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Miyuki Shirogane is the lead male protagonist of Aka Akasaka's manga and anime series Kaguya-sama: Love is War.

Shirogane benefits from being the main character of a massively popular manga and anime series in the early 2020's, so it's not surprising that he gets the highest seeds and most favorites in anime character popularity contests. In the r/anime contests held in AnimeBracket, he finished as a quarter-finalist in his first entries on Best Guy and Best Character. Shirogane's partnership with Kaguya went as expected too, placing runner-up in the subreddit's sixth Couples/Ships contest behind the Aobuta main couple Sakuta x Mai. Despite these late-round losses, he is still expected to win an r/anime contest in the near future.

In the International Saimoe League, he and Kaguya won the 2019 Couples/Ships exhibition contest, beating the much-fancied Hyouka pair Oreki x Chitanda in the final. The president is currently one of the favorites to win the main tournament in 2020, and is looking to follow the Slime's trail of winning it all as a debutant.


Miyuki Shirogane serves as the student council president of Shuchiin Academy alongside vice-president and love interest Kaguya Shinomiya. His defining trait is his academic intellect, no doubt a fruit of his hardwork and determination to stand on equal footing to Kaguya, who is also considered one of the best students in the school. The series' premise concerns Shirogane trying to get Kaguya confess his love for him, and make her lose the "war of love and brains". The relationship of the two leads is an important facet of the series, and its in-depth exploration of their love story (compared to other rom-com mangas) has won the hearts of many audiences.

More detailed information can be found on the Kaguya-sama Fandom wiki page. Spoilers on the link.

ISML Profile Flavor Text[]

Moe Traits[]


  • Blond hair, blue eyes. Although one afterword claims hat the Shirogane family actually has black hair, due to being ethnically Japanese; the blond / white hair is only for aesthetic reasons.
  • Eyebags - A prominent feature of Shirogane's face caused by his sleeping habits; he only rests a few hours every night because he dedicates much of his time into studying. Without the eyebags, Miyuki shows a stereotypical bishounen face straight out of a shoujo manga.

Spoiler Traits[]

Contest History[]

monster virgin: suffering from success

When it comes to popularity within the Kaguya-sama fandom, Miyuki pales in comparison to main waifu Kaguya, memelord cute girl Chika, relatable /ourguy/ Ishigami, and Hayasaka simps. This is just speculation as there is no official popularity poll held yet.

In the "saimoe" contests however, the monster virgin is, well, monstrously popular for obvious reasons, and popularity begets success in these contests. Even though some of Shirogane's traits have in common with your typical "nice guy" anime protagonist, he is a safe and easy bet to vote for. He also possesses the "protagonist buff" ---- a tendency for main characters to perform better than the supporting cast ---- which is shared with Ishigami, the only other relevant male character in the series.


all might using california smash


Miyuki made his first major tournament appearance in r/anime's Best Guy 6 held during the Winter 2020 season where he secured the sixth seed. This placed him in the second half of Group D together with Ishigami, who was seeded eleventh; their rivalry match in the round of 16 was hotly anticipated by the users. However, this match-up was spoiled by Sakuta (#22) kicking the treasurer out of the round of 32. In an apparent act of revenge, Shirogane defeated the rascal to reach the Elite Eight for the first time. In the quarter-finals, he lost to a My Hero Academia season 4 reawakened All Might (#3) who would eventually finish fourth place in the contest.



After winning the Couples/Ships contest in 2019, Shirogane set his eyes on another major tournament: the 2020 edition of ISML. And boy, did he dominate that tourney from the very beginning. Supported by the massive Shinomiya conglomerate Kaguya-sama voting block and the recent airing of the anime's second season, Miyuki attained the most nomination votes and the highest pot seeding in Aquamarine, thereby making him the outright favorite to win the Scepter. Only Ishigami, Sakuta, and Riku can rival him in terms of strength.

Envisioned as the "Golden Road", Shirogane laid the path's foundations through winning ALL 35 regular season matches undefeated and untied. Moreover, he became the first male to break several vote milestones, having earned more than 4000 and 5000 votes in two separate matches. Although he only placed third in the Aquamarine pendant round (won by Riku), he immediately struck back by winning the Topaz pendant, the gem that best matches his hair color.

As the Kaguya-sama males appear to become unassailable coming into the playoffs, the president will attempt to earn the distinction of becoming the first-ever male deubtant to complete a perfect season; his closest rival Ishigami will also attempt to achieve this feat. If all goes well for the both of them, they will face each other in the extremely high-stakes final match.

