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Mikoto Misaka is a character from the light novel series A Certain Magical Index, and the eponymous protagonist of its spin-off manga A Certain Scientific Railgun. In the story, Mikoto is a student of the prestigious all-girls Tokiwadai Middle School, and is ranked 3rd among the seven Level 5 espers, the most powerful in Acedemy City. She serves as the main heroine of the universe's "Science" side and one of Touma Kamijou's love interests.

Mikoto's superpower is control over electromagnetic forces. Her signature ability is the Railgun, a technique where she tosses a metal coin and uses lightning to shoot it at extreme speeds. She is also known by her nickname "Biribiri" - the Japanese sound of crackling electricity - which is given to her by Touma. The student was subjected under a cloning program as a template for the "Sister Clones" (notable members include MISAKA 10032 and Last Order), whose original purpose was to serve as targets for Accelerator so he can ascend into Level 6.

Misaka is one of the most successful waifus in saimoe history, having previously held the record for the largest number of tournament wins, until she got usurped by Rem from Re:Zero in the late 2010's. Her strengths lie in her numerous appealing traits, particularly her tomboyish personality, tsundere attitude towards Touma, and characterization in the anime adaptation of Railgun.

While Mikoto has fans from all over the world, her success is mainly powered by her extremely vocal and competitive Chinese fanbase, which has been heavily involved in several notable tournaments since her first appearance. Mikoto's influence in the Chinese fandom outside of saimoe is apparent in several ACGN-related things. For example, Bilibili[1], one of China's biggest video-sharing websites, is named after her nickname, and Hangzhou Spark[2], a China-based esports team for the video game Overwatch, is themed after the character herself, to the point that she became an honorary member for the team[3].

Misaka is also one of the most popular light novel heroines, which is shown in her dynastic reign as the queen of the Japanese Konorano light novel rankings, where she placed first in the "Female Characters" list for 9 editions.



ISML Profile Flavor Text
Mikoto misaka profile.png

"There was a time when Misaka Mikoto believed that her developing gift of electromancy, the ability to generate and freely control the flow of electricity, could change the lives of thousands of paralyzed patients worldwide. Now, she has already come to understand that the people surrounding her had always cared more for power than anyone's well-being.

However, she is not the type to let disappointment get her down. If the world she lives in is filled with betrayal and hardship, she must simply overcome them and become stronger in the process. Mikoto moves forward, proudly, and eventually becomes one of the world's most powerful ability users, receiving the name 'Railgun'.

Fame is not what Mikoto seeks, though. She sees others as her equals, regardless of their strength or social position. What she wants is a way for her to fight against the cruelty around her. She walks the streets alone at night, luring out thugs hoping for easy prey. Although the troublemakers are sure to remember their encounter with this particular 'defenseless girl', Mikoto herself realizes it will be almost impossible for her to make a difference this way.

Nevertheless, even her struggle with the shadows of Academy City can do nothing to stain her innocent heart. While Mikoto readily risks her own safety and life for the sake of others, she feels most at ease in more mundane situations: playing with children or having fun with her friends. No matter how hard she tries to hide it, she has a childish and carefree side at odds with how dependable she wants to appear.

Mikoto's life is a story of a young girl faced with tough choices which could affect the lives of many. But if it is her we have to rely on, it will all turn out all right in the end."

Mikoto is the leading candidate for International Saimoe League's "Greatest of All Time" because of her numerous awards and consistently strong performances, not to mention she's also the most succesful former champion as of this time of writing due to her extremely active fanbase and recent new anime releases. She is ISML's most decorated contestant with 10 awards to date - having won ISML 2011's tiara, 7 necklaces, and two Tournament of Champions victories in 2017 and 2018.


Debut and Championship Win[]

While Mikoto is nowadays known for her tremendous success, she did not get into championship form immediately. Her tournament debut in ISML 2009, which came from her appearance in Index season 1, was a fairly unremarkable one as she finished in 42nd place.

Then, things changed when the anime adaptation of Railgun, where she starred as the main character, was broadcasted in 2010. As a result, Mikoto shot up from being a middling competitor to a championship contender in ISML 2010 - placing 4th in the regular season and eventually reaching the grand finals of the playoffs. However, she could not overcome Mio Akiyama, who sent her into the loser's bracket beforehand.

