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Taiga Aisaka is the main female protagonist and the titular "Tiger" of Yuyuko Takemiya's light novel Toradora! (also known as TIGER x DRAGON!) and its anime adaptation by J.C. Staff.

Taiga hails from a distinguished anime archetype known as"Shana Clones", among which of their characteristics include thigh-highs, long hair, short statures, flat chest, and most of all, being a tsundere archetype voiced by the queen of tsunderes herself, Rie Kugimiya.

The Palmtop Tiger is one of only few girls to win two or more major tournaments, and is the only girl to win both Anime Saimoe Tournament and Korea Best Moe Tournament. More remarkably, she accomplished it in the same year!

Unlike other Shana clones, Taiga has since maintained her strength even if her story arc is complete years ago. She even managed to make deep runs in the early years of ISML and Best Girl Contest, garnering fourth place in the former and quarter-finals in the latter. Today, she is slowly getting replaced by a new generation of more powerful girls, but still shows signs of life every now and then, pulling off upsets as long as she still competes.

Match HistoryEdit

Anime Saimoe TournamentEdit



Korea Best Moe TournamentEdit



International Saimoe LeagueEdit


  • Regular season icon 10th (52-0-0-11)



  • Emerald small
  • Regular season icon 7th (43-0-6)


  • Regular season icon Stellla 3rd (33-0-2)


  • Regular season icon Stella 4th (32-0-3)


Jewel BoxEdit

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