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this wiki is dying. only my efforts (and a few occasional others) keep this site alive.

  • UPDATE THE "Directory template"

  • Make tables and bracket look nice in the new layout.
  • Finish putting ISML necklace matches on character pages.
  • Finish putting consolation matches for ISML 2015-ISML 2019 on character pages.
  • Finish putting Regular Season matches for ISML 2015-ISML 2019 on character pages.
  • Convert tables on ISML 2008 & ISML 2009 into sections.
  • Add Korean names to character pages.
  • Add categories to character pages (series, hair color, eye color).
  • Prioritize finishing making character pages for major factions (DaL, KonoSuba, Re:zero, Love Live!, etc...).
  • Upload pictures that current use the default template.
  • Add more information to saimoe pages (links in the directory).
  • Seiyuu pages, see examples here and here.
  • Add saimoe records Outside AST and KBM.
  • Add a lists of all manga chapters / anime episodes.
  • Making a new tournament (such as Anime Bracket, Bilibili Moe, Animefans Saigar Tournament and so on...)
  • Make a characters pages for Male characters (outside Koyomi, Kyon and Hideyoshi)

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