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A page compiling all character profiles (i.e. flavour text) of every ISML main tournament participant. Characters are arranged by their debut appearance.

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Content guidelines (copy-pasted):

  • Spellcheck before submitting. (No, honestly.)
  • Character profiles are supposed to be accessible to readers who know neither the series nor the character, as such: a) use as few series-specific proper nouns as possible (character names included) b) avoid spoilers beyond what is absolutely necessary to establish the character
  • Any length is fine. 150-500 words is usually a reasonable limit.
  • We tend to use the present tense by default, past tense when referring to flashback material and future tense when making allusions to future (or spoiler) developments.
  • A profiles says not only “who is she/he?” but also “why is she/he moe?”. Rather than dry facts, we want your personal take on what characteristics make the character special and moe. No point turning those profiles into a shorter wikipedia entry.



Nao.png Nao Tomori @ Charlotte
(written by Reverend)

Is having a superpower a gift? Or could it be a strange disease?

Nao probably thought the former before she realized how scary adults could be when faced with phenomenon they do not understand. By taking the role of Student Council President of her academy, she decided to take part in the mission to protect the power-wielding teenagers by making them enroll in the school. Her weapons? The video camera she takes everywhere, the strange – but sometimes useful – powers of the members of the Student Council, and her own supernatural power: making herself invisible to one person.

Even though Nao tries her best to help as many people as she can, she has a strong personality and is not the type to sugar-coat her words. She is also generally short-tempered and may even be violent if she believes it is the right thing to do. However, she is very mature for her age, takes her student council duties very seriously, and would probably continue even if the world crumbles around her. Under what may look as a shell she built to protect her, one may also discover a girl who likes the simple pleasures of life: eating good meat, using a mission as an excuse to play around with her friends...

Nao may not show it, but she cares deeply for her friends. As the sun sets once more, she does not realize the role she will have to play in the events to come, but her leader soul is ready to take on any hardships.

Chino.png Chino Kafuu @ Gochiusa
(written by Momento10)

What else to start one’s day than a kind girl serving one coffee with a hospitable café like hers?

Kafuu Chino is the daughter of a barista who was handed over the ownership of an ambient café. Quiet, poised, and quite mature for her age, Chino lives a leisurely life spending time with her customers while making sure they have a nice day here. Life in a family café may seem dull and boring at first glance, but Chino enjoys every minute of this peaceful place as she tries to learn new recipes and techniques to provide better service for her customers.

Although she may act mature, Chino is still in grade school and acts as any other child would. She may scold her co-workers for slacking off, but does not know how to act when they get too friendly with her. She doesn’t mind going out with her friends as long as it does not take too much of her time, but even she cannot keep track of time when she is enjoying every minute of her life. She is often seen playing around with her grandfather with a smile unlike she has shown in public. Maybe this is why her father and grandfather would like her to go out more – to explore the world and obtain knowledge that she may not have had if she had stayed in their café.

A beautiful aroma can be sensed coming out from their small café. Chino opens the door, ready to serve her next guest.

Madoka.png Madoka Kaname @ Madoka Magica
(written by Kiwigiwi)

"It's not wrong to have hope!"

A seemingly ordinary middle school girl, Madoka lives happily with her parents and younger brother. She goes to school every day with her best friends, living a carefree and innocent life.

Madoka is a perfectly happy girl. So it's not hard to understand why when given the opportunity to be granted a single wish in exchange for her service as a magical girl, she is stumped. She has everything she could ever need and more.. what could she possibly wish for? Perhaps being given the ability to protect innocent people from witches alone is enough of a wish to want to sign this contract.

As Madoka soon finds out though, the world isn't so kind. With the birth of hope and happiness, despair and sadness appears as a balance for the world. The deeper Madoka is involved with the world of magical girls, the more she realizes the sacrifices that must be made. The true tragedy of the magical contract causes her life to spiral downwards to despair.

But even so, Madoka will bravely stand above despair and proclaim her belief in hope; fighting despair with all she has until the very end.

Iroha.png Iroha Isshiki @ Oregairu
(written by Reverend)

As one of the cuter girls in her school, the cunning Isshiki Iroha knows full well of how to make use of her forte. Most of the times, a foxy act of a clingy girl is all she needs to sweep any unwary males off their feet and make them do her bidding. Under the premise of purity, she deviously clawed her way to fame, getting all the power and high spot of the social strata and attention from that handsome boy she has a crush on.

But after an encounter with a certain upperclassman that understands her true self and still treats her fairly, she realized that she wants something real; something that is beyond the superficial, and she can call it ‘hers’ without doubt. Thus she begins her quest, away from the façade she was strong at. Slowly, she’s growing into a woman, one that can be a role model to her subordinate in the Seitokai. At the same time, she continues her relentless pursuit of love. She knows that it will be a journey full of disappointments. But she does not care; she is determined, and will turn every setback into her advantage. After all, she is still the cunning Isshiki Iroha.

