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Best Moe Tournament 2007, or in short KBM 2007. The winner of KBM 2007 is Hinagiku Katsura, and the runner up is Shana.

Finals Reverse BracketEdit

Winner Hinagiku Katsura
Final 2015 2013
Hinagiku Katsura Shana
Semifinals 1863 1308 1665 1348
Hinagiku Katsura Tamaki Kousaka Shana Suiseiseki
Quarterfinals 1502 1552 1139 1143 1048 1545 1537 1544
Kagami Hiiragi Hinagiku Katsura C.C. Tamaki Kousaka Nayuki Minase Shana Fate Testarossa Suiseiseki



  • To qualify, a character must be female and appeared in an anime series that premiered between 07/01/2006 and 06/30/2007.
    • Thus characters from anime series that started airing before 06/30/2006 is excluded with following exceptions.
      • Female characters from anime series qualifying for 2006 Moe-Tournament, but didn't participate in last tournament due to late appearance (after beginning of 06 Moe-Tournament, 1st July 2006)
  • The character can be non-human, but must look like a female and be capable of making decisions.
  • Fan-made productions are not allowed.
  • Characters from 18+ anime are not allowed.
  • A code generator must be downloaded and used to log into tournament page in order to vote.


  • Preliminary 1st round: 1020 characters were split into 64 groups.
    • Voters were allowed to pick up to 3 characters per group
    • Top 3 of each group (192 total) advances to the 3rd round.
    • Rest of the group were sent to the 2nd round
  • Preliminaries 2nd round: All characters were shuffled and split into 32 groups.
    • Voters were allowed to pick up to 1 characters per group from this point on
    • Top 2 of each group (64 total) advances to the Preliminary 3rd round.
    • Rest of contestants (192 total) were assigned to Repechage round
  • Preliminary 3rd round: 256 characters were shuffled and split into 64 groups
    • Top 2 of each group (128 total) advanced to 4th round.
  • Preliminary 4th round : 128 characters were shuffled and split into 32 groups.
    • Top 2 of each group (64 total) advanced to round of 64.
  • In case of tie, tie breaker rule is used.

Main TournamentEdit

  • Round of 64: 32 groups are formed. The tournament is single elimination from this point on.
    • The groups are formed at random after winners to all the groups in a round is determined

Super Best Moe TournamentEdit

  • Super Best Moe 2007 was held with representatives from female divisions of KBM 2006 and 2007. In the championship match, Shana beat Haruhi Suzumiya to claim KSBM crown.

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