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Lelouch Lamperouge (born Lelouch vi Britannia) is the main protagonist of Sunrise's anime series Code Geass, and one of the most popular and successful anime characters of all time.

Contest HistoryEdit

KBM and ISMLEdit

Korea's Best Moe tournament was the first anime popularity contest that allowed males to compete in their own division. Naturally, Lelouch participated, and in 2008 he used the prime time influence of Code Geass R2 to win the entire thing.

Three years later, the spin-off contest ISML instituted a Male tournament for the first time

Emperor of the West (AnimeBracket)Edit

The Emperor's winning spree continued with another major championship in 2015, winning r/anime's inaugural Best Guy Contest by defeating future winners Spike, Koyomi, Roy Mustang and Okabe, and then geassing Kamina right through his shades in the final match. This victory was helped by the fact that Lelouch is by and large the undisputed most favorited character on MyAnimeList, a site that many subredditors use.

Burning King's Return to the East (Bilibili Moe 2015)Edit

Lelouch was allowed to compete on China's Bilibili Moe due to appearing in the Code Geass movie spin-off / interquel series Akito the Exiled as a brainwashed puppet of Britannia named "Julius Kingsley".  The fact that "Julius = Lelouch" should be treated as a spoiler is rendered moot because of this. Nevertheless, his immense loyal following remains strong despite his covered-up Geass eye. His campaign started by cruising past his group before overpowering Son Goku in the Round of 32, and firing Umaru's brother out of his job in the Round of 16.

The Elite Eight posed a more difficult challenge to Lelouch in the form of Archer and his trademark Unlimited Blade Works onslaught. After surviving his attack by ~4800 votes. Lelouch faced tournament hopeful Gintoki Sakata in the semi-finals which resulted in a grueling, closely-fought match in which the swordman kept a close pace against the rebellious mastermind. Ultimately, Lelouch bested Gintoki in a battle of attrition, winning by a margin of ~2800 votes and advanced to the finals where the unkillable octopus teacher Koro-sensei awaits. The match would retroactively become THE deciding factor in who gets the "Triple Crown" of male contests, but it proved to be anti-climactic as the rebel leader's massive army of loyal supporters outnumbered the teacher's students by a fairly lopsided difference of  ~16,000 votes.

After his win in China, Lelouch's victory tally means that he is the only anime character (male or female) to win the most number of major contests: Korea Best Moe, ISML (which still counts despite being an exhibiton),  r/anime's Best Guy, and Bilibili Moe. He is also the only anime character to win the latter two tournaments in the same year, and remains the only male to ever win two major championships in a single year.

Korea Best MoeEdit


International Saimoe LeagueEdit

Main Tournament  Edit


Tournament of ChampionsEdit




ToC 2019

Group Stage
Pos Pic Contestant W D L VF VA VD Qualification
Houtarou Oreki 7 0 0 49762 40404 9358 Advance to final round
Hachiman Hikigaya 6 0 1 54034 38718 15136 Advance to final round
Sora 5 0 2 46319 44523 1796
Accelerator 4 0 3 48235 42605 5630
Lelouch Lamperouge 3 0 4 42278 47305 -5027 Eliminated
Kazuto Kirigaya 2 0 5 43490 46010 -2520
Koro-sensei 1 0 6 41964 47269 -5305
Hideyoshi Kinoshita 0 0 7 34200 53448 -19248

Matches (No particular order):


Best GuyEdit

Best Guy 1 (2015)

Best CharacterEdit

Best Character 1 (2016)

Best Character 2 (2016)

Bilibili MoeEdit

Bilibili Moe 2015Edit

Round of 128 - Group E4

Pic Contestant Series Votes
Lelouch Lamperouge Code Geass 42,532
Nobita Nobi Doraemon 16,947
Juuzou Suzuya Tokyo Ghoul 10,629
Obito Uchiha Naruto 6702

Bracket Stage

Minor ContestsEdit

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