ISML Record[]

Main Tournament[]

ISML 2020 --- Playoffs
Period Round Opponent Score Result
Nominations N/A N/A 203 Rank 1
Preliminaries Seedings Rd 1 23 opponents (Range voting) 33,522.4 1st (seed 1)
Aquamarine Split 1 Group A
(1st, Adcanced)
Rentaro.png Rentarou Satomi 2793 - 897 Win
Taihei.png Taihei Doma 3650 - 1097 Win
Masamune izumi.png Masamune Izumi 3301 - 1820 Win
Eren.png Eren Yeager 4785 - 1385 Win
Saiki.png Kusuo Saiki 2922 - 1375 Win
Pendant 7 opponents (IRV) 3127 (total) 3rd
Topaz Split 2 Group A
(1st, Advanced)
Shidou.png Shidou Itsuka 2321 - 1237 Win
Merlin fate.png Merlin (F/GO) 2591 - 1045 Win
Saiki.png Kusuo Saiki (rematch) 2952 - 1627 Win
Zenitsu.png Zenitsu Agatsuma 3303 - 1214 Win
Tanjiro.png Tanjirou Kamado 3286 - 1935 Win
Pendant 7 opponents (IRV) 3858 (total; Rd 6) 1st (Winner)
Amethyst Split 2 Group A
(1st, Advanced)
Naruto.png Naruto Uzumaki 3273 - 988 Win
Kiritsugu.png Kiritsugu Emiya 2343 - 1189 Win
Yuzuru.png Yuzuru Otonashi 3798 - 1632 Win
Yato.png Yato 3087 - 1408 Win
Subaru1.png Subaru Natsuki 3799 - 2411 Win
Sapphire Giyuu.png Giyuu Tomioka 4243 - 2344 Win
Shirou.png Shirou Emiya 3160 - 2599 Win
Ainz.png Ainz Ooal Gown 4610 - 2104 Win
Joseph.png Joseph Joestar 4702 - 2321 Win
Kiyotaka.png Kiyotaka Ayanokouji 3238 - 2186 Win
Emerald Split 3 Group A
(1st / 2nd, Advanced)
Otosaka.png Yuu Otosaka 4833 - 3312 Win
Saitama.png Saitama 3400 - 1913 Win
Okabe.png Rintarou Okabe 3706 - 2954 Win
Edward.png Edward Elric 4134 - 2049 Win
Levi.png Levi Ackerman 4237 - 2811 Win
Ruby Shirou.png Shirou Emiya (rematch) 3923 - 2767 Win
Sorata.png Sorata Kanda 3874 - 2293 Win
Kiritsugu.png Kiritsugu Emiya (rematch) 4261 - 2503 Win
Shidou.png Shidou Itsuka (rematch) 4904 - 2130 Win
Touma.png Touma Kamijou 4837 - 2729 Win
Diamond Kazuma.png Kazuma Satou 4080 - 2847 Win
Subaru1.png Subaru Natsuki (rematch) 4276 - 2694 Win
Takashi.png Takashi Natsume 4321 - 2063 Win
Yato.png Yato (rematch) 5077 - 2630 Win
Riku.png Riku Dola ???? Win
(seed 1)
Round of 16 Taki.png Taki Tachibana Win
Quarter-finals Kazuma.png Kazuma Satou Win
Semi-finals Ishigami.png Yuu Ishigami Win
Final Sakuta.png Sakuta Azusagawa Win

Pendant Record[]

  • Appearances: 2 (first in Aquamarine 2020)
  • Wins: 1 Topaz
2020 Aquamarine Pendant --- 2nd
Contestant Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7
Riku.png Riku Dola 2781 2842 2871 2986 3112 3361 4236
Touma.png Touma Kamijou 1849 1928 1957 2076 2227 2425 3127
Miyuki shirogane.png Miyuki Shirogane 1189 1250 1527 1631 1840 2402
Sakuta.png Sakuta Azusagawa 773 848 917 1115 1244
Levi.png Levi Ackerman 695 745 803 868
Kiyotaka.png Kiyotaka Ayanokouji 614 650 701
Ishigami.png Yuu Ishigami 584 613
Taki.png Taki Tachibana 496
2020 Topaz Pendant --- (Winner!)
Contestant Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 --X--
Miyuki shirogane.png Miyuki Shirogane 2617 2769 2875 3053 3492 3858
Touma.png Touma Kamijou 1077 1147 1232 1345 1401 1671
Kiyotaka.png Kiyotaka Ayanokouji 860 903 988 1117 1266 1543
Tomoya.png Tomoya Okazaki 769 838 897 1000 1135
Ishigami.png Yuu Ishigami 683 732 822 947
Gilgamesh.png Gilgamesh 663 706 799
Levi.png Levi Ackerman 626 695
Taki.png Taki Tachibana 625

AnimeBracket Record[]

Other Tournaments[]




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