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Levi is a major character featured in Hajime Isayama's manga and anime series Attack on Titan. Widely considered to be "humanity's strongest soldier", Levi is the captain of the Survey Corps' special operations squad. He appears as a middle-aged short man with a youthful face and narrow eyes, and possesses a cold and stern demeanour. Despite his harsh facade, he is shown to care for his squadmates, and is also an obsessive clean freak.

His full name, Levi Ackerman, isn't actually revealed until the middle chapters of the manga (equivalent to anime season 3 part 1) which covers the story's "Uprising Arc". There, Levi is hunted by the "Anti-Personnel Control Squad" and their leader, his uncle Kenny Ackerman. His backstory is also shown in this arc, where he was revealed that he spent his childhood living in squalor as an underground thug. Despite the "Ackerman" surname being an apparent spoiler, Levi's full name is used extensively in many online websites.


ISML Profile Flavor Text (May contain spoilers)

ISML profile picture

What lies behind the eyes of the most powerful man in the army? What choices did he make to get this far?

When humanity is driven into a corner by man-eating titans, the only hope left is the army. Or more specifically, the Survey Corps. However, with the number of deaths on the rise, the number of volunteers willing to join the most dangerous legion of the army is steadily dwindling, and it seems that all hope is lost.

That is... until captain Levi swoops in.

Armed with his 3D maneuver gear and double blade swords, the man is capable of taking down titans with grace, ease, and speed. Even when he is disgruntled and complains at the bloody mess he makes, he gets the job done. He is the hope of humanity – a man with the strength of an army.

However, the strongest people are usually the most damaged. Levi learns and still believes that going through loss, suffering, and pain is part of growing stronger. Even when he makes the wrong choice, a choice that causes him to lose all he holds dear.

The only thing that he is allowed to do is to believe that he will not regret the choices he made.


Levi is the most popular Attack on Titan character. True to his epithet as "humanity's strongest soldier", he has established himself as one of the strongest characters in major anime character popularity contests because of his many badass and sakuga (well-animated) scenes. The captain earned his first major title in 2020, where he won the championship rounds of r/anime's sixth edition of Best Guy in relatively dominating fashion.

Levi is also a noted powerhouse in the International Saimoe League, where he is usually the only Attack on Titan representative capable of reaching playoffs, or even winning the championship. Ackerman has secured 2 pendants to his name, and reached the quarter-finals three times (2013, 2018, and 2019); his best finish was fourth in 2018 after winning that year's consolation matches.

The captain has made three appearances in China's Bilibili Moe contest from 2015 to 2017, thanks to Attack on Titan's spin-offs being broadcast during those years. He was one of the favorites to win the 2017 edition, but ultimately finished fourth place after losing to Kirito in the semis, and Takashi Natsume in the consolation match.


Honours (Major)


Contest Wins[]

Total Wins = 16 (r/anime's Best Guy Winner)

  1. AnimeFans Saigar 2015
  2. Baidu Chinese Best Moe (Male) 2017
  3. Tiangshidongman Moe before 2020
  4. Best Guy 6 ★
  5. Facebook @Mitsuha Best Husbando 2020 [1]
  6. Facebook @Reffiney Ganador del Torneo de husbandos 2020 [2]
  7. FB Anime Community Best Husbando in 2020 image link
  8. Monas Chinas Asthetic TdH 2020 [3]
  9. Anime UwU torneo de husbandos 2020 [4]
  10. Aminoapps Torneo de Husbandos 2021 [5]
  11. Otra Página de otakus para Otakus Torneo de husbandos 2021 [6]
  12. Facebook 16 Teams Darling (Male Div) 2020 [7]
  13. Go-Toumemes Torneo de husbandos 2021 [8]
  14. Facebook @Sunset in Paradise Best husbando 2021 [9]
  15. Facebook Ikigai Torneo de husbandos 2021 [10]
  16. FB Personajes 2D por los que vale la pena seguir vivo TdH 2021 [11]

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