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Ms. /co/ 2021 will be the fourth edition of the annual Ms. /co/ tournament held in 4chan's /co/ (Comics & Cartoons) board. The competition is presumed to begin at the second week of September 2021.

Nomination Rules[]

How to nominate?

  • To nominate a character, a user must include their name, picture, and source. All three characteristics must be present or it will be ignored.
  • Each valid nomination must garner at least eight (8) replies in order to qualify for the contest. These replies are only counted if they are all within a single thread. Replies do not carry over to other threads.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must originate from /co/ media (Western cartoons and comics) or have a substantial amount of /co/ material.
  • Characters of all ages are allowed. Toddlers, teenagers, timeless immortal beings, you name it.
  • Puppets are allowed (ex. Sesame Street, Muppets)
  • Generalization Statute: When you vote for a character, you also vote for all of their alternative versions, adaptations, and spin-off appearances.
    • Example: Zatanna.png Zatanna 2.png Zatanna 3.png Zatanna (DC Comics, Young Justice, DC Super Hero Girls, etc.)


  • Characters that are clearly not /co/ are not allowed (ex. /a/nime, live-action /tv/ and films)
  • No talking colored horse shows (you know what these are)
  • No Board-tans, OC Donut steels, and meme creations
  • One-Month Old Clause: Any character debuting in the entirety of the previous month and current month are ineligible.
  • Elite Eight Rule: Characters who reached the Elite Eight last year are not allowed to compete in this edition. They will be eligible for next year's contest.
2020 Elite Eight (Will be eligible next year)
Tyrahnee.png Fang.png Kim.png EVE.png Starfire.png Chel.png Jucika.png
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Queen Tyr'ahnee Fang Kim Possible EVE Starfire Chel Jucika
Duck Dodgers Primal Kim Possible WALL-E DC Comics The Road to El Dorado Jucika

  • Jenny Rule: Previous Ms. /co/ champions are permanently retired, and will be barred from entering in future Ms. /co/ntests.
Ms. /co/ Champions (PERMANENTLY RETIRED)
Xj9.png Spinel.png Mrs monarch.png
2018 2019 2020
Jenny Wakeman Spinel Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
Teenage Robot Steven Universe Venture Bros.

  • Franchise Limit: Only the top 3 girls with the highest votes can advance into the main bracket. This only applies to the qualifier poll however; there is no restriction on how many characters one can nominate from a single franchise.
    • Note: Franchise limit DOES NOT apply to Marvel and DC characters.

New restrictions for 2021:

  • /v/ideo game characters who didn't originate from /co/ are ineligible
  • Characters depicting real-life politicians as cartoons are not allowed; satirical or otherwise

Qualifying Results[]


Tournament Bracket[]

As of this time of writing, there is no confirmation on how many contestants will play in the main bracket, as some anons think that it might expand to 256. Because of this, the bracket layout will not be displayed until further information is released.

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