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Levi Ackerman, known simply as Levi in the Kodansha translation, is a primary character featured in Hajime Isayama's manga and anime series Attack on Titan.

He is related to fellow Attack on Titan protagonist Mikasa Ackerman.

ISML Profile Flavor TextEdit

What lies behind the eyes of the most powerful man in the army? What choices did he make to get this far?

When humanity is driven into a corner by man-eating titans, the only hope left is the army. Or more specifically, the Survey Corps. However, with the number of deaths on the rise, the number of volunteers willing to join the most dangerous legion of the army is steadily dwindling, and it seems that all hope is lost.

That is... until captain Levi swoops in.

Armed with his 3D maneuver gear and double blade swords, the man is capable of taking down titans with grace, ease, and speed. Even when he is disgruntled and complains at the bloody mess he makes, he gets the job done. He is the hope of humanity – a man with the strength of an army.

However, the strongest people are usually the most damaged. Levi learns and still believes that going through loss, suffering, and pain is part of growing stronger. Even when he makes the wrong choice, a choice that causes him to lose all he holds dear.

The only thing that he is allowed to do is to believe that he will not regret the choices he made.

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