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Doma umaru.png
Kanji 土間 埋
Anime Himouto! Umaru-chan!
ISML 2015 (Summer Diadem Runner-up) 2016 (Diamond Period, Round of 32), 2017 (Ruby Period), 2018 (
Seiyuu Aimi Tanaka

Character Profile[edit | edit source]

In a certain school, there is a legend of a woman so perfect in every aspect of school life that she was called a Goddess. Not only academically gifted and a natural at sports, she was also blessed with a well-endowed body and a cute face. That, along with her humble and kind-hearted personality, earned her immense popularity. Her name was Doma Umaru and she was truly the ideal model student everyone aspired to be.

But of course, even the purest of goddesses have their share of secrets to hide. And unfortunately, Umaru is no exception. One step behind the door of the apartment she inhabits and her form changes drastically, as if she was a magical girl. Discarding her model student image, Umaru transforms into her true self: a secret gamer otaku who would rather laze about and spend her days reading manga, watching anime, playing video games and consuming junk food. But she is not just any gamer otaku, she is one of the more well-known patrons at the local video arcade, better known by the name of U.M.R. With her signature crimson hoodie, she destroys gamers who dare challenge her superior reflexes.

But at the end of the day, who is Umaru exactly? Is it the goddess-like front she puts up whenever she is outside or at school, or the well-known gamer otaku title that she uses in the safety of her home? One may never know till Umaru decides herself.

Match History[edit | edit source]

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