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This article will cover r/anime's seasonal contests for the year 2021.

It's the same tournament format as before: 2 days of nominations, 2 days of qualifying/seeding rounds, and 64-player single-elimination bracket. The winner of the final match gets the "Best Girl of [season]" title. In addition, all girls who reach the quarter-finals of each seasonal will qualify for the "Best Girl of 2021" contest.

Nomination rules[]

Copied from the website:

  • Only female characters that have appeared in [their respective seasonal] TV anime or that appeared for the first time in a multiple cour show during this period are allowed. They can be animals/creatures as long as they can talk with human characters, are main characters themselves or are part of an anime mostly consisting of non-human characters.
  • Movie characters are allowed as long as its first BD release with English subtitles occurred during the season at hand. Check the r/anime discussion threads to make sure when they came out.
  • TV Sequels/multiple cour girls that aren't appearing for the first time are NOT allowed.
    • Exceptions: For multiple cour girls, If they failed to make it into the bracket for the previous season, they may be renominated again.
    • For sequels and remakes, if their last TV appearance was over 15 years ago they may be nominated.
  • Characters with Non-TV Animeography in the last 15 years can only have a max of three works since then.
  • Limit to 4 Characters per franchise, these will be determined in the elimination round. Absolutely no exceptions to this rule.
  • Check MAL's lists to see all 2021 TV anime from each season. (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.)
  • Make sure the image links end in .png, .jpg or .jpeg, any other link may not work even if the site accepts it.
  • Please don't nominate characters who have almost zero screentime, if they make it into the bracket they won't be allowed if their show gets a sequel and they get screentime then.


Rounds 1-3[]


Elite Eight[]

Winter Elite 8
Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
1 Kyouko h.png Kyouko Hori 908
8 Ghislaine.png Ghislaine Dedoldia 442
1 Kyouko h.png Kyouko Hori 794
4 Eris mt.png Eris Greyrat 610 12 Kumoko.png Kumoko 660
12 Kumoko.png Kumoko 786 1 Kyouko h.png Kyouko Hori 771
2 Roxy.png Roxy Migurdia 663
2 Roxy.png Roxy Migurdia 825
10 Neiru.png Neiru Aonuma 325 2 Roxy.png Roxy Migurdia 781
3 Ai ohto.png Ai Ohto 631
3 Ai ohto.png Ai Ohto 677
11 Rika wep.png Rika Kawai 290


Elite Eight[]

Spring Elite 8
Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
1 Vivy.png Vivy
8 Template:Elizabeth vivy Elizabeth
1 Vivy.png Vivy
4 Template:Anju Anju Emma ?
5 Sayu.png Sayu Ogiwara ?
2 Lena.png Vladilena Milize
7 Template:Estella vivy Estella ?
3 Nagatoro.png Nagatoro-san
6 Azusa 300.png Azusa Aizawa