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Tomoyo Sakagami is one of the major heroines of Clannad and the title character of its sequel visual novel, Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~. She has long, straight, silver hair that reaches her upper thighs. She wears a black headband, and she has messy bangs and locks of hair framing her face.

Tomoyo is a classic tomboy, always behaving cool in every situation. Her only real friends seem to be Tomoya and Sunohara. She is a responsible and hardworking girl with intelligence and athletic ability, even surpassing that of Kyou's.

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ISML Profile Flavor Text
Tomoyo sakagami profile.png

Among the backstreet gangs, Sakagami Tomoyo is known as a legendary warrior of justice who has dished out much pain to punks and rebels. No ordinary girl can calmly look at a motorbike rampaging towards her and kick the driver off. Troublemakers picking a fight with her end up on the receiving end of a long chain of impressive air-combo kicks. Tomoyo delivers the punishment with a "no, I don't have time for this" bored look.

Despite her reserved attitude, it cannot be said that she is emotionless – she blushes whenever her strength and manly behavior invoke comments from bystanders. Her exploits mean she often receives gifts from girls and has to hide her face when on patrol during school events because there will always be guys who want to pick a fight with her. Incidentally, she's a sophomore but treats everybody, younger or older, as equal fellow students.

Despite her impressive physical ability, Tomoyo does not join any club. Rather, Tomoyo wants to become the student council president for personal reasons. She does not hesitate to show gratitude to those who help her along the way to this goal, simply doing what she considers right. That courage might come from the countless street fights she has had. But where did she learn to cook like that? The world might never know.


  • Regular season icon.png 2nd (60-0-3)


  • Aquamarine Tomoyo > Shana (1411-1306)
  • Regular season icon.png 3rd (58-0-0-5)


  • Regular season icon.png 10th (41-0-8)


  • Regular season icon.png 21th (30-0-19)


  • Regular season icon.png Stella 16th (19-0-16)
  • Postseason Phase 1 Stella Division


  • Regular season icon.png Stella 24th (10-0-25)


Other Contests (1)

  • Baidu Daren(达人 = Expert) Moe 2010 [1]

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