Anime Saimoe Tournament 2006, or in short Saimoe 2006, is an anime popularity contest that took place in 2006. The main tournament lasted from August 3 to October 28 of 2006. The winner of Saimoe 2006 is Suiseiseki, and the runner up is Fate Testarossa.

Finals Bracket[edit | edit source]

Winner Suiseiseki
Final 2306 2239
Suiseiseki Fate Testarossa
Semifinals 1431 1473 1472 1121
Shana Suiseiseki Fate Testarossa Chikaru Minamoto
Quarterfinals 1059 1210 1704 1518 1309 799 1024 852
Eri Sawachika Shana Suiseiseki Yuki Nagato Fate Testarossa Eruruu Chikaru Minamoto Rin Tosaka

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