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Bear trap

A trap is a mechanical device used to capture or restrain an animal for purposes such as hunting, pest control, or ecological research.

In the anime community, a trap is a character drawn as a female but is biologically a male. It can also mean a boy who looks and sounds feminine, and generally acts like one as well. The term "trap" carries unfortunate implications however, and it doesn't help that many of the archetype's examples are highly sexualized by both creators and fans.

This kind of archetype tends to perform well in the International Saimoe League contest, and suck at everything else. Hell, ISML has even organized an Exhibition tournament in 2014 just for them! And for some reason, the winner of that contest is awarded the Lapis Scepter (male grand prize), which carries the same weight as all the other male winners of this contest! maybe the staff REALLY wants Hideyoshi to win one

Notable ExamplesEdit

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