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About me[edit | edit source]

I am the assistant manager of this site and in charge of maintaining the character pages. If you have any questions about formatting or anything else, feel free to ask me.

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My Saimoe 2010 Bracket[edit | edit source]

Winner Nagi Sanzenin
Final # #
Nagi Sanzenin Nodoka Haramura
Semifinals # # # #
Nagi Sanzenin Ruiko Saten Nodoka Haramura Azusa Nakano
Quarterfinals # # # # # # # #
Nagi Sanzenin Mafuyu Shiina Koromo Amae Ruiko Saten Shana Nodoka Haramura Aoi Yamada Azusa Nakano

My Saimoe 2010 List[edit | edit source]

Hime-sama Tier[edit | edit source]

God Tier[edit | edit source]

Very High Tier[edit | edit source]

High Tier[edit | edit source]

Mid Tier (everyone else)[edit | edit source]

Never Voting Tier[edit | edit source]

My favorite pages[edit | edit source]

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