Megumi Katou Megumi Katou @ Saekano
(written by Jiharu)

If one compares Kato Megumi to a flower in a flower bed, she is the one most likely ignored for the more exuberant and vibrant ones.

Like a wallflower with no special trait or talent, one could say that Megumi is the epitome of normalcy. Normal looks, normal grades, normal body proportions, normal athletic ability, style, taste, hair color, mindset, outlook, curiosity – there is almost nothing about her that stands out from the average crowd. In fact, had she not been the focus of her work, she would have gone completely unnoticed, a background character that does not add any elements in her story. Yet, out of the blue, on one fine day, she suddenly became the heroine of a dating sim to be created by her classmates, which she openly accepts and goes with the flow.

If there is one characteristic about Megumi that makes her stand out, it is her ability to give it her all on a particular subject. Whether it is searching for the latest trends, figuring out the proper pose and speech, or understanding the life of a producer, Megumi takes her time to study these subjects diligently and help her friends out in her own way. And when she surprises everyone with her knowledge of their craft, she slowly draws everyone into her spotlight that has yet been noticed.

And so, she continues to embark on the journey to become the ideal heroine of this game. And maybe that unnoticed flower is actually a rose waiting to bloom at its opportune moment.

Utaha.png Utaha Kasumigaoka @ Saekano

Tall. Check. Long Black Hair. Check. A Senior. Check. Beautiful. Check. Gives off a “far away to reach” aura. Check. Has a junior who admires her, yet is indecisive on whether or not to approach her in a romantic way. Check. Is in love with said junior, but he is too dense to realize her feelings. Check. Has to compete with other girls of different archetypes who are pursuing said junior. Check.

Yes, Kasumigaoka Utaha fits the category of the alluring senior to the T, but her real life romance story does not go as smoothly as her best-selling novels. Renowned for writing works that sold millions of copies, one would think that she would be perceptive about the choices people make around her and be able to foresee what is to come. Alas, the human heart tends to overcome reason, and Utaha falls into the same traps that the characters in her novels would have made.

Although a romantic, Utaha is very strict, particularly to herself. She wants everything to be precise and accurate, from a school play to helping someone gain ideas on how to get a certain someone out from a slump. She will not take anything less than perfection. Maybe this is way she appears hard to grasp. Someone as flawless as her might make people second guess whether or not to approach her.

Above all else, Utaha is determined to turn the events to her favor and win his heart. After all, if she is able to play the story to her direction, she is sure to win.

Eriri.png Eriri Spencer Sawamura @ Saekano

Not even her great fashion sense can create the clothes that would make a certain young man swoon for her.

Sawamura Spencer Eriri is best known for her line of work in the fashion industry. Creating blueprints of various designs on a near daily basis, it is of no wonder that someone was going to pick it up and try to brand it at your average retail store. For someone as young has her, having common merchandise sold under her name can be quite the monetary feat.

Where did she obtain the skills to conceptualize such colorful and artistic costume designs? A vocational school for drafting? An after school program in a fashion school? No, she gets it through one of her favorite hobbies which she hopes to turn into a potential career: drawing independent comic books to be sold at comic conventions. This is a secret locked deep in her heart that she wants no one to find out, for she will not be able to bear the odd stares that question her start in popularity.

With at least one person knowing her secret, it was up to her to make sure he is kept on tight surveillance. Of course, if love can blossom between them along the way, that would be the final lace to her masterpiece.

Needs Entry:


Naruto.png Naruto Uzumaki @ Naruto
(written by Momento10)

”I’m going to become Hokage!”

To everyone, Naruto Uzumaki’s dream to become their ruler is but a pipe dream. After all, someone who has poor grades, a lack of self-control, and an infamous behavior has no place in the king’s seat. However, no amount of negligence from the populous will stop him from realizing his dream. He has not been training in secret simply to show the naysayers that he cannot achieve it. Rather than remain angry and depressed because his people continue to shun him, Naruto chose to prove himself that he has what it takes to become the best ninja of his village.

Behind the carefree smile and laidback attitude masks a boy who wishes to be noticed. Why else is he making a fool out of himself and causing a ruckus for everyone in the village? He may have obtained the attention he was looking for, but that is far from the type he was hoping for. Naruto wants to be seen as an honorable ninja, someone who will do anything for the sake of his people. Most importantly, he wants to be someone the people can fully trust when something happens to them.

No matter what challenges await him, Naruto is ready for anything that comes his way. Believe it!