The Railgun remained undaunted as she placed 2nd in ISML 2011's regular season, behind the upstart Kanade "Angel" Tachibana, and thus the 2nd seed in the single-elimination playoffs, therefore avoiding her until the finals. She proceeded to beat Charlotte, Taiga, and Kuroneko on the other side of the bracket, then defeated 2009 runner-up Shana - who previously upset Angel in a prior round - in the final match to claim the year's Tiara award.

Stella Division Era[]

Misaka continued her dominant league performances during ISML's division split era, making her one of the period's "four horsemen" alongside Angel, Kuroneko, and Eucliwood Hellscythe. She was permanently assigned to the Stella division, a 35-man league for veterans. As one of the strongest characters in the league, Mikoto only needed to worry about the other "horsemen" and potential upstagers from the Nova (newcomers) division. However, due to winning the Tiara in 2011, her chances of a repeat championship were naturally diminished because of the "Moe King Debuff" - the tendency for former winners to be voted out because of sentiments against voting for repeat champions.

The Railgun's title defense in 2012 started strong as she placed 1st in the regular season, then won the Stella division playoffs (diamond circlet), her only division title during the era. Her season ended at the hands of Hellscythe in the quarter-finals. Then, in 2013, all "four horsemen" were transferred to Stella. Mikoto placed 3rd in the regular season (behind Angel and Kuroneko) and eventually advanced to the semi-finals, where she lost against Angel in their only significant postseason meeting in ISML, and finished in 4th place overall. Mikoto then came back with a vengeance in 2014 as she swept the regular season; but she lost the division final to Angel and was later sniped in the first round of the tiara playoffs by Yoshino from Date A Live.

Following ISML 2014, Mikoto was banned from the Main Tournament from 2015 until 2019, and was re-assigned for the Tournament of Champions instead. During her tenure as a ToC contestant, Mikoto won two editions in 2017 and 2018, making her the most successful female in the event.

Return to Main Tornament[]

The Railgun finally returned to the Main Tournament in 2020 and proved to be just as strong as she had left it 6 years ago, unlike most former champions which have become "washed up" upon their return. Her arrival was celebrated by the Toaru faction as it coincided with the broadcast of the Railgun anime's season 3. Taking advantage of these blessings, Mikoto proceeded to win her 6th necklace (emerald) and later placed 3rd in Split 3's Group A, only losing to new-generation powerhouses Kaguya and Mai. Mikoto then defeated Chika, Rin, and Kaguya in the playoffs, but fell short in the final against a determined, Oregairu season 3-boosted Yukino Yukinoshita.

In spite of this loss, Misaka continued her serious challenge in 2021, winning her 7th necklace (sapphire), finishing 34-1 in the three-splits regular season, and securing the #2 seed in the playoffs. Her only loss came against Kaguya, which she avenged in the semi-finals like last year. Unfortunately, she still could not overcome the "Moe King Debuff" hurdle when she fell against the undefeated rookie Elaina in the final match. In the wake of Misaka's narrow defeat, some Chinese fans blamed the result on Korean voters, as ISML's vote distribution map indicated that almost all of Koreans voted for the wandering witch.[4] This may be attributed to the fact that Elaina won a notable Korean saimoe tournament last year (implying that their voters participate in ISML as well).

Following her 2 straight finals losses, some members of the Toaru faction expressed concerns in ISML Tieba about Mikoto's championship hopes in the future, as they feel that her best chances to win another Tiara are over, and that she might be downgraded to being just another playoff regular that is passed up in favor of revitalized contenders (e.g. Kaguya, Mashiro) or popular newcomers (e.g. Keke, Marin, Makima, Mahiru).[5][6][7][8][9]

Main Tournament[]

Overall record (as of ISML 2021)

