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Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011, or in short Saimoe 2011, is an anime popularity contest that took place from June 23 to November 5 of 2011. The main tournament lasted from August 16 to November 5. The winner of Saimoe 2011 is Mami Tomoe, and the runner-up is Kyouko Sakura.

Finals Bracket[edit | edit source]

Winner Mami Tomoe
Final 435 512
Kyouko Sakura Mami Tomoe
Semifinals 334 509 392 407
Erica Hartmann Kyouko Sakura Madoka Kaname Mami Tomoe
Quarterfinals 255 383 657 568 371 327 612 710
Astarotte Ygvar Erica Hartmann Kyouko Sakura Ruri Gokou Madoka Kaname Sayaka Miki Ika Musume Mami Tomoe

Rules[edit | edit source]

Qualifications[edit | edit source]

  • To qualify, a character must be female and appear in anime between 07/01/2010 and 06/30/2011.
  • Non-humans that are female-like are not allowed.
  • Fan-made productions are not allowed.
  • Characters from 18+ anime are not allowed.

Preliminaries[edit | edit source]

Main Tournament[edit | edit source]

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