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Mitsuha Miyamizu is the main female protagonist of Makoto Shinkai's anime film Your Name, created and directed by Shinkai and animated by Comix Wave Films. She also makes a cameo appearance in another Shinkai film, Weathering With You (2019).

Your Name became a worldwide hit at the time of its release, cementing its place as one of the highest-grossing anime films of all time. Naturally, this leads to the film's poster boy and girl making a great first impression in the major tournaments.

Mitsuha's first major tournament was in Bilibili Moe 2017, where she's one of the legitimate contenders to win the championship. She did perform well as expected, defeating IJN Yuudachi, Eriri, and Mikasa en route to the semi-finals, where she lost to Sagiri in a match that may or may not involve strategic voting from the other parties. She then settled for fourth place after losing the consolation match against fellow tournament favorite Megumi Katou.

Later that year, she participated in the International Saimoe League contest, but unlike her partner Taki, she failed to make a sufficient breakthrough in the competition as she was eliminated in the Diamond period (final group stage). She would later appear in subsequent editions of ISML, barely reaching the Main Tournament in 2019 as she placed in the bottom 10 of the qualified contestants in the nomination stage.

In r/anime's Best Girl Contest, Mitsuha made her first appearance in Best Girl 5 (2018) due to the movie being released in America at a later date. A middle-tier contestant, she reached the fifth round in BG5 and the fourth round in BG6. Best Girl 7 is her best ever performance yet as this is the first time she managed to reach the Sweet Sixteen in that contest. Along the way she disposed off Yoko Littner, crushed the dreams of mega-upset machine Rikka Takanashi, and then snuffed out the last Monogatari girl Tsubasa Hanekawa by seven votes, before getting sent off against r/anime powerhouse Holo.

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