Tohru is one of the titular characters featured in Cool-kyou Shinja's manga series Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and its anime adaptation by Kyoto Animation.

The eponymous dragon maid saw immediate success in her rookie years in the major "saimoe" events, finishing at the quarter-finals in Bilibili Moe 2017, and Best Girl 5 in the summer of 2018. Later that year, she reached the playoffs in the corresponding ISML edition as well, losing at the round of 16.

Tohru has since maintained a lower but more consistent presence as a mid-table competitor in the years following her debut. Although a second season of Dragon Maid was announced, its release date was delayed several times due to unfortunate events. The second season was eventually confirmed to air in Summer 2021; but it's yet to be shown if KyoAni's comeback sequel series could bring Tohru and company back to their glory days in future events.

Background[edit | edit source]

Tohru is a female dragon with the ability to transform into a human girl. After being forced to retreat into the human world, she was taken in by Kobayashi, saving her from near-death. Tohru quickly develops romantic feelings towards her. Tohru serves as Kobayashi's maid, taking care of household duties while her master is away at work.

Tohru's true form is a massive, green European dragon with the ability to breathe fire. In her human form, she usually keeps her horns, wings, and (in some situations) her tail.

For more detailed information, see her page in the Dragon Maid Fandom wiki.

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  • Dragon - Obviously.
  • Transformer - This doesn't refer to the toyline, but to some people, the fact that a cute girl has the ability to transform into a way cooler creature (dragons in Tohru's case) is a moe trait itself.
  • FIRE BREATHER - She's a European dragon, so it's natural that she breathes fire from her mouth. Tohru can concentrate this fire like a motherf***ing laser cannon that obliterates anything it touches.

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Contest History[edit | edit source]

As the titular Dragon Maid, Tohru is most important character in the series (alongside Kobayashi.png Kobayashi), and is prominently featured in most series-related artworks. Naturally, her status means that she is usually the strongest representative of her show.

Great Eastern Siege (BMoe 2017)[edit | edit source]

Tohru's first notable appearance in an online character popularity contest happened in the 2017 Bilibili Moe event. In it, Dragon Maid had a notable presence due to its dedicated fanbase, and it shows with several of its characters (Tohru included) making it past the group stage.

Luckily for the titular character, her bracket position was placed in the "weaker" side, away from the "cataclysmic" incident that is the Kanna.png Kanna Kamui vs. Mash Kyrielight Mash Kyrielight match. As that incident led to Kanna's elimination, most of the support from the Dragon Maid fanbase turned to her instead, and it paid off early on: after dessicating Konosuba's Aqua.png Aqua and banishing the last GabDro angel Raphiel.png Raphiel in the first two rounds, Tohru remained as one of the last eight girls. However, she was comprehensively eliminated in that stage by the eventual runner-up Sagiri.png Sagiri Izumi.

International Saimoe League[edit | edit source]

In the International Saimoe League, Tohru plays second fiddle to Kanna.png Kanna Kamui, who became famous because of her child-like traits and mannerisms, which serve to enhance the kamuy's "moe" factor towards audiences. To put it simply: Tohru may be the protagonist, but Kanna is much, much cuter. This was exemplified in the 2017 Spring seasonal, where she lost to the electric dragon in the final match.

Tohru's secondary status was further demonstrated in the 2018 Main Tournament, where yet again Kanna proved to be the most popular Dragon Maid character, to the point that she's considered one of the year's title favorites. However, the young dragon's popularity positively affected Tohru as well, helping her appear in several necklace matches. Tohru reached the playoffs as a 10th seed but lost to Mashiro.png Mashiro Shiina in the first round, ultimately finishing 16th after playing several consolation matches.

After that, Dragon Maid's presence in ISML started to settle down. In the 2019 edition, Tohru won at least one match in the first five periods, keeping her safe from the Wildcard rounds. However, her luck finally ran out in the 6th group stage (Ruby), losing all three games, and condemning her to the Wildcard round which she placed 11th, eliminating her from the tournament.

The dragon maid's form continued to weaken in the 2020 tournament, as her survival strategy is no longer effective for the year's new group formats. In the first split (a 6-player group stage), Tohru finished fourth with a 2-3 record, but her bad statistics sent her into Wildcards. She survived the round, qualifying for the much lengthier second split -- a 16-player group stage -- from which the dragon is all but assured to be eliminated due to its large quantity of matches. Indeed, Tohru only managed two wins within Group A: against longtime cannon fodder Madoka.png Madoka Kaname, and returning old face Mei misaki.png Mei Misaki.

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