Experimental list based on the Legacy Rating status used in EA Sports' Fight Night series.

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The list[edit | edit source]

From highest to lowest:

  • Greatest of All Time - Legend + unprecedented acheivements in saimoe world.
  • Legend - Exceptional popularity and contest wins, at least 2 majors.
  • Salt of Famer - Girls who have achieved legendary status in either ISML or r/anime. "Retired" girls will also go here.
  • Superstar - Champion + Powerhouse; still competing in other majors at a high level. Active girls only.
  • Champion - Girls who have one major win, with mediocre performance in other majors.


  • Powerhouse - Contenders for one or several majors.
  • Regular
  • Cannon Fodder - Regular, but performs poorly.
  • Obscure

Example list:[edit | edit source]

  • Greatest of All Time - Rem.png Mikoto.png Lelouch.png
  • Legend - Mio Akiyama Yukino Yukinoshita Miyuki shirogane.png Koro.png
  • Salt of Famer
  • 2000s: Suiseiseki.png Hinagiku1.png Sakura Kinomoto Taiga Aisaka Shana
  • 2010s: Hitagi.png Kanade Tachibana Eru Chitanda Megumi Katou Kurisu Makise
  • male: Houtarou.png 8man.png Kirito.png
  • Superstar - Asuna Yuuki Rin Tohsaka Kaguya.png Violet Evergarden Saber Holo Levi.png
  • Champion - Fate Testarossa Ruri Gokou Shinobu Oshino Homura Akemi Mash Kyrielight Kotori Itsuka Gilgamesh.png

  • Powerhouse
  • ISML: Mashiro.png Rikka chuuni.png Kurumi Tokisaki Sagiri.png Schwi.png Shiro (NGNL)
  • Reddit: Ryuuko Matoi 02.png Winry Rockbell Aqua.png Mikasa.png
  • Both: Yui Yuigahama Shouko.png Emilia Megumin.png Maisan.png
  • Male: Sakuta.png Reigen.png Archer.png
  • Regular
  • ISML: Nao.png Chino Kafuu Utaha.png Isla1.png Chiyo s.png Kuroko.png
  • Reddit: Asuka ls.png Cc.png Kanbaru.png Yoko.png Mayoi.png
  • Both: Jibril1.png Tohru dragon.png Illya.png Haruhi Suzumiya Menma.png
  • Male: Saika.png Yuzuru.png Zenitsu.png
  • Cannon Fodder - Nagisa.png Kumiko.png Yuu koito.png Kazusa.png Origami.png Komachi.png Bell.png
  • Obscure - Akane pp.png Urara.png Chihaya.png Elf yamada.png Ais.png Tomoko.png Yaichi.png
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