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Koro-sensei (also written as Korosensei) is one of the main protagonists of Yuusei Matsui's manga and anime series Assasination Classroom, and the titular character in the spin-off series Koro-sensei Quest, written by Kizuku Watanabe and illustrated by Jo Aoto.

He is one of the most accomplished male characters when it comes to anime popularity contests. As a veritable powerhouse in International Saimoe League, he has won 2 pendants in 2016 and 2017 (both Aquamarine) and the Scepter in the latter year. In addition, he secured his second major win in r/anime, where he unexpectedly won Best Guy 4 as a relatively low-seeded contestant. This doesn't come without controversy, though, as his win is marred by a user inflating his vote numbers using dummy accounts. The result of this match led to the implementation of reCAPTCHA on successive r/anime contests.

Speaking of China, he has appeared three times in the country's very own Bilibili Moe contest, finishing as a runner-up in its inaugural edition. His loss to Lelouch in the final became the deciding factor in the race for the Triple Crown. Koro then tried to replicate Lelouch's success in his next appearance, but he fell short in the 2016 final against Yato. Third time wasn't enough of a charm for the teacher unfortunately, as he gets assassinated yet again in 2017, this time in the quarter-finals against Levi.

ISML Profile Flavor TextEdit

"Life as a student in Korosensei’s class is truly bizarre. Not only is he a large, yellow octopus-like monster who is threatening to blow up the earth in a year, he is also strangely the best teacher one could ever ask for!

Claiming to be the one responsible for partially destroying the moon, he is a creature of extreme power and speed. He can fly at speeds not humanly possible, dodge any attacks aimed at him, and use his tentacles to multi-task with skill. If that was not enough, he is also highly intelligent. He can teach any school subject under the sun and is adept at problem solving.

However, despite his physical and mental perfection, Korosensei is a man riddled with weaknesses as well. He is quick to panic. He is quite the pervert. He cannot swim. The list goes on. His biggest weakness, however... is his weakness for his beloved students.

Korosensei is like a doting father. He cares very much for every student in his class and would go to any lengths to help him or her grow better as a person. And when the time comes, he would risk his own life to protect them at all costs.

It is strange to have your assassination target also be your mentor, your teacher, and your best friend all at the same time. But nobody who was ever taught by Korosensei would complain."

- Written by ??????


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