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Aqua.png Aqua @ Konosuba
(written by Momento10)

To her devoted disciples, Aqua is a kind, forgiving maiden who watches over her people and bring prosperous wealth to the waters of their lands. To everyone else, Aqua is far from the perfect deity everyone perceives her to be.

Aqua craves attention. The more followers she has, the more powerful she will be. Rather than venturing out and preaching her words, she would rather sit back, relax, and let everyone else do that work for her while she relishes the showers of praises and prayers given to her on a daily basis. Yes, a true goddess needs not to raise her finger to have people on their knees for her.

Aqua hungers for fortune. Donations should be given to her regularly, ideally in large sums. She should be living in a luxurious suite with a multitude of servants who would beg to be her disciple. Therefore, it is unnecessary for her to join an adventures guild, start at level 1, and train her way back to her former strength through killing monsters and completing quest. That is not something a goddess should do.

Yet, here she is, in the mortal realm, against her will, doing things unbefitting of her stature. If she wants to return to the heavenly realm, she needs to defeat the demon king, something she tells other people to do for her. But, if she manages to obtain that glory for herself, maybe others would start treating her seriously, like an actual goddess.

With nowhere to go but up, Aqua picks up her wand and begins her journey to go back home.

Megumin.png Megumin @ Konosuba
(written by Momento10)

“I am Megumin. I pray to that which bestowed me great power: the ancient dragon. Those who fool with darkness shall fear its power. My curse, which cannot be broken, shall give thee thy grotesque ending. Let us dance a waltz of destruction and shout to the heavens my righteous fury. EXPLOSION!”

Only one arch-mage is crazy enough to spend all her stat bonuses on explosion magic and spend the rest of her stat modifiers on explosion power and enchantment speed: Megumin, the self-proclaimed greatest arch-mage in existence. Yes, only the most powerful of mages are willing to spend hours upon hours studying the severity of the explosions power, even if it saps away all the mana within their bodies to conjure up one explosion spell. Unfortunately, her high-risk style of fighting exposes her role as glass cannon. One mistake, and Megumin is flopping around like a fish, becoming dead weight in an instant. No wonder why she is having difficulty trying to find a party in need of someone like her.

Behind her creative incantations and fascination with explosions lies a girl who wishes to get along with others and feel useful. She is awkward when it comes to discussing topics outside of her interest and has a tendency to give peculiar names to everyday objects and creatures, but Megumin means well. When the main straight-man has all but given up, it is up to her to be the second voice of reason, even if no one understands a word she says.

When the going gets tough, Megumin is more than ready to be on standby for her spotlights. Once she starts chanting, there is nothing that will stop her from seeing something explode in front of her.

Aoba.png Aoba Suzukaze @ New Game!
(written by Toady)

Aoba may still look childish, but it's now time for her to enter into the working industry! Ready to use all the skills she learned during high school, she is very proud to enter the company that produced one of her favorite video games! She even gets the opportunity to work on the sequel of this game and her boss is her favorite character designer. One of her dream came true, but it is also coming with a large book to learn the basics of character design in 3D.

Due to her cheerfulness and earnest personality, she has no problem to fit in this new environment and to get the respect of her colleagues. She easily makes friends even with her very shy office mate and the switch from studies to actual work is not a problem for her. Aoba may lack skills at first, but easily makes up with hard work and passion, soon becoming one of the key designers of the game the team is working on.

Because of her appearance, one might think she is a middle schooler… and her childish demeanor outside of the working areas surely doesn't help to think the opposite. Luckily, Aoba can count on her childhood friend, an overexcited girl always ready to have fun with her. Aoba takes a lot of pride to tell her about her work, but is also happy to just spend the weekend with her. Because work isn't everything!

Emilia.png Emilia @ Re:Zero
(written by Momento10)

They loathed her. They detested her. But, she did not care.

Emilia’s unique characteristics make her strikingly similar to a character in a legend feared by all. Subjected to discrimination solely based on her appearance, Emilia has a hard time getting along with anyone, if at all. The only reason she wears a magical cloak all the time is for her to have a normal and decent conversation with the townsfolk. Otherwise, all she will receive is their scorn and fury.

Behind the appearance lies a gentle girl who is willing to help out those in need. She is not one that helps to receive a reward or ask for something in return. Many of her kind gestures stem from her pure heart. Added with her strong sense of justice, and Emilia should be someone everyone ought to be friendly with. Yet, she is so despised that even when she resided in a sovereign’s land, the townsfolk started to fear the sovereign as a possible accomplice towards her. Even so, she wants to treat people with kindness and compassion.

If she wants to be treated fairly, she is going to have to change the way people see her. Perhaps the crest in her hand would be able to provide her the first step towards that goal.

Rem.png Rem @ Re:Zero
(written by Momento10)

If only she was not around. If only she never thought those selfish thoughts that fateful day. If only she never existed.

