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Joseph Joestar is a character from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. The grandson of Part 1 protagonist Jonathan, he first appears in Battle Tendency as a young Hamon wielding steel ball slinging Jojo who tries to save the world by fighting a trio of powerful muscular millenium old aztec fitness gods called Pillar Men. Joseph returns in Stardust Crusaders as an old but still capable man who accompanies Jotaro in his quest to save his mother from a killer Stand caused by the awakening of an old enemy of the Joestar family. There, he gains his own Stand called Hermit Purple which manifests as Vines which can be utilized for various tasks. After the conclusion of Part 3, Joseph retires as a senile man in Morioh, the setting of Diamond is Unbreakable.

Joseph is the most successful Jojo in r/anime brackets because he consistently makes reasonably deep runs in Best Guy. He reached the Elite Eight in its fifth contest held in 2019.