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Ruri Gokou, also known by her alias Kuroneko, is a primary character featured in the Oreimo light novel series, authored by Tsukasa Fushimi with illustrations by Hiro Kanzaki, and animated by J.C. Staff.

Kuroneko emerged as Oreimo's pre-eminent representative, and was part of the group of females that dominated the Nova / Stella era of the International Saimoe League. She enjoyed the most success in the contest from 2011 to 2013, winning a necklace in each year, and appeared in the semi-finals twice before winning the championship in 2013.

Ruri's biggest ISML rival is Kanade Tachibana, a fellow Kana Hanazawa-voiced character. The pair have met each other five times in the postseason: two division finals, two knockout matches, and a third place match. The Angel has won all of them except one --- the 2013 final, which saw Kuroneko win the Heavenly Tiara and deny Kanade her second straight championship in the process.

In 2channel's J-Saimoe contest, Ruri managed to reach the quarter-finals twice in 2011 and 2013, however, Madoka Magica's dominance led to her eliminations in both editions.


Match History[]

Anime Saimoe Tournament[]




Korea Best Moe Tournament[]


International Saimoe League[]


  • Sapphire
  • Other Necklace Match
  • Regular season icon.png 6th (44-0-5)


  • Amethyst
  • Regular season icon.png Nova 3rd (33-0-2)


  • Regular season icon.png Stella 1st (35-0-0)
  • Amethyst
  • Other Necklace Match


Poster gallery[]


Total Wins = 4 (ISML Heavenly Tiara)

  1. ISML 2013 Heavenly Tiara ★
  2. 2011 KXTP (lit. Polaroid) Moe [1]
  3. 2011 Japanator Saimoe [2]
  4. 2012 Baidu @HeizhangZhiba(lit. Dark, Deep & Straightforward) Moe [3]

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