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Shana is the titular heroine of of Yashichiro Takahashi's light novel Shakugan no Shana. She is a "Flame Haze", warriors who have contracted themselves to inter-dimensional entities called "Crimson Lords". The character is named after her katana "Nietono no Shana" by the main character Yuji Sakai, and is referred to by her epithet "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" among other Flame Hazes. Shana is contracted to Alastor, a very powerful "Crimson God" who resides in a pendant.

Shana gained huge popularity in the anime / otaku fandom because of her highly moe characteristics, such as tsundere, petite figure, appetite for melon breads, and her signature triple "Urusai!" catchphrase. She is credited to have popularized an archetype of tsundere characters who share her common traits. As a result, Shana enjoyed a powerful presence in the otaku-oriented 2channel's J-Saimoe and Anizone's Korea Best Moe, spending much of the 2000's as a favorite to win both tournaments. However, she failed to win a single title despite multiple appearances in the final rounds. Both events eventually became defunct during the early 2010's, leaving behind a legacy of broken promises and a reputation as one of the biggest chokers in saimoe history.

After the demise of J-Saimoe and KBM, the International Saimoe League was considered Shana's last chance for championship glory, as it was the only remaining major tournament where she still has a chance to win. The blazing-eyed hunter finally extinguished her past demons by winning the Heavenly Tiara in the shortened 2016 contest - her 9th Main Tournament appearance.

Shana is one of the most storied and successful girls in the International Saimoe League, having won a joint-second most necklaces with seven, appearing in three finals (2009, 2010, 2016), and becoming the first girl to reach 300 regular season wins. However, she is the least popular competitor in ISML's Tournament of Champions due to her dated status, placing last in most of her ToC appearances to date.

Shana will be eligible again in ISML 2022 following the recent announcement of that year being the last edition, and removing both the champions ban rule and the Tournament of Champions. She will attempt to become the first girl to achieve the long-elusive "rainbow necklace", or win a gem round from each of the seven periods at least once.


Contest profile[]

Shana is the namesake of the anime archetype known as "Shana Clones", because she popularized the concept of a female character defined by these characteristics:

  • Short, petite physical stature, with long hair and a flat chest. May border on loli.
  • Wears thigh-highs showing grade-A "Zettai Ryouiki".
  • Is either rich, or possesing supernatural powers, or both.
  • Most importantly: the character is a tsundere, the main character's love interest, and voiced by Rie Kugimiya, who is often typecast to this kind of roles.

This type of character proved very popular with anime fans, and by 2006 Shana blazed a trail (pun intended) in the Saimoe Tournaments, reaching the semi-finals of both Japanese and Korean contests in her first year. She would establish a constant presence in both of these tournaments, always appearing in the latter rounds for the better parts, but unfortunately, she would end up never winning any of them.

Among these harrowing losses includes one of the closest ever finals match in a major tournament: a loss against Hinagiku Katsura in Korea's 2007 edition by a score of 2013-2015, a vote difference of just 2 votes. Hinagiku would later steal Shana's championship again in the same fashion in ISML 2009, torturing the Flame Haze by a score of 2106-2117, a margin of just 11 votes. Shana would later return to the finals two years later, only to lose in a heated match-up against the super-charged Mikoto Misaka by a score of 8052-9208.

Shana continues to perform decently well in ISML's Nova / Stella Era, reaching the postseason from 2012-2014, but her chances for Tiara contention have been sidelined in favor of other girls from more popular series; and she entered a state of decline in 2015 because she failed to make the postseason that year.

All is not lost however, as the Nova / Stella era divisions were merged, a new tournament format started to emerge in ISML 2016. The year saw a drop in voters, making the 2016 edition's numbers on par with ISML's early years. Shana's strength was reignited in this year, winning the Amethyst necklace (her first in 5 years) and finished as the 2nd seed in the regular season. In the final group stage, she finished first in Group B, before defeating Rin, Yukino, and surprise finalist Illya in the playoffs. After a decade of chasing major championships, she finally attained the most prestigious prize she rightfully deserves: the 2016 Heavenly Tiara.

Shana is virtually unknown in Bilibili Moe and r/anime's Best Girl Contest.


  • Shana is the only girl with the most finals appearances in all of the major tournaments with four: three of them being losses (KBM 2007, ISML 2009, and ISML 2011) and the last one being a win (ISML 2016).
  • Shana holds the joint-most number of pure necklace rounds won in International Saimoe League, winning a total of seven (7) necklaces. The majority of them came from the double-elimination era (2008-2010) which includes three wins from 2010, the most in a single year.  She is the reason why from 2011 onwards, girls can't win multiple necklaces on the same year.
  • If Nova and Stella Circlet gems are counted, then she is tied for second with seven gems won, alongside Kanade Tachibana (5 necklaces, 2 circlets).
    • In 2020, Mashiro Shiina has broken the record for most gems won with eight (7 necklaces, 1 circlet), after she won that year's ruby necklace. This award equalized Mashiro's tally with Shana in terms of pure necklaces.
  • Shana has the ISML's record of 300 regular season wins, and is the first contestant to ever reach that many wins.

