Schwi Dola is the main female protagonist of the prequel film No Game No Life: Zero, which adapts the sixth volume of Yuu Kamiya's No Game No Life light novel series.

Debuting in 2017, Schwi quickly cemented her place as an International Saimoe League mainstay, becoming a powerhouse character together with her partner Riku. She has regularly appeared in the latter stages of its regular season, but is yet to reach the playoff stage.

Schwi's popularity among Chinese fans is evident in her appearance in the 2018 Bilibili Moe contest, where she advanced to the round of 16, only to be stopped by the eventual runner-up Saber Extra from Fate. In contrast, she has a poor track record in the contests of the Western forum r/anime because of her late appearance and relatively less exposure among its audience.

The Ex-Machina earned her first honour in ISML 2020, winning the Ruby Bracelet, one of the year's exhibition gem awards.

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Schwi is the main female protagonist of No Game No Life Zero. The movie tells a past story told by Tet (their world's version of God in the novels). She is an Ex-Machina (a race of mechanical-looking humanoids) who was disconnected from the hivemind. She later meets and befriends Riku Dola, subsequently adopting his last name.

Her design greatly resembles Shiro from the present day, and to further this similarity, both girls share the same voice actress.

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