For the longest time, Rem suffered from an inferiority complex. No matter what she did, she could never measure up to the caliber of her genius older sister that everyone wanted her to be. In her head, all she heard was the subtext of the sugar-coated phrases dumped at her. And the one moment when she found solace from her inner demons, she does what she believed was the most unatonable sin imaginable: wishing her elder sister never existed.

Time moves on, and she finally reached a point where she can claim to be better than her sister in every category: cooking, cleaning, medicine, fighting. But, she never wanted grow this way. Every day was a day of success and agony. She felt more in debt with her sister, and her inferiority towards her began to rise exponentially. She came to the conclusion that her growth would be her punishment. The sentence of her crimes can only be paid with her life.

The sun rises, and Rem starts the day with a forced smile, hoping that, one day, she can smile genuinely just like did before everything turned awry.

Ram.png Ram @ Re:Zero

There once was a story of a little red demon that did everything in her power to make sure the little blue demon would be able to get along with her people. Unfortunately, this story doesn’t have a happy ending. Should it?

Ram had always wanted to work on the sidelines. The spotlight was never something she was interested in; rather, it was blinding her unknowingly as more and more people showered her with praises. She began to detest it. She wanted people to treat her younger sister with the same type of respect. If no one is going to support her sister, she will.

In her new environment, Ram finds solace working at her own pace within her new life. She does not need to care about stature or supremacy; she can just live her life normally without the constant pressure of her clan. More importantly, she does not constantly have to remind everyone to pay attention to her little sister. They are both seen with equal eyes, which was all that she wanted.

Ram cares about her sister so much that she sometimes forgets about her own happiness. Does she have the right to be happy? She may not have an answer yet, but until that answer comes, she will remain content with the way things are currently.

Needs Entry:


Kazuma.png Kazuma Satou @ Konosuba

If you died and had a chance to relive your life inside a fantasy, role-playing setting, would you take the chance? For Satō Kazuma, he accepted it in a heartbeat.

Life as an adventurer is more fun than he imagined. He wakes up early in the morning, goes to work, gets his paycheck, spends his nights at the local pub, goes to bed, repeat… wait, this is not even close to the kind of lifestyle he imagined his new life would be. What happened to accepting challenging quests, going off to adventures, slaying the final boss, and coming back home with a hefty award and massive experience boost? It is almost as if this phantasmal world is more normal than he perceived it to be.

While there are many times where he wished he revived back home, there are some lessons and morals he learned during his time here. He understands the importance of patience, especially when dealing with people who have a few screws loose in their brains. He begins to value knowledge, especially during battles that he knows are impossible to win unless certain conditions are met. More importantly, he knows that when life gives him lemons, he should squirt all the lemon juice on its eyes and shove the remainder of the fruit down its throat. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and Kazuma is going to be on top no matter what.

It does not matter whether he is fighting a headless knight, a giant slime, or the demon king himself. Kazuma will survive, win, and return to town a hero.

Subaru1.png Subaru Natsuki @ Re: Zero

Natsuki Subaru is only human. He does not possess any supernatural gifts or talents. When he opens his eyes, he is not completely sure why he was brought into this new world, but, for some reason, he can’t seem to get himself out of it.

Subaru always finds himself in precarious situations. Every time he thinks he is on the right direction, there is always something ready to throw him astray. When a final mistake leads to his last breath, he suddenly wakes up as though nothing happened. He is not harmed and is experiencing the same moments as he would previously. What he just experienced was not a dream, right?

It seems that, whenever he about to die, something brings him back to a point before his demise occurs. Subaru is not sure why this is so, but if this means he can alter history so that everyone can be saved, he will do so. Unfortunately, every mistake means he would need to start back from the beginning again. Subaru is only human. There is a limited amount of stress he can take. Even though he has this power, he still fears death. And when those around him are wary of the information he possess and do not recall anything he knows, Subaru becomes desperate for answers and depressed from distrust.

Why was he brought into this world? Why does he have this power? Why does this power provide him with both hope and self-destruction? Running away will solve nothing. He has to move forward and find the truth surrounding him and this mysterious power using his quick wit and thinking.

Overcoming his fear of people’s suspicion of him, Subaru tries to change his fate and the fate of others once more.

Needs Entry:



Shouko.png Shouko Nishimiya @ A Silent Voice
(written by Momento10)

The heart of a maiden. The voice for the voiceless.

For the longest time, Nishimiya Shouko knew that she was different from the rest of society. However, such abnormalities do not stop her from trying to mingle with society to the best of her abilities. If her classmates are unwilling to speak her language, she will simply write it in paper. If they start to write nasty things about her, she will simply erase it away. If they heckled her, she would not be able to hear it.

