Kanji ヒストリア・レイス
Anime Shingeki no Kyojin
AST 2013 (R1)
Seiyuu Shiori Mikami

Krista Lenz (also spelled Christa) is a supporting character featured in Hajime Isayama's manga and anime series Attack on Titan. She was introduced as one of the top 10 recruits of the Scouting Regiment.

Early in the second season, her true name is revealed as Historia Reiss, whose family members are revealed to be descendants of the royal family that used to rule the "city within the walls", and whose lineage is deeply connected to the Titans. Because of this, she was forced to adopt the "Krista" persona and enlist in the Scouts in hopes of ending the Reiss bloodline. Fortunately, this is where her character arc truly begins, as most of the cast refer to her as "Historia" from that point onwards.

Krista holds a consistent but moderate presence in r/anime's major contests. Her 13th seed in Best Character 5 is the highest she has ever been. The blond-haired scout also competed in J-Saimoe 2014, and has appeared in ISML's seasonal contests more than once. In Bilibili Moe 2017, Krista was involved in the closest Round of 128 match in tournament history, where she lost to Altair from Re:Creators by five votes, in a contest where numbers go well into six figures.

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