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The "Jenny", named after the character from Teenage Robot, is a trophy awarded to champions of the Ms. /co/ tournament

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Mr. and Ms. /co/ are a pair of yearly single-elimination character tournaments meant to decide the most popular male and female character of 4chan's /co/ board: Western comics and cartoons. Each contest lasts around one week, with the female contest held in the second week of September and the males held somewhere in October. Voting is typically conducted using Google Forms. The term used to refer to female champions is the Waifuhalla, while male champions are said to have ascended into the /co/lympian Pantheon.

The tournaments are presented like a beauty pageant, featuring judges such as 4chan mascot Yotsuba, inaugural winners Johnny and Jenny, and board personifications J/aco/lyn, /co/lette, /co/nrad, and Hope /co/rgi.

The events have spawned similar character tournaments in other boards, such as Mr. and Ms. /mlp/ (a containment board dedicated to My Little Pony) and King and Queen of /v/ (for Video Game characters).

Has its own dedicated wiki.


The "Johnny", named after Johnny Bravo, is awarded to champions of Mr. /co/lympus tournaments.

The Mr. and Ms. /co/ntests are generally meant to be a celebration of comics and cartoons; they also encourage anons to produce fan-art of their favorite candidates, and the discovery of other lesser-known / never-seen-before series. The events have attracted significant traffic on the board whenever it happens, and is considered a board-wide tradition by many anonymous users. But like many notable character tournaments in this wiki, the /co/ntests are rife with salt, sabotage, brigades, spite votes, recency bias, accusations of rigging, "autistic shitfits", and even the involvement of jannies and mods- especially in the Miss tournaments. For these reasons, the /co/nservatory wiki labels them as "a blood sport rather than a beauty pageant". Over time, the tournaments have developed its own "metagame" which favours several popular series, classic waifus, "flavours of the month", and a few "joke" entrants. The users also gradually built their own contest lore from text posts, drawings, and audio recordings.

The /co/ board has also organized a spin-off event called the Tag-Team Tournament in the website plus4chan, which is contested by pairs of any comic or cartoon character you want to enter as long as they share a common theme. More details below.

General Format[]

Each round lasts 24 hours from the time the link to that round was posted. Countdowns are provided in the website.

  • Nomination Thread: Post one character -- name, series, and image. Nominations must get a certain amount of mentions or (Yous) to enter the qualifying poll.
  • Qualifying Poll: All characters are subject to an approval voting poll -- vote whoever and whichever you like to enter. 128 characters with the highest votes will advance to the bracket. Ties are resolved by alphabetical order of series name, then character name.
  • Bracket Stage: 128-player single elimination bracket -- lose one match and you're out. Characters are seeded based on their rankings in the qualifying poll.
  • Elite Eight: Once the tournament reaches its fifth round (Quarter-finals) and beyond, all remaining characters will attain Elite Eight status, making them temporarily ineligible for next edition.
    • Quarter-final losers will be ranked from 5th-8th on a four-way poll.
    • Semi-final losers will play a consolation match to decide third place.
    • Lastly, the winner of the final match wins the tournament, and will be banned from participating in future Ms. or Mr. /co/ tournaments.


Since Ms. /co/ 2019, the tournament has included a set of characters presiding as judges:

  • Yotsuba Koiwai - titular protagonist of manga Yotsuba&!, and mascot of 4chan.
  • /co/nrad - Male Board-Tan (personification) of the /co/ board.
  • /co/lette - Female Board-Tan of the /co/ board.
  • J/aco/lyn - Board-Tan of the /aco/ - Adult Cartoons board, dedicated to porn of western comics and cartoons (and western-inspired art styles).
  • Hope /co/rgi - A superpowered pet Corgi dog affiliated with the Blue Lantern Corps.
  • Jenny Wakeman - Also known as Jenny XJ9, she is the winner of the first Ms. /co/ in 2018 and presides the female tournaments.
  • Johnny Bravo - The winner of the first Mr. /co/lympus in 2018 and presides the male tournaments. Often hits on other female judges (except Yotsuba for obvious reasons).


All times are in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).
Click on the links below for more details on a particular edition.

Miss /co/[]

Ms. /co/ Editions
Year Date Nominees Winner Host Bracket
2018 Sep 08-26 154 Jenny.png Jenny Wakeman (XJ9)
My Life as a Teenage Robot
OP !vLTteyo/Xk Image
2019 Sep 13-23 359 Spinel.png Spinel
Steven Universe
OP !vLTteyo/Xk (until SF)
stats anon !l0rbLHJjBY
2020 Sep 11-21 1093 Mrs monarch.png Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
Venture Bros.
stats anon !l0rbLHJjBY Image
2021 Sep 10-19 1197 Betty.png Betty Boop
Betty Boop
stats anon !!rkK6EtYmPFl Image
2022 TBD

Mr. /co/lympus[]

Mr. /co/lympus Editions
Year Date Nominees Winner Host Bracket
2018 Oct 4-15 185 Johnny.png Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo
Mr. /co/ tourney guy !XDVJ7s7KPM Image
2019 Oct 6-14 445 Kronk.png Kronk
The Emperor's New Groove
stats anon !l0rbLHJjBY Image
2020 Oct 23 - Nov 01 1364 Tom cat 2.png Tom Cat
Tom and Jerry
stats anon  !!TQ3my/gS6o+ Image
2021 Oct 08-17 928 Grievous icon.png General Grievous
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
NightShiftAnon !!9A2duD1C25+
Brackets !!nvOyCofy0bP
Dominos Anon !w86bRI0tYM
2022 TBD


The Tag-Team Tournament, also known as Two's a /co/mpany, is a spin-off character tournament held by /co/ in the website plus4chan. It is a single-elimination bracket contested by pairs of characters, usually sharing a common theme like being muscular or using fire powers. Unlike the mainline contests, eligibility rules are more relaxed here, since the contest allows all characters regardless of origin, as long as they appear in a comic or cartoon. A notable example is video game villain Dr. Wily from Mega Man, whose series has received many /co/ adaptations.

Whether a given pair is canon or not is irrelevant when nominating, so in a typical contest, canon pairs like Tom Cat / Jerry Mouse will fight alongside themed pairs like Tom / Felix (iconic cartoon cats), and pairs that require context of past /co/ tournaments like Jackie Lynn / Amity Blight (a lesbian ship born from Mr. /co/ 2020 roleplaying) and Samurai Jack / Simon Laurent (a seed 1 vs. 128 match from the same contest, famous for their gay wedding).

Although couples / ships like Zuko / Katara can be nominated for Tag-Team, many voters do NOT perceive it as a shipping tournament, nor vote the pairs based on their shipping merits (i.e. how cute they are together).

Tag-Team Editions
Year Date Nominees Host Winner Link
2019 Dec 17-25 ??? ??? Freelance Police (Sam & Max)
Sam & Max
2020 Dec 05-11 ??? ??? Fake Santas
Grinch (How the Grinch Stole Christmas)
Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
2021 Dec 10-20 ??? ??? Team Cognito (Inside Job)
Reagan Ridley & Brett Hand
Final thread (/tnt/)
2022 TBD

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