Shouko struggles to make friends due to her differences, but even she can snap when people take her condition too far. Can anyone imagine all the years of bottled up feelings inside her, all the things that she wants to say and do, all the torture she has to go through just to be normal? Is acting as a good student not good enough? Is there really no place for her to stay in this world? Would it be better if she suddenly disappeared?

The story of Shouko is the search of one’s meaning in life when one’s voice is not heard, the struggle to be human when others treat her unfairly, and the courage to continue to live one’s life despite having a disability. More importantly, it is a search to find one’s inner voice and to shout out to the world that she is here, that she exists, and that she is who she is. She may not proud of herself as much as the next person, but that will not stop her from finding her own voice.

Kaede ac.png Kaede Kayano @ Assassination Classroom
(written by Momento10)

No one expects the always smiling, energetic, sugar-loving side character to hold the greatest desire to kill her homeroom teacher.

For Kayano Kaede, a true master of deception needs to follow three principles. The first is to divert the focal point of the audience to another member. A slightly reserved boy who is self-conscious about his appearance would do just fine. Grant the boy enough encouragement and a little motivation, and he will be the star of the classroom while she can carry on playing second fiddle as she conjures her next plan.

The second principle is to match the antics of the group and blend in when required. If others around her are requesting assistance to execute his or her outlandish plans, she must abide in order to gain that person’s trust. In return, she must create her own ridiculous methods of assassination in order to confuse others to believe she is on the same page as them. It may be waste of her time, but it will be worth the penultimate reward.

The final rule is to create a façade and hide all unnecessary emotions underneath one’s skin. Everybody likes a cute girl who is ready and willing to listen to one’s distress. Continue the act, and no one will find out that the same girl pretending to be friends with others desires nothing but revenge. The bright smile and pure eyes undermines her hatred for her homeroom teacher on a personal and emotional level. She will kill her teacher, reap the reward, and swiftly disappear, no questions asked.

Another day means another game of make-believe. She must put up with this charade or else all that she worked for would be for the naught. She enters her classroom, replaying the same lines, phrases, and gestures over and over again until the penultimate day.

Tomoyo ccs.png Tomoyo Daidouji @ Cardcaptor Sakura
(written by Momento10)

Every magical girl requires a sidekick, and no one else fits the role more prominently than Daidouji Tomoyo.

When her best friend befriends a mythical creature and becomes a magical girl with an important duty, Tomoyo is unfazed. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity for her to finally get her best friend to wear all the costumes she had sown specifically for this moment. What better way to capture her friend saving the world while wearing fancy outfits than with her trusted camcorder?

Tomoyo may be oblivious to the dangers around her, but it only highlights how important her bond to her dear friend is. If no one else believes that her friend has what it takes to take on the burdens of her duty, Tomoyo will be her guiding light, her source of strength. Her trust and love for her friend is second to none, and not a single entity, earthly or otherworldly, can shatter that bond.

With a kind heart and gentle smile, Tomoyo is ready to record her friend collecting those mystical cards.

Suzune.png Suzune Horikita @ Classroom of the Elite
(written by Momento10)

Failure is not an option.

Continuously driven into the corner by how insignificant she is, Horikita Suzune chose to take a stand for herself. No longer the weak-willed girl that she once was, if she wants to see something happen, she will speak out and do things through her own means. Cunning, calculating, and deceptive, Suzune will do everything in her power to get her message across and have things done her way.

They say the past shapes how someone appears in the present, and Suzune is no exception. Time and time again, she has issues dealing with her own past whenever they catch up to her. Her knees bucke whenever she sees her older brother. Her fears of not becoming successful continue to haunt her. Still, she will stubbornly push herself to her limits if it means proving the point that she is mentally strong.

The road to becoming the elite members of the school are blocked, but Suzune will break down the walls and carve a path for herself one way or another. This is not just a test; it is a declaration of war

Jeanne d'Arc (Fate) Jeanne d'Arc (Ruler) @ Fate/Apocrypha
(written by Kiwigiwi)

There was no other person who could fit the word 'purity' better than Jeanne d'Arc.

Her beginnings are humble. Born to a common farmer, she grew up living an average peasant life until she claimed to hear the word of God. God lamented the chaos the world has been thrown in, and with his single command, Jeanne threw away her peaceful life in the countryside to become a general of war.

Jeanne knew that she would not be able to marry and have a family anymore, and she foresaw her existence as something that will be hated by many in the future. Despite knowing the hardships that awaited her, Jeanne still stuck true to her faith. She wielded a flag with an emblem of peace and lead her army. She devoted herself to fighting in the name of her Lord and protect her country until her very last breath. Even when she ultimately saw defeat and was executed by burning at the stake, Jeanne never once hated those who condemned her or regretted her decision to fight for the just cause.