ISML record[]

ISML Profile Flavor Text
Shana profile.png

Many spend their lives looking for a raison d'être, a purpose to their existence. But the girl known as the Slayer with Flaming Hair and Blaze-Red Eyes understood her purpose all along: to protect the balance of this world and cut down anything threatening it. To achieve this, Shana was ready to throw away everything unnecessary, including her own feelings and dreams.

Indeed, she grew stronger. The tales of her power struck fear in the hearts of her enemies. But little did she know that the last enemy awaiting her at the end of her journey would be herself. Sweet food brings a smile to her face, the desire for family warmth hunts her on lonely nights, and an encounter with an extraordinary boy makes her heart beat just a bit faster... Shana believes all of those emotions can only dull her blade. But no matter how many times she tries to cut through them, they only return with more force. If she truly desires to find strength, Shana must learn how to see through her own self-deception and accept herself for who she really is.

On a different note, Shana's devotion to the path of the warrior means she had little opportunity to try her hand at many much more mundane activities of contemporary life. Her disastrous confrontations with school, modern kitchen appliances and lunchboxes are a sight to behold.

Main Tournament[]

ISML Main Tournament Record
Regular season, playoffs, and consolation matches only.
Preliminaries, gem rounds, and wildcard rounds are NOT included.
Edition Eliminated in Final pos. W L RS Record
ISML 2008 Lower Bracket R4 5th 61 6 59-4-0
ISML 2009 Runner-up 2nd 65 2 62-0-0
ISML 2010 Lower Bracket Final 3rd 52 3 48-0-0
ISML 2011 Runner-up 2nd 48 5 45-4-0
ISML 2012 Round of 16 10th 36 6 33-2-0
ISML 2013 Stella Playoffs Ste. 9th 28 8 28-7-0
ISML 2014 Round of 16 12th 32 12 29-6-0
ISML 2015 Regular season Ste. 19th 17 18 17-18-0
ISML 2016 Champion 1st 15 0 9-0
2017-2024: Banned due to Champions rule (8 years)
Total W-L Record: 354-60 (85.51%) Total RS Record: 330-41 (88.95%)





  • Ruby Shana
  • Other Necklace Match
  • Regular season icon.png 5th (45-0-4)


  • Regular season icon.png Stella 2nd (33-0-2)


  • Regular season icon.png Stella 7th (28-0-7)


Consolation icon.png Aoyama Nanami > Shana (3235-2829)

Poster gallery[]

Other tournaments[]

Anime Saimoe Tournament[]







Korea Best Moe Tournament[]






Other Posters[]


Total Wins : 15 + 3 = 18 (ISML Heavenly Tiara)

  1. Korea Super Best Moe 2007
  2. LOLI BATTLE 2007 [1]
  3. DM123 AnimeFans Saimoe 2008 [2]
  4. TOBUS China Moe 2008 (ft. Co-Winner C.C.) [3]
  5. DMZJ Chinese Moe 2008
  6. Anime of the Hong Kong XD Forum Moe 2009/2010
  7. Baidu OTAKU Animation: Summer Girl's Battle 2010 [4]
  8. DMZJ Super Moe 2011
  9. Baidu AST 2012 [5]
  10. Facebook Moe Moe World Battle of the Moe 2012/2015 [6]
  11. Baidu Xiaomeiyenfayan(=Homura Akemi present) Moe 2013 tieba blog
  12. ISML 2016 Heavenly Tiara ★
  13. Facebook Lolimouto 2016 [7]
  14. ACGN Miss Anime 2016/2020
  15. FACEBOOK Crossing Void - Global MOE CONTEST 2019 [8]

List of runner-up finishes = 8 + 1 = 9

  1. KBM 2007
  2. TGBUS Chinese Moe 2008
  3. PTT C_CHAT Moe 2009
  4. ISML 2009 & ISML 2011
  5. Facebook WeLoveACG Saimoe 2011 [9]
  6. 2012 Baidu @HeizhangZhiba(lit. Dark, Deep & Straightforward) Moe [10]
  7. Youqing Xiaozhan Moe(lit. Blog for Friendship) 2014 [11]
  8. (Secretsreviewer) Anime Tsundere Female Tournament 2020 [12]

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