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Meiko Honma, nicknamed Menma, is the main female protagonist of the 2011 coming-of-age anime series Anohana: We Still Don't Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day. Menma was a member of the "Super Peace Busters", a group of childhood friends that broke up after she died in an accident. Several years later, her ghost takes on an older form but wearing the same clothes she last wore while she was still alive. She makes her presence known to a teenaged Jinta Yadomi, who is now a recluse. The main plot revolves around Jinta fulfilling Meiko's request to bring the estranged friends back together and fulfill her last wish, so that she may pass on into the afterlife.

Menma is the most important character of the Anohana show, as her tragic death and ensuing redemption plot is the main driving force behind the anime's emotional impact on the audience. In the wiki's context, Menma is best known for being a regular contestant in the long-running International Saimoe League, having a dedicated fanbase mainly because of her defining "tragedy" trait. This has enabled her to receive enough nomination ballots, but in the competition proper she is merely a middling stepping-stone that is often eliminated during the middle periods.


ISML Profile Flavor Text (May contain spoilers)

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The last summer that fate had afforded her, Honma Meiko was just a child. Her friends called her Menma and made fun of her for being a crybaby. Carefree and innocent, she was not even aware of the complicated web of feelings developing between the members of their group. Before Menma could face her own feelings, it was time for her to say goodbye forever.

Just as her smile had once kept the group together, the shadow she leaves behind becomes a wall separating her friends. And so, years after her departure, Menma is brought back by regrets and an unfulfilled wish. An existence not of this world, she cannot communicate with her old friends or help them even as she sees them drift further and further apart.

Menma steels her resolve. She will forget about her family and the fun she had while alive – those are things she can never get back. Instead, she will give her all to fulfill her final obligation to a friend. Even if it means saying goodbye and losing everything dear to her a second time, Menma's pure heart will not allow her to stop. With her own strength, she will leave behind proof of her existence.

ISML record[]


  • Regular season icon.png Nova 33rd (4-0-31)


  • Regular season icon.png Nova 19th (16-0-19)


  • Regular season icon.png Stella 31st (5-0-30)

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