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Saber is one of the three main heroines featured in Type-Moon's 2004 visual novel Fate/stay night, serving as the main love interest of the VN's first route also titled Fate. She is one of the story's seven "Servants", various mythological and historical figures that fight for their "Masters". In the beginning of the story, Saber was inadvertently summoned by protagonist Shirou Emiya during the fifth Holy Grail War and becomes his Servant. She is depicted as a blonde knight wearing a blue dress and plate armor, fights with a sword befitting of her class, and acts in a dignified and formal manner.

Saber also appears in the prequel light novel and 2011-2012 anime Fate/Zero as an ally of Shirou's foster father Kiritsugu Emiya and his wife Irisviel von Einzbern during the fourth Grail War. Much of the story involves the knight fighting other Servants while Kiritsugu seeks to kill other Masters using military weapons.

Saber's true name is Artoria Pendragon - a gender-swapped version of the legendary English figure King Arthur. This is supposed to be a spoiler in the original VN; however, it is rendered moot nowadays, as her identity is widely known in the anime otaku fandom because of the franchise's numerous installments and the existence of "Saberfaces" - Fate girls modeled after her design such as Nero, Mordred, Jeanne, and Souji - which neccessitates using her real name to distinguish herself. However, many fans still prefer to call Artoria "Saber" because she's one of the original characters of the entire franchise.



First appearing in the Winter 2006 anime adaptation, Saber is one of the oldest active competitors in the saimoe contests, with her longevity being attributed to her status as the face of the Fate franchise. She is the only contestant to have appeared in all International Saimoe League main tournaments since its inception in 2008; she once shared this distinction with Haruhi Suzumiya until the latter failed to qualify for the 2021 regular season.

Saber's power arguably reached its peak in the mid-2010's, a period where the Unlimited Blade Works adaptation was aired. In 2015, she finished runner-up in r/anime's Best Girl 2 after losing to Yukino Yukinoshita by 78 votes. Later that year, she won her first major championship in the inaugural edition of China's Bilibili Moe contest, blowing out same-series rival Rin Tohsaka in the final match. Saber's best finish in ISML happened in 2016; securing third place through the consolation matches despite getting knocked out by Prisma Illya in the quarter-finals.

ISML record[]

ISML Profile Flavor Text
Saber profile.png

Saber is a knight. Her pristine armor and sword embody her strength. Her clear eyes tell tales of her unbroken will. Her form sweeps through countless battlefields, light as the wind, powerful like a storm.

Saber is a knight. The bloodstained steel encasing her body seems heavy enough to crush her delicate frame. The ice within her gaze is a wall meant to stop the flames of regret. Her battle knows no end, no respite, and no hope.

Saber is a hero. For a lifetime, she surrendered herself to the burden of the fate and expectations of a nation. She has long sacrificed everything she ever had, and yet the burden of duty torments her forever.

Saber is a girl. She keeps moving forward, waiting for her own life to begin. She keeps hoping and waiting for salvation.

Main Tournament[]

ISML Main Tournament Record
Regular season, playoffs, and consolation 1v1 matches only.
Preliminaries, gems, exhibitions, and approval / range voting rounds are NOT included.
Edition Eliminated in Final pos. W L RS Record
ISML 2008 Regular season 20th 43 20 43-20
ISML 2009 Regular season 21st 45 18 45-18
ISML 2010 Lower Bracket R2 12th 42 12 41-8
ISML 2011 Regular season 18th 32 17 32-17
ISML 2012 Round of 16 12th 33 10 30-5
ISML 2013 Division Playoffs Ste. 14th 22 14 22-13
ISML 2014 Division Playoffs Ste. 13th 21 18 20-15
ISML 2015 Round of 16
ISML 2016 Quarter-finals 3rd 14 1 9-0
ISML 2017 Diamond Groups
ISML 2018 Round of 16
ISML 2019 Sapphire WC
ISML 2020 Split 3 Groups (Top 32)
ISML 2021 TBD (Qualified)
ISML 2022
ISML 2023
ISML 2024
Total W-L: ??? Postseason: ??? RS Record: ???
Opponents played: ????

  • Regular season icon.png 20th (43-1-20)


  • Regular season icon.png 21st (45-0-0-18)


  • Regular season icon.png 8th (41-0-8)


  • Regular season icon.png 18th (32-0-17)


  • Regular season icon.png Stella 7th (30-0-5)


  • Regular season icon.png Stella 14th (22-0-13)
  • Postseason Phase 1 Stella Division


  • Regular season icon.png Stella 15th (20-0-15)

Other Tournaments[]

Anime Saimoe Tournament[]

Saimoe 2006

Saimoe 2010

Saimoe 2012

Korea Best Moe Tournament[]

KBM 2010

KBM 2012


International Saimoe League


  • Best playoff finish: Quarter-finals (2016)
  • Highest final position: 3rd place (2016)

Chronological list[]

Total Wins : 11 (Bilibili Moe Animated Character Popularity Awards)

  1. DM123 AnimeFans Saimoe 2012 [1]
  2. Baidu Harem Moe 2012
  3. Facebook @Jishuzhai (lit. TechnologyHouse) Saimoe 2012 [2]
  4. Xinzhi Moe 2012 [3]
  5. Facebook Kuwanjia(@cool-gamer) Moe 2013 [4]
  6. Tiangshidongman Moe 2015/16
  7. Bilibili Moe 2015
  8. Anime Trending 2011 Grand Run-off polls [5]
  9. Facebook Waifu Awards 2020 [6]
  10. Facebook Battle of the Moe 2020 [7]
  11. FACEBOOK El Rincón De Las Waifus 2021 [8]

List of runner-up finishes = 4

  1. r/anime's Best Girl 2
  2. Animefans Saimoe Tournament 2008
  3. Aniparty Super Moe Tournament 2009 [9]
  4. Waifu Madness 2018 [10]

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