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Best Moe Tournament 2010, or in short KBM 2010. It has recently concluded. The winner of KBM 2010 is Mio Akiyama, and the runner up is Kanade Tachibana.

Top 8 MatchesEdit

Note: A reverse bracket should not be filled in until the final match.






  • To qualify, a character must be female and appear in anime between 07/01/2009 and 06/30/2010.
  • The character can be non-human, but must look like a female and be capable of making decisions.
  • Fan-made productions are not allowed.
  • Characters from 18+ anime are not allowed.
  • Characters from any series that has appeared in 3 or more previous KBM Female division are not allowed.


  • Preliminary 1st round: 2112 characters were split into 96 groups.
    • Voters were allowed to pick up to 3 characters per group
    • Top 4 of each group (384 total) advances to the 2nd round.
  • Preliminaries 2nd round: All characters are shuffled and split into 32 groups.
    • Voters were allowed to pick up to 2 characters per group
    • Top 3 of each group (96 total) advances to the round of Top 96.
  • In case of tie, tie breaker rule is used.

Main TournamentEdit

  • Round of 96: 32 groups of 3 contestants is randomly formed.
    • Winners of each group advances to the Round of 32. (96 -> 32)
  • Round of 32: 16 groups are formed. The tournament is single elimination from this point on.
    • The groups are formed at random after winners to all the groups in a round is determined
    • Those who advanced to round of 32 gets new larger avatars and Korean/English character description will appear if you place mouse cursor over their names

Super Best Moe TournamentEdit

  • The rules and other specifics of the SBMT is currently being discussed.

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