Now hailed as a saint, she continues to imbue an air of purity as she is summoned into a new life as a Ruler with one task; to mediate and oversee the new Holy Grail war.

Mordred fate.png Mordred (Saber of Red) @ Fate/Apocrypha
(written by Momento10)

They call her the King of Treason, but she claims she has done no wrong.

All this time, Mordred had looked up to her king, hoping to one day be by her king’s side and fight for what was right. When it was revealed that the king was her father, Mordred wasted little time trying to be accepted not only as a knight, but also as his child. When her father rejected her, Mordred slayed all who agreed and opposed him, showing her father just how tortured the people are about his reign.

When Mordred returned to the human world as a heroic spirit, it seemed obvious that her wish for the Holy Grail is to take the seat of the throne that should be hers. She has all the tools to make a good king. Powerful and stubborn, Mordred is one of the more dangerous spirits to go up against when dealing with raw power and sheer tenacity. There is a clear reason for her to raise her sword.

At the end of the day, Mordred’s ultimate wish is not only to be recognized, but also to relieve her father of his growing stress. She has seen from her perspective the things that her father has to do to maintain an image for the people. She may not be ready for the throne, but that is all the more reason to slowly take the next position of power not only as a knight, but also a child. If she can do anything to see her father smile, she would be content.

Until she is ready to clear the fog that covers her heart, Mordred will continue to plow her way to victory. Nothing will quench the ire of a child trying to relieve her family.

Satania.png Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell @ Gabriel Dropout
(written by Momento10)

The great Kurumizawa Satanichia McDowell has but one goal: to become the next Queen of Hell. Her first goal? Take over her high school and control it with the palm of her hand.

Life as the next heir to the demon throne is all but full of hardships. Daily, Satania has to deal with conniving angels, merciless teachers, and that one dog that keeps stealing her favorite treat. Never fear, for she is in cahoots with a certain devilish telemarketing company that provides her with an endless supply of goods in exchange for cash. Maybe that is why funds are low for her devilish needs.

Ironically, despite her endless amount of failed pranks and demonic misfires, Satania is probably the purest member of her group of acquaintances. Although childish and gullible, Satania’s pride as a demon reminds everyone that she is serious about her dreams and aspirations. As long as everyone goes along with her flow, Satania would shoot her biggest smile imaginable. Until that happens, she needs to learn the hard way that not everything can be perfectly served to her in a silver platter.

The quest to become the next Queen of Hell is said to be full of thorns and ruin, but Satania is more than prepared to take on the challenge. Besides, what kind of demon actually does her homework, like a good student is supposed to do?

Gabriel.png Gabriel Tenma White @ Gabriel Dropout
(written by Momento10)

There once was an angel who was said to be the new prodigy in the angelic realm. Kind, compassionate, intelligent, and athletic – there was not a doubt in everyone’s mind that she would become something great during her time on Earth. That angel’s name… is not Tenma Gabriel White anymore.

The current Gabriel that everyone seems to remember her as is a lazy, disheveled, arrogant girl who would rather spend more time on the internet than schoolwork or extracurricular activities. Heaven never informed her how addicting the internet world, particularly MMORPGs, can be; thus, Gabriel succumbs to a lifestyle not appropriate for either heaven or Earth’s standards.

Just because her personality flipped upon her monumental finding and new hoody does not mean that not all hope is lost for the self-proclaimed “Fallen Angel.” Every now and again, Gabriel would exert herself to do something that she believes is for a good cause. She would help people in her own way, protect her friends when push comes to shove, and find ways to make others smile. There is absolutely nothing that she wants in return for all the hard work and effort she has put to turn a situation around. Absolutely nothing. But, if someone is going to reward her, Gabriel may accept it. Just a little bit.

For now, the people in the various worlds of the MMORPG need her. She hears their cries and demand for help, and she will answer their pleas and worries. After all, she is an angel.

Vignette.png Vignette Tsukinose April @ Gabriel Dropout
(written by Momento10)

There is no such thing as an angelic demon… is there?

Tsukinose Vignette April is not the atypical demon one would expect. Vignette is studious in her studies, cleans her room daily, and is more than happy to help out her classmates whenever they are in need. No wonder why everyone mistakes her for an angel.

As kind and caring as she is, Vignette wonders whether it is proper for her to be so nice when her race is meant for her devilish actions. Yet, even after she gets help from humans, angels, and demons alike, Vignette somehow manages to turn all her negative deeds into good ones, making all those around her happy while she laments whether or not she did the right thing.

Concerned about whom she is and what she is supposed to be, Vignette is constantly striving for the proper mix of good and evil. Yet, when all of her friends happen to have flaws much greater than hers, it is up to her to whip them into shape and remind them of the rules society has placed upon them as “normal” beings.

