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Lelouch Lamperouge, born Lelouch vi Britannia, is the main protagonist of Sunrise's anime series Code Geass. He is one of the most popular and successful anime characters of all time in terms of anime character popularity contests.


Contest History[]

Emperor of the West (/r/anime history)[]

The Emperor's winning spree continued with another major championship in 2015, winning r/anime's inaugural Best Guy Contest by defeating future winners Spike, Koyomi, Roy Mustang and Okabe, and then geassing Kamina right through his shades in the final match. This victory was helped by the fact that Lelouch is by and large the undisputed most favorited character on MyAnimeList, a site that many subredditors use.

Chinese Annexation (BMoe 2015)[]

Lelouch was allowed to compete on China's Bilibili Moe due to appearing in the Code Geass movie spin-off / interquel series Akito the Exiled as a brainwashed puppet of Britannia named "Julius Kingsley".  The fact that "Julius = Lelouch" should be treated as a spoiler is rendered moot because of this. Nevertheless, his immense loyal following remains strong despite his covered-up Geass eye. His campaign started by cruising past his group before overpowering Son Goku in the Round of 32, and firing Umaru's brother out of his job in the Round of 16.

The Elite Eight posed a more difficult challenge to Lelouch in the form of Archer and his trademark Unlimited Blade Works onslaught. After surviving his attack by ~4800 votes. Lelouch faced tournament hopeful Gintoki Sakata in the semi-finals which resulted in a grueling, closely-fought match in which the swordman kept a close pace against the rebellious mastermind. Ultimately, Lelouch bested Gintoki in a battle of attrition, winning by a margin of ~2800 votes and advanced to the finals where the unkillable octopus teacher Koro-sensei awaits. The match would retroactively become THE deciding factor in who gets the "Triple Crown" of male contests, but it proved to be anti-climactic as the rebel leader's massive army of loyal supporters outnumbered the teacher's students by a fairly lopsided difference of  ~16,000 votes.

After his win in China, Lelouch's victory tally means that he is the male anime character to win the most number of major contests: Korea Best Moe, ISML (which still counts despite being an exhibiton),  r/anime's Best Guy, and Bilibili Moe. He is also the only anime character to win the latter two tournaments in 2015, and remains the male to ever win two major championships in a single year. (other male character is Houtarou.png in 2013.)

Return to ISML 2020[]

Lelouch eventually made his return to ISML's main stage in the 2020 edition alongside 2011 female winner Mikoto Misaka. Unlike the Railgun however, his presence is now overshadowed by the burgeoning Kaguya-sama voting block, the ever-present Fate faction, and several one-man powerhouses from multiple shows. Nonetheless, Lelouch is expected to reach at least the Diamond period, and is perceived as a potential threat due to his winning history.

The first group stage saw Lelouch being drawn into the unusually competitive Group J, consisting of top-seeded Subaru, former pendant winners Otonashi, Willem, and Soma, and ISML minnow Giorno. The Black Prince secured qualification by beating the latter four males, but decisively lost to the season 2-boosted Re:Zero protagonist in the final match. This result made the group end in a three-way tie at the top with Subaru and Willem posting 4 wins as well; after tiebreakers were settled, the results meant that Lelouch went from a potential pendant appearance (before his loss) to settling for third place.

The top half of Male Group C after 10 matches played (corresponding to the start of the Sapphire period).

The King of Elevens' championship quality was tested in the second group stage, where he was drawn into the 16-man Group C as a 7th seed. Although determined to win, Lelouch performed as expected of his standing, having managed six wins in the first ten matches (Topaz and Amethyst). Coming into Sapphire, he would directly compete for the last direct qualification spots (5th-6th) against Charlotte main man Otosaka and SAO newcomer Eugeo, needing to win against both of them in order to advance. However, a shock loss to low-seeded Nagisa Shiota hampered Lelouch's chances, and although a win against Eugeo kept his hopes alive, a narrow defeat against Otosaka in the penultimate round sealed his fate of being relegated into the wildcards. He ultimately finished 7th with nine wins --- one game behind his group rivals.

Lelouch's campaign ended in the Sapphire Wildcard round as he failed to secure a spot among the top 8 survivors, placing 14th out of a field of 20 males. Unlike his fate in the Re:surrection films however, the re-count incident did not save him from being eliminated from the tournament.

International Saimoe League Record[]

Male Exhibitions[]

Male Exhibitions Record
Edition Round Opponent Score Result
2011 Round of 96 Group 2P Lelouch.png Lelouch vi Britannia 3169 1st (Advanced)
Syaoran.png Syaoran (Tsubasa) 1169
Template:Lockon Lockon Stratos 553
Round of 32 Oz.png Oz Vessalius 3391 - 1535 Win
Round of 16 Accel.png Accelerator 2817 - 2018 Win
Quarter-finals Yuzuru.png Yuzuru Otonashi 2658 - 2096 Win
Semi-finals Gintoki.png Gintoki Sakata 2525 - 2211 Win
Final Hideyoshi.png Hideyoshi Kinoshita 2155 - 2076 Win (Champion)
2012 Round of 96 Group A Lelouch.png Lelouch vi Britannia 5021 1st (Advanced)
Ciel.png Ciel Phantomhive 2847
File:Dtk.png Death the Kid 1946
Ken sg.png Ken Sugisaki 1855
Shinya.png Shinya Kougami 1647
Souji Okita (Hakuoki) 1532
Round of 32 Kurou yatogami.png Kurou Yatogami 4251 - 2413 Win
Round of 16 Yuuta.png Yuuta Togashi 3610 - 3264 Win
Quarter-finals Kyon1.png Kyon 4112 - 3291 Win
Semi-finals Kirito.png Kirito 3809 - 3918 Loss
3rd place Houtarou.png Houtarou Oreki 3829 - 3417 Win
2013 Round of 96 Group C Lelouch.png Lelouch vi Britannia 4434 1st (Advanced)
Kakashi.png Kakashi Hatake 2896
Takashi.png Takashi Natsume 2237
Masaomi.png Masaomi Kida 2122
Seb.png Sebastian Michaelis 2012
Saruhiko.png Saruhiko Fushimi 1466
Round of 32 Sorata.png Sorata Kanda 4049 - 2739 Win
Round of 16 Edward.png Edward Elric 4051 - 2702 Win
Quarter-finals Accel.png Accelerator 4286 - 4537 Loss

