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Kaguya Shinomiya is the main female protagonist and the title character of Aka Akasaka's hugely popular manga series Kaguya-sama: Love is War, and its anime adaptation by the studio A-1 Pictures.

Debuting in Winter 2019, Kaguya quickly established herself as one of the "Super Rookies" of this generation, becoming THE most popular and successful girl of that year, winning both the Winter seasonal contests and the overall "Best Girl of the Year" award in both ISML and r/anime.

She is one of the most promising girls set to win any major contest in the next few years, what with her anime's Season 2 being aired juuuust at the right moment (Spring 2020), a period before Best Girl Contest and ISML begin their nominations in June.  And if she falls this year, there's still about 2 more seasons worth of manga content to adapt from. Let's just say that if Season 3 were to be adapted, the events will make her popularity skyrocket even further beyond the stratosphere.

Contest History

International Saimoe League

Winter 2019 - Winner!

NOMINATIONS: #1 seed, 14,084 votes


Inter-Season Playoffs:

ISML 2020 (Main)

r/anime Contests 

Seasonal Salt

Best girl of 2019 winter

Was there ever any doubt that she'd lose this contest?

Best Girl of Winter 2019 - seed 1

Best girl of 2019 award

This contest is more of a formality than an actual competition

Best Girl of 2019 - seed 1

Best Girl Contest

Best Girl 7 (2020)

Minor Contests

r/anime Exhibitions

r/anime's 24-Hour Best Girl Contest (2019)

Seed 2

r/anime's 24-Hour WORST Girl Contest (April 1, 2020)

Seed 1

Winner's Gallery

ISML Seasonals & Exhibitions

External Links

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Legend: Bold underlined text - Overall Winner

WN - Winter, SP - Spring, SU - Summer, FA - Fall, - Reboot / Not a Debutant

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