Learning to be evil can wait. For now, Vignette is content with her place in Earth: the straight man, the righteous friend, and the kind-hearted soul.

Kanna.png Kanna Kamui @ Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
(written by Momento10)

There is a gothic tribal wearing young dragon standing by the doorstep. She seeks one thing: others like her. However, a constant offering in the form of snacks will do just fine.

As a young dragon, Kanna Kamui’s curiosity knows no boundaries, and the human realm provides enough abnormalities for her to question the daily lives and actions of such interesting creatures. However, even watching from afar becomes a chore for her, so she decides to live the life of an elementary school student. She may be older and more knowledgeable than the rest of her classmates, which may include her teacher, but such differences do not mean much to her.

Despite her age and race, Kamui is still a child at heart. She will cause a fuss if things do not go her way, get angry about the smallest of things, and may selfishly ask for things outside of her control. But when she sees how hard others around her a working just to match her request, Kamui remembers to politely thank them for the hard work they have done just to put up with her. And if they did not mind, it makes her all the more satisfied.

Kamui is ready for another day of adventure. Beware the cuteness that is Kanna Kamui!

Tohru dragon.png Tohru @ Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
(written by Momento10)

There is a dragon maid standing by the door, and she is ready to do whatever it takes to create a healthy and relaxing atmosphere for the house.

Granted, Tohru does not have the proper skillset to work as a main, but that does not stop her from trying. She would fly her master to work in a matter of seconds. She can travel to her home world to gather ingredients for a spectacular meal. She can destroy any traveling salesperson who tries to invade their property. If all goes wrong, she has no problem serving her tail to her master, much to her master’s chagrin.

Tohru only ran away to this world to recover from her near-death would, so why is she still here when she is clearly more than healthy enough to return to her home world. Truth be told, Tohru likes the human realm more so than her own world. Here, the people are nice, warm, and friendly, nothing like those back home who wish to kill her simply because of what her race has done to their people. Tohru will retaliate should her life be in danger, but the constant struggle between humans and dragons is not something she wants to live through again, if possible.

These peaceful times cannot last forever. Tohru knows in the back of her mind that the human life is but a blink of an eye in dragon years. Why create friendships with humans now when she knows she will outlive her human friends and fell remorse when they finally depart? Tohru understands this, but deep in her heart, she wants to keep living like this. She knows her time with them will end in pain, but Tohru wishes to enjoy this present moment as much as possible, for it is the happiest she has been in so long.

Only a few minutes left until her master returns home. Making sure everything is nice and clean and the food prepared is satisfying, Tohru awaits her master’s return with open arms and a smile on her face.

Mayuri Shiina Mayuri Shiina @ Steins;Gate
(written by Momento10)

”Tu-Tu-Ru~! Mayushii’s here!”

The purity of Shiina Mayuri’s heart knows no bounds. Easily acquainting others into her amusing circle and becoming fast friends with said people seems second nature to her. She is friendly with everyone, and everyone seems to be comfortable with talking to her about various things happening in their lives. Of course, Mayuri is always happy to lend an ear for her dear cohorts. After all, that is what friends do.

While many see Mayuri as the little sister of the group, a proper archetype would be that of a mother. Mayuri is more observant than people give her credit for and can see the minute details of people’s expressions and auras. She also knows that, at some point, she cannot be the anchor that holds the group together for too long and patiently waits for a certain someone to grow up and be sophisticated in a life without her.

Until those conditions are met, Mayuri is more than happy to fool around with whatever game they are playing. Bizarre codenames and alien linguistics aside, Mayuri is more that prepared to complete whatever mission they are on. Mayushii will do her best!

Kazusa.png Kazusa Touma @ White Album 2
(written by Momento10)

Does the melody of her music reflect the truth within her heart?

Toma Kazusa gazes at nothing. Her ice cold stare only sees the boredom of life and the confusion to continue to live as such. She is quiet, restricted, and nearly unapproachable. What use is it to interact with others when everyone is able to move on with his or her life regardless of the connections they have made? Maybe, she will never understand.

Add a sweet tune into her bleak outlook of reality, and Kazusa is able to truly shine. Through music, she is able to express how she feels and draws others to play the same tune she is. The sound that tickles the music room shows another side of Kazusa, someone who is expressive, kind, and warm. It is a realm where she can be at peace and forget about a world that meant absolutely nothing to her.

The world that she wanted to keep sacred was going to be shattered eventually. When one or two people attempt to enter her life, a swirl of emotions that Kazusa has never felt before drowns her. For the first time, Kazusa has felt joy and sorrow, excitement and disdain, love and lust. Her cold world of white shifts between a rose-colored wonderland and a bottomless black abyss. Perhaps all these trials and tribulations are what it means to truly live.

Touching the keys one more time, Kazusa performs her album on her journey though life as an adolescents, a friend, and a woman.