Main Tournament[]

ISML 2020
Period Round Opponent Score Result
Nominations N/A N/A 53 Rank 23
Preliminaries Seeding Round 2 17 opponents (Approval voting) 1184 5th (Seed 23)
Aquamarine Split 1 Group J (3rd) Giorno.png Giorno Giovanna 1804 - 1374 Win
Willem.png Willem Kmetsch 2160 - 1955 Win
Yuzuru.png Yuzuru Otonashi 2481 - 1997 Win
Souma.png Soma Yukihira 2267 - 1244 Win
Subaru1.png Subaru Natsuki 2088 - 3139 Loss
Topaz Split 2 Group C (7th) Satoshi.png Satoshi Fukube 1859 - 1447 Win
Touma.png Touma Kamijou 1393 - 2035 Loss
Enkidu fate.png Enkidu (F/GO) 2413 - 1757 Win
Riku.png Riku Dola 1671 - 2628 Loss
Sasuke.png Sasuke Uchiha 2456 - 2159 Win
Amethyst Osamu bungou.png Osamu Dazai 2210 - 2487 Win
Archer.png Archer 1509 - 1524 Loss
Gintoki.png Gintoki Sakata 2430 - 2040 Win
Yuuta.png Yuuta Togashi 1661 - 2683 Loss
Kaito kid.png Kaito Kuroba 2865 - 2376 Win
Sapphire Nagisa assclass.png Nagisa Shiota 2892 - 3051 Loss
Eugeo.png Eugeo 2671 - 2645 Win
Hodaka.png Hodaka Morishima 3151 - 2705 Win
Otosaka.png Yuu Otosaka 3102 - 3158 Loss
Ken kaneki.png Ken Kaneki 2875 - 1979 Win
Wildcard round 19 opponents (Approval voting) 4191 14th (Eliminated)

Pendant Rounds[]

Tournament of Champions[]



ToC 2019

Group Stage
Pos Pic Contestant W D L VF VA VD Qualification
Houtarou Oreki 7 0 0 49762 40404 9358 Advance to final round
Hachiman Hikigaya 6 0 1 54034 38718 15136 Advance to final round
Sora 5 0 2 46319 44523 1796
Accelerator 4 0 3 48235 42605 5630
Lelouch Lamperouge 3 0 4 42278 47305 -5027 Eliminated
Kazuto Kirigaya 2 0 5 43490 46010 -2520
Koro-sensei 1 0 6 41964 47269 -5305
Hideyoshi Kinoshita 0 0 7 34200 53448 -19248

Matches (No particular order):

Poster gallery[]


Best Guy[]

Best Guy 1 (2015)

Best Character[]

Best Character 1 (2016)

Best Character 2 (2016)

Bilibili Moe Record[]

Bilibili Moe Record
Edition Round Opponent Score Result
2015 Round of 128 Group E4 Lelouch.png Lelouch Lamperouge 42,532 1st (Advanced)
Template:Nobita Nobita Nobi 16,947
Juuzou.png Juuzou Suzuya 10,629
Obito.png Obito Uchiha 6702
Round of 32 Goku.png Goku 59,447 - 34,148 Win
Round of 16 Taihei.png Taihei Doma 57,760 - 52,960 Win
Quarter-finals Archer.png Archer 66,340 - 39,219 Win
Semi-finals Gintoki.png Gintoki Sakata 65,649 - 62,574 Win
Final Koro.png Koro-sensei 74,806 - 58,848 Win



Contest Wins[]

Total Wins = 21 (ISML Lapis ScepterBilibili Moe Animated Character Popularity Awardsr/anime's Best Guy WinnerISML Tournament of Champions WinKorea Best Moe Tournament Winner (Anizone, 2006-2012))

  1. KBM 2007
  2. ISML 2011 Male Exb (Scepter) ★
  3. Bilibili Moe 2015
  4. r/anime's Best Guy 1
  5. ISML 2016 Tournament of Champions ☆
  6. TGBUS Chinese Moe 2008 [1]
  7. Aniparty Moe Tournament 2010 Male Div [2]
  8. DM123 AnimeFans Saigar 2010 [3]
  9. Anitown Moe Tournament 2015 Summer [4]
  10. Facebook Chinese Saimoe Conference 2014 Male Div [5]
  11. Baidu Chinese Best Moe (Male) 2015
  12. Anime subreddit - Smartest Guy In Anime 2016 [6]
  13. Baidu Nova Moe 2018 Male Div [7]
  14. Facebook UN OTAKU MAS - Eaka Torneo de Protagonistas [8]
  15. Animebracket: Smartest Anime Chars Ever (2017) [9]
  16. Reddit Best Heterochromatic Character Tournament [10]
  17. Facebook Torneo de Intelligentes [11]
  18. w/z Best Guy Contest 2018 [12]
  19. Myanimelist Husbando Hustle 2018 [13]
  20. SPFF Character Face-off Champions League 2019 [14]
  21. My Anime Land Smartest Anime Character 2020 [15]

Non-Contest Awards[]

  • Myanimelist Best Anime Character Poll - 1st [16]

External Links[]

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