ISML Main Tournament Record
Regular season, playoffs, and consolation matches only.
Preliminaries, gem rounds, and wildcard rounds are NOT included.
Edition Eliminated in Final pos. W L RS Record
ISML 2009 Regular season 42nd 23 40 23-40 42nd
ISML 2010 Runner-up 2nd 50 5 46-3 4th
ISML 2011 Champion 1st 52 1 48-1 2nd
ISML 2012 Quarter-finals 6th Conso (S-1st) 41 3 34-1 S-1st
ISML 2013 Semi-finals 4th (S-3rd) 37 5 33-2 S-3rd
ISML 2014 Round of 16 13th Conso (S-2nd) 40 3 35-0 S-1st
2015-2019: Banned due to Champions rule (8 years)
ISML 2020 Runner-up 2nd 36 3 33-2
ISML 2021 Runner-up 2nd 37 2 34-1
ISML 2022 Qualified TBD TBD TBD TBD
Total W-L: 316-62 (83.60%) Postseason: 30-12 (71.43%) RS Record: 286-50 (82.18%)


  • Regular season icon.png 42nd (23-0-0-40)


  • Ruby Mikoto.png (You) > Saber (2890-2520)
  • Regular season icon.png 4th (46-0-3)


  • Aquamarine
  • Regular season icon.png 2nd (48-0-1)
  • Top 16 icon.png Misaka Mikoto > Charlotte Dunois (6133-3381)
  • Qf plate.png Misaka Mikoto > Aisaka Taiga (5836-4899)
  • Sf plate.png Misaka Mikoto > Gokou Ruri (Kuroneko) (7619-5334)
  • Championship match icon.png Misaka Mikoto > Shana (9208-8052)


  • Ruby Mikoto.png (You)
  • Diamond Mikoto.png (You)
  • Regular season icon.png Stella 1st (34-0-1)


  • Regular season icon.png Stella 3rd (33-0-2)


ISML 2020
Nominations: 428 (1st)
Seedings Rd 1: 46,487.2 (1st)
Stage Rd Opponent Score W-L?
Split 1
Group A
Aqua 1 Cocoa.png Kokoa Hoto 3535 - 1044 W
Aqua 2 Kaede bgs.png Kaede Azusagawa 3770 - 1682 W
Aqua 3 Kanna.png Kanna Kamui 4249 - 2422 W
Aqua 4 Nagisa.png Nagisa Furukawa 3454 - 2711 W
Aqua 5 Tamako.png Tamako Kitashirakawa 2919 - 1939 W
Split 2
Group D
Tpz 1 Yui h.png Yui Hirasawa 2588 - 1329 W
Tpz 2 Ruiko.png Ruiko Saten 2946 - 880 W
Tpz 3 Saber.png Saber 3131 - 1609 W
Tpz 4 Sinon.png Sinon 3079 - 1522 W
Tpz 5 Rikka chuuni.png Rikka Takanashi 3372 - 2203 W
Amet 1 Mitsuha.png Mitsuha Miyamizu 3607 - 1294 W
Amet 2 Kurisu.png Kurisu Makise 2691 - 1017 W
Amet 3 Illya.png Illyasviel von Einzbern 4162 - 1508 W
Amet 4 Menma.png Meiko Honma 3716 - 1277 W
Amet 5 Shiro1.png Shiro 4459 - 2043 W
Sapp 1 Chino.png Chino Kafuu 4255 - 2488 W
Sapp 2 Kuroko.png Kuroko Shirai 4540 - 1827 W
Sapp 3 Gray.png Gray 5422 - 1893 W
Sapp 4 Shouko m.png Shouko Makinohara 5110 - 2358 W
Sapp 5 Chika f.png Chika Fujiwara 4197 - 2536 W
Split 3
Group A
Eme 1 Saber.png Saber (x2) 5751 - 2867 W
Eme 2 Kurisu.png Kurisu Makise (x2) 4045 - 1886 W
Eme 3 Iroha.png Iroha Isshiki 4725 - 2434 W
Eme 4 Shiro1.png Shiro (x2) 4359 - 2786 W
Eme 5 Asuna.png Asuna Yuuki 4421 - 3731 W
Ruby 1 Chino.png Chino Kafuu (x2) 4736 - 2878 W
Ruby 2 Mio kon.png Mio Akiyama 3996 - 2935 W
Ruby 3 Sagiri.png Sagiri Izumi 4391 - 3042 W
Ruby 4 Rin tohsaka.png Rin Tohsaka 4567 - 2988 W
Ruby 5 Maisan.png Mai Sakurajima 3968 - 4089 L
Dia 1 Ruiko.png Ruiko Saten (x2) 5318 - 1865 W
Dia 2 Schwi.png Schwi Dola 4601 - 2800 W
Dia 3 Kuroko.png Kuroko Shirai (x2) 4894 - 1774 W
Dia 4 Hayasaka 3.png Ai Hayasaka 5815 - 2922 W
Dia 5 Kaguya.png Kaguya Shinomiya 4583 - 4964 L
Seed A3
Ro16 (B6) Chika f.png Chika Fujiwara (x2) 5691 - 3971 W
QF (A7) Rin tohsaka.png Rin Tohsaka (x2) 7344 - 4366 W
SF (A1) Kaguya.png Kaguya Shinomiya (x2) 7995 - 7651 W
Final (B1) Yukino.png Yukino Yukinoshita 9507 - 9725 L

