Suzune Horikita is one of the main characters featured in the light novel series Classroom of the Elite, created by writer-illustrator duo Shougo Kinugasa and Tomoseshunsaku.

Although Suzune is considered the main female protagonist of the light novels, she does not exhibit romantic feelings for the main protagonist Kiyotaka Ayanokouji (yet). Nevertheless, she is the series' most recognized female among anime watchers due to her prominent role and screentime in the 2017 TV adaptation. This popularity has helped her win a seasonal diadem in ISML 2017. In the 2018 edition of China's Bilibili Moe contest, she reached the round of 16 but lost to Fate/stay night's third main heroine Sakura Matou.

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More detailed information can be found in the Classroom of the Elite wikia page.

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sometimes compared to Yukino Yukinoshita

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2016 WN: Megumin.png Megumin SP: Rem.png Rem SU: Aoba.png Aoba FA: Chitose.png Chitose
2017 WN: Kanna.png Kanna SP: Chtholly.png Chtholly SU: Suzune.png Suzune FA: Nayuta.png Nayuta
2018 WN: Violet.png Violet SP: Ochako.png UrarakaND SEQ SU: Platelet.png Platelet FA: Maisan.png Mai-san
2019 WN: Kaguya.png Kaguya SP: Fumino.png Fumino SU: Gray.png Gray FA: Ishtar.png Ishtar
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2020 WN: Kotoko.png Kotoko SP: Kei s.png Kei ShiroganeSEQ SU: Chizuru i.png Chizuru FA: TBD
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