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Nagisa Shiota is the main protagonist of Yuusei Matsui's manga and anime series Assassination Classroom.

Nagisa is perhaps best known for his feminine-looking face, hairstyle, voice, and a slim physique, making him an example of a trap character. His appearance has misled other characters into thinking he's a girl, which is best shown during a hot springs scene where he is depicted bathing bare-chested to the shock of several classmates. Nagisa is also notable for a scene where he is forced to disguise as a girl wearing a dress, skirt, and black thigh-highs, in order to fool other targets.

The assassin student is a regular in the International Saimoe League, debuting in the 2016 edition. His best year came in 2018, one year after his teacher won the tournament, as he won the emerald pendant by a wide margin and reached the quarter-finals of the playoffs bracket. Throughout his ISML career, Nagisa has been grouped together with his classmate Karma Akabane several times.



ISML Pendant Winners
First year of pendant win only. Crowns from 2015 are included.
2015 8man.png 8manYuzuru.png OtonashiArcher.png ArcherKoyomi.png KoyomiSora.png SoraAccel.png AcceleratorLelouch.png Lelouch
2016 Koro.png Koro-senseiKiritsugu.png Kiritsugu
2017 Nagisa assclass.png Nagisa S.Levi.png LeviSouma.png SomaTouma.png Touma
2018 Okabe.png OkabeTaki.png TakiWillem.png Willem
2019 Rimuru.png SlimeRiku.png RikuSakuta.png SakutaKiyotaka.png KiyotakaTomoya.png TomoyaYuuta.png Yuuta
2020 Miyuki shirogane.png ShiroganeIshigami.png IshigamiGilgamesh.png Gilgamesh