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The upcoming third edition of the annual Queen of /v/ tournament is scheduled to begin on October 1, 2021 in 4chan's /v/idya games board.

On September, one of the hosts from the last edition, sheets anon, has recently announced in a /v/ thread that they will not host this tournament because of personal issues.

Pre-tournament disuccion thread:


Source: Sheets anon's Pastebin link outlining the rules for the 2021 /v/ contests. In this wiki, new rules and changes for this year are highlighted by underlined text.


  • To nominate a character, you must post their name, image, AND series. Nominations must garner at least 12 replies within a single thread in order to enter the qualifying poll.
  • All characters must either originate from a vidya property or be a member of a vidya's universe.
    • Example 1: Saxton Hale and Miss Pauling (Team Fortress 2) are eligible even though they appeared in the comics first.
    • Example 2: Android 21 is eligible because she debuted in the game Dragon Ball FighterZ, which is a part of the Dragon Ball anime/manga franchise.
  • No depictions or caricatures of real-life politicians. (E.g. JFK from Call of Duty Zombies)
  • No fanmade characters (character creation, OCs, memes, etc.)
  • Characters with unknown, ambiguous, or can have both genders are eligible for both King and Queen tournaments. (E.g. NiGHTS, most Pokemon species)
  • FOTM Rule: All characters must be at least one month old. This means that a character is ineligible if they, or the game they're in, was released on September 1 or later. (That's right, this means no Raiden from Genshin.)
  • The Elite Eight of /v/'s 2019 Queen contest will be eligible for in this edition after serving their temporary ban in 2020: Fio icon.png Fio Germi, Midna icon.png Midna, Maya.png Maya Fey, Glados icon.png GlaDOS, Peach icon.png Princess Peach, linkShantae Shantae, and Roll icon 8bit.png Roll.

Excluded Characters[]

Characters who reached the Elite Eight of the previous tournament are temporarily ineligible this year; they will be eligible for nomination next contest. Tournament champions, on the other hand, are permanently retired and will be banned for future editions.

2020 Elite Eight (Will be eligible next contest)
Tifa icon.png Ammy icon.png 2b icon.png Cirno icon.png Chun li icon.png Morrigan icon.png Aigis icon.png
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Tifa Lockhart Amaterasu 2B Cirno Chun-Li Morrigan Aensland Aigis
Final Fantasy VII Ōkami NieR:Automata Touhou Project Street Fighter Darkstalkers Persona 3
Queens of /v/alhalla (PERMANENTLY RETIRED)
Samus icon.png Reimu icon.png
2019 2020
Samus Aran Reimu Hakurei
Metroid Touhou Project

Qualifying Results[]

All nominees will be subject into a single qualifying poll, where voters select any number of nominees that they want to advance into the main bracket. 128 contestants with the highest votes (excluding those over the series limit) will qualify.

Franchise Limit: A maximum of TWO (2) characters from a given franchise can enter the main bracket. If 3 or more qualify, only the top two with the highest votes will be entered and the rest will be disqualified.

  • Spin-offs are treated as separate series for this rule. Examples: Shin Megami Tensei -- Persona, Drakengard -- Nier.
  • For crossover series, each character will be based on which series they originally appeared in. If their original appearance was in that crossover, they will be entered under that name instead,
    • Examples: Kingdom Hearts: Sora, Aqua, and Riku (original)
    • King of Fighters: Fatal Fury (Terry Bogard, Mai Shiranui), Psycho Soldier (Athena Asamiya), etc.

Results TBD.

Tournament Bracket[]

Single-elimination format. Seedings are determined by their rank in the qualifying poll.

  • Which means that in the first round, top seed plays the lowest seed, second-highest seed plays the second-lowest seed, and so on. The bracket is designed so that the top 2 seeds will only meet in the final, top 4 in semi-final, etc.
  • If a match is tied in votes at the end of the round, both characters will advance. The following round will then become a triple-threat match fought between them and their next round's opponent. The winner of that match is decided by plurality vote (score the highest number of votes).
    • Although very rare, a quadruple-threat match is possible if two adjacent matches were tied"
    • If a tie occurs in the final, a runoff vote is held instead.
  • All characters advancing to the quarter-finals will become this year's Elite Eight, making them temporarily ineligible for the next contest. Those eliminated in the quarter-finals will be subject to a four-way consolation match where voters will rank them from 5th-8th. Semi-final losers will play against each other for third place. Lastly, the winner of the final match will become this year's Queen of /v/, and will permanently retire from the competition.


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