Necklace record

  • Wins: 7
  • Appearances (excluding 2009-2010): 20
    • 2010: Ruby (Winner)
    • 2011: Aquamarine (Winner)
    • 2012: Aquamarine (3rd), Ruby (Winner), Diamond (Stella 1st, Winner)
    • 2013: Amethyst (6th), Ruby (2nd), Emerald (2nd), Topaz (3rd), Diamond (Stella 3rd)
    • 2014: Aquamarine (Winner), Diamond (Stella 2nd)
    • 2020: Aquamarine (2nd), Topaz (3rd), Amethyst (2nd), Sapphire (2nd), Emerald (Winner)
    • 2021: Aquamarine (2nd), Topaz (2nd), Amethyst (2nd), Sapphire (Winner)

Poster gallery[]




History text TBD

Best Girl 1 - seed 27

Best Girl 2 - seed 70

  • R1 plate.png (446) Panty.png Panty Anarchy @ Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt -- 6047 - 1608
  • R2 plate.png (187) Sayaka.png Sayaka Miki @ Madoka Magica -- 4692 - 2255
  • R3 plate.png (59) Sakura m.png Sakura Matou @ Fate/stay night -- 5659 - 4133
  • T64 plate.png (6) Mayuri Shiina Mayuri Shiina @ Steins;Gate -- 5574 - 5446
  • T32 plate.png (27) Tsugumi.png Seishirou Tsugumi @ Nisekoi -- 6252 - 3912
  • T16 plate.png (22) Karen a.png Karen Araragi @ Monogatari -- 6347 - 4329
  • Qf plate.png (3) Saber.png Saber @ Fate/stay night -- 5728 - 6978

Best Girl 3 - seed 53

Best Character 1 - seed 19

  • R1 plate.png (494) Sonic icon.png Sonic the Hedgehog @ Sonic X -- 2742 - 995
  • R2 plate.png (238) Firo Prochainezo @ Baccano! -- 2169 - 1176
  • R3 plate.png (110) Migi @ Parasyte -- 2190 - 1425
  • T64 plate.png (46) Iri.png Irisviel von Einzbern @ Fate/Zero -- 2696 - 2029
  • T32 plate.png (14) Alphonse.png Alphonse Elric @ Fullmetal Alchemist -- 2384 - 2664

Best Character 2 - seed 46

  • R1 plate.png (467) Alluka Zoldyck @ Hunter x Hunter -- 1164 - 395
  • R2 plate.png (302) Major.png Motoko Kusanagi @ Ghost in the Shell -- 1016 - 727
  • R3 plate.png (83) Steph.png Stephanie Dola @ No Game No Life -- 1384 - 636
  • T64 plate.png (19) Genos.png Genos @ One Punch Man -- 1260 - 1253
  • T32 plate.png (14) Ryuuko Matoi Ryuuko Matoi @ Kill la Kill -- 1109 - 1309

Other Tournaments[]

Anime Saimoe Tournament[]

Saimoe 2009

Saimoe 2010

Saimoe 2011

Saimoe 2013

Saimoe 2014

Korea Best Moe Tournament[]

KBM 2009

KBM 2010

KBM 2011

SenpuuSociety European Saimoe[]





For the full list of Mikoto's contest wins, see Mikoto.png (You)/Honours.
Waifu Rating = 1793 (11.42 IDV)

Gallery (outside ISML)



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