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Superstar Shocker
ISML name Misaka Mikoto
Chinese 御坂美琴
Japanese 御坂美琴
Korean 미사카 미코토
Other names Biribiri, Railgun, The Electromaster, Shocker, Tokiwadai Ace
Toaru series
Toaru Majutsu no Index Jp
lit. A Certain Magical Index
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Jp
lit. A Certain Scientific Railgun
Anime Debut Fall 2008
Voiced by Rina Satou Jp
Brittney Karbowski Us
Status Greatest of All Time
Best Results
Isml logo ISML Main:Champion (2011)
ToC: Champion (2016, 2018)
Ranime logo Best Girl Champion (BG3, seed 53)
J-Saimoe Top 32 (2014)
K. Best Moe Quarter-finals (2010)
ISML record
Main Tournament Appearances: 7 (first in 2009)
2009: 42nd (RS)
2010: Runner-up
2011: Champion
2012: 6th (QF)
2013: 4th (SF)
2014: 13th (R16)
2020: TBD
Tournament of Champions Appearances: 4
2015: Semi-finals
2016: Champion
2018: Champion
2019: Group stage (3rd)
Necklaces Necklaces (6) Aquamarine smallAquamarine smallEmerald smallRuby smallRuby smallDiamond small
Aquamarine (2011, 2014)
Emerald (2020)
Ruby (2010, 2012)
Diamond (Stella 2013)
r/anime contest record
Best Girl BG1: R32 (seed 27)
BG2: QF (seed 70)
Best Character BCh1: R32 (seed 46)
Defunct Majors Record
J-Saimoe 2009: Rd 2
2010: Rd 3
2011: Rd 4
2013: Rd 2
K. Best Moe 2009: Top 96
2011: Top 16
Other Contest Wins

Mikoto Misaka is one of the main heroines of Kazuma Kamachi's light novel series A Certain Magical Index, and the main protagonist of the eponymous spin-off series A Certain Scientific Railgun.

One of the most iconic waifus in the 2010's, Mikoto is one of the most successful girls of all time, having held the previous record for the highest amount of anime character popularity tournaments won. She established herself as one of the premier powerhouses of  International Saimoe League, which she won in 2011, and holds the sole distinction of being the lowest-ever seed (#53) to win r/anime's Best Girl Contest.

Much of Mikoto's power comes from her massive vocal support from fans all over the world, but her greatest source of strength comes from the Chinese fanbase, where she is so popular that a certain video-sharing website (and the corresponding Moe contest) is named after her nickname.

ISML Profile Flavor TextEdit

"There was a time when Misaka Mikoto believed that her developing gift of electromancy, the ability to generate and freely control the flow of electricity, could change the lives of thousands of paralyzed patients worldwide. Now, she has already come to understand that the people surrounding her had always cared more for power than anyone's well-being.

However, she is not the type to let disappointment get her down. If the world she lives in is filled with betrayal and hardship, she must simply overcome them and become stronger in the process. Mikoto moves forward, proudly, and eventually becomes one of the world's most powerful ability users, receiving the name 'Railgun'.

Fame is not what Mikoto seeks, though. She sees others as her equals, regardless of their strength or social position. What she wants is a way for her to fight against the cruelty around her. She walks the streets alone at night, luring out thugs hoping for easy prey. Although the troublemakers are sure to remember their encounter with this particular 'defenseless girl', Mikoto herself realizes it will be almost impossible for her to make a difference this way.

Nevertheless, even her struggle with the shadows of Academy City can do nothing to stain her innocent heart. While Mikoto readily risks her own safety and life for the sake of others, she feels most at ease in more mundane situations: playing with children or having fun with her friends. No matter how hard she tries to hide it, she has a childish and carefree side at odds with how dependable she wants to appear.

Mikoto's life is a story of a young girl faced with tough choices which could affect the lives of many. But if it is her we have to rely on, it will all turn out all right in the end."

-written by ??????

International Saimoe LeagueEdit


  • Regular season icon 42nd (23-0-0-40)


  • Ruby small Mikoto Misaka > Saber (2890-2520)
  • Regular season icon 4th (46-0-3)


  • Aquamarine small
  • Regular season icon 2nd (48-0-1)


  • Ruby small Mikoto Misaka
  • Diamond small Mikoto Misaka
  • Regular season icon Stella 1st (34-0-1)


  • Regular season icon Stella 3rd (33-0-2)


Best Girl ContestEdit

Best Girl 1 (2014) - seed 27

Best Girl Contest 2 (2015) - seed 70

Best Girl Part 3 (2016) - seed 53

Defunct TournamentsEdit

Anime Saimoe TournamentEdit






Korea Best Moe TournamentEdit




Minor ContestsEdit

SenpuuSociety European SaimoeEdit







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