Chtholly.png Chtholly Nota Seniorious @ WorldEnd
(written by Maglor)

What is happiness? Do people have the right to demand sacrifice of happiness from others? Can someone be happy if that someone's identity is fading? These are the serious questions Chtholly faces, but in a way, it is a question every sentient beings face, usually more often than they would like.

Initially Chtholly is seen as a mysterious wandering girl who just wants a little taste of what most other carefree girls enjoy and experience. Even though she takes her duty as a Faery Sword Maiden seriously, the overbearing pressure brought to her by her harsh situation made her wants to break out of her obedient responsible shell, making her to act out in somewhat immature ways. Her meeting with the main character made her realize that she need not perish, that she can dream about the future, a future that may be more typical of girls of her age.

Yet the relentless march of time takes away as much as it gives. Despite her hope for future, due to the nature of the artificial fairies, she starts to make her lose her memories little by little. Despite facing large number of questions that can easily overwhelm anyone, she continues to make choices to be responsible to people around her by helping them in what ways available to her, and let her feelings bloom in loving warming ways. How can she find happiness when the world as she knows it is literally falling apart around her? Yet in end, bravely she declares that she cannot be happier because she already is the happiest girl in the world, not because of what she was given, but because of what she could do.

Is she deceiving herself, or is she truly happiest she can be? Do people find Chtholly memorable because of her cute moments, or is it due to her awesome prowess and dignified composure in the face of inevitable doom? Is she filled with contradictions, or are those nothing more than various of facets of life a young girl?

We may never be able to answer these questions satisfactorily. Still, let us bask in the glory emanating from this lovely complicated sword yielding fairy.

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  • Nero fate.png Nero (Saber) @ Fate/Apocrypha
  • Karen tendou.png Karen Tendou @ Gamers!
  • Chito glt.png Chito @ Girls' Last Tour
  • Yuuri glt.png Yuuri @ Girls' Last Tour
  • Antarcticite.png Antarcticite @ Houseki no Kuni
  • Diamond houseki.png Diamond @ Houseki no Kuni
  • Phos.png Phosphophyllite @ Houseki no Kuni
  • Albedo.png Albedo @ Overlord
  • Shalltear.png Shalltear Bloodfallen @ Overlord
  • Kokomi.png Kokomi Teruhashi @ Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan
  • Chise1.png Chise Hatori @ The Ancient Magus Bride
  • Touka tg.png Touka Kirishima @ Tokyo Ghoul
  • Akane m.png Akane Mizuno @ Tsuki ga Kirei
  • Nephren.png Nephren Ruq Insania @ WorldEnd
  • Tsubaki.png Tsubaki Sawabe @ Your Lie in April


Shouya.png Shouya Ishida @ A Silent Voice
(written by Kiwigiwi)

Does everyone truly deserve a second chance?

Initially, Shouya didn't think so. As a child in elementary school, Shouya was a devious, carefree and self-centered boy. He lived out his days battling his boredom with mean spirited pranks others. When a girl with a hearing disability transfers into his class, he took advantage of her handicap and heavily bullied her. In his mind, it was nothing more than games to ease his boredom.

There would come a time, however, when Karma hits back hard. Later found out to be the tormentor of the poor girl, Shouya became the scapegoat for the bullying. He was isolated, beaten, bullied. Even as the years past, he could not shake off the horrible stigma others have already placed on him.

With regret, guilt and a genuine wish to undo his mistakes, Shouya set out to do what most others would not have been able to gain the confidence to; seek redemption. The road to redemption is no easy path. It is laced with doubt from others, self-doubt from himself and the cold reality that sometimes, scars from the past cannot fade. However, even if at the cost of himself, Shouya would do anything to atone for the sins he made towards the people around him.

Perhaps one day, he may even find it in his heart to forgive himself.

Kiyotaka.png Kiyotaka Ayanokouji @ Classroom of the Elite
(written by Momento10)

Inherently insignificant or dangerously devilish?

In a school secluded from society where grades and conduct are key to survival, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka simply did not care about any of that. He is more than content with going with the flow of society and becoming a shadow that lingers about in the academy. When questionable activity occurs inside and outside the school’s meritocratic regime, Kiyotaka starts to question the true motive behind creating such an obscure academic system as this one.

As calculating as he is observant, it seems as though there are others who see his shadow as an imposing threat to the greater cause. Should someone who manages to obtain a perfect score of 50 throughout all of his exams belong in the worst class of his grade? Why would he solve the many issues and mysterious surrounding the schools exams and unconventional tests, but shift all the glory over to someone else? What else does he know that he is not supposed to know in a society that is having a difficult time manipulating his shadow to do its bidding?

Kiyotaka has his own reason for hiding in the shadows of his peers