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Kanade Tachibana is a main protagonist and the title character of Key's anime series Angel Beats!

The Angel is one of the most successful girls ever to grace the International Saimoe League, having won the joint-most number of necklaces in just 4 years with seven gems (tied with Shana and Mashiro, if we count Nova / Stella circlets). She is the most dominant performing girl in the Nova / Stella era, winning three out of four possible Circlets by winning their respective brackets (Nova 2012, Stella 2013-2014.), and has never placed below third in all of her ISML appearances.  The Angel is also responsible for the most dominant championship campaign in ISML history, claiming the 2012 edition's Tiara by winning all matches without a single draw or defeat.

She holds a rivalry with fellow ISML powerhouse Mikoto Misaka (at least one fanart is dedicated to them), although they only met once in the postseason, which Kanade won in the 2013 Tiara semi-final.

Kanade holds a moderate presence in the contests of r/anime. Her Best Girl Contest performance is a hit-or-miss though; while she managed to get into the Round of 32 two times (in 2014 and 2017), in recent years she has struggled to maintain her waning power in the tournament brackets, becoming overshadowed by more popular and relatively recent characters.

Elsewhere, she finished as a runner-up on her first year in the defunct Korea Best Moe tournament, and enjoys a relatively strong presence in China's Bilibili Moe, which she reached the quarterfinals in the inaugural tournament.


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International Saimoe LeagueEdit


  • Topaz small 
  • Other Necklace Match
  • Regular season icon 1st (49-0-0)


  • Aquamarine small
  • Sapphire small Tachibana Kanade
  • Regular season icon 1st (35-0-0)


  • Regular season icon Stella 2nd (33-0-2)
  • Aquamarine small


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