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Kuroyukihime (literally "Black Snow Princess") is the main heroine of Reki Kawahara's light novel and anime series Accel World. She is best known for her appearances in the International Saimoe League, where she achieved success in her first years in the tournament partly because of the novel being created by the same author of the highly popular series Sword Art Online. Her achievements include a seasonal diadem in 2012, a necklace in 2014, and three consecutive playoffs appearances.

Background & history[]

Character profile[]


Kuroyukihime is a highly popular, intelligent, and attractive vice president of a high school's student council. She takes interest in Haruyuki Arita, an overweight student who spends his days playing squash alone in the school's virtual network, and beats his high score. She introduces him to a game that she plays called "Brain Burst", an "Augmented Reality MMORPG" where color-themed players challenge other players into duels in order to gain points that can be used in real life to accelerate a user's brain functions, effectively slowing the world down for them. Kuroyukihime turns out to be a powerful and infamous veteran of the game who uses an avatar named "Black Lotus". She later confesses her feelings for Haruyuki, who enters the game as a flying humanoid named "Silver Crow", and becomes his partner. Together, they set out to defeat a group of prominent players dubbed the "Six Kings of Pure Color", obtain the highest level in the game, and meet its developers in order to learn the reasons behind the game's creation.

Kuroyukihime has appeared in various forms; in the virtual network she wears a black dress with massive butterfly wings, while her Black Lotus avatar is a hovering metallic faceless humanoid which uses dual swords as weapons.

in ISML[]

Kuroyukihime competed in ISML's 2012 spring seasonal contest, defeating Tsumiki Miniwa and Eru Chitanda in the bracket stage to win the diadem award. She then lost to Fall winner Rikka Takanashi in the inter-seasonal exhibition bracket.

Her career in the ISML main tournaments was characterized by stellar rookie and sophomore year performances, followed by a steady decline in results. She entered the 2013 edition as a Nova contestant, posting a 32-3 record in the regular season. The Brain Burst player reached the semi-finals of the division playoffs where she lost to Rikka again, and subsequently made it into the quarter-finals of the tiara bracket, losing to Kanade Tachibana and placing 10th in final standings.

Kuro's best year occurred in 2014 as she won the ruby necklace award over Kurumi Tokisaki despite receiving fewer votes; the round was allegedly influenced by a fan talking shit in the ISML forums. In the postseason stage, she won three games in the Swiss-system division playoffs, but was later eliminated by Kuroneko in the first round of the tiara bracket. She recovered with three straight consolation wins to claim 6th place, her best-ever finish in the tournament.

Kuroyukihime shifted to the Stella division in 2015, finishing the regular season in 10th place with 25 wins, but was eliminated after managing only a single win in the division playoffs. With the regular season's format undergoing a complete overhaul in 2016 and 2017, the Burst Linker continued to appear in the latter periods of these years, but could not return into the playoffs both times.

Her presence eventually declined starting from 2018, where she was eliminated in the Topaz wildcard round (2nd period), and then fell off the face of the tournament after not getting enough nominations for the downsized 2019 edition. From 2020 onwards, Kuro failed to even appear in the nomination results page, which suggests that she is now essentially forgotten by its voters.

ISML record[]


  • Regular season icon.png Nova 3rd (32-0-3)


  • Regular season icon.png Nova 5th (31-0-4)

Other Tournaments[]

Anime Saimoe Tournament[]



Korea Best Moe Tournament[]



Chronological list[]

Total Wins = 7

  1. ISML 2012 Diadem of Spring
  2. Anitown Moe Tournament 2012 Spring [1]
  3. Facebook WeLoveACG Saimoe 2012 [2]
  4. 2012 XD Pro ACG Moe
  5. Facebook 2012 Spring Heroine Contest [3]
  6. Facebook 2012 Winter-Spring Saimoe Contest [4]
  7. 2015 Rice Digital Waifu Wars [5]

International Saimoe League

  • Best finish: Quarter-finals (2013)
  • Highest final position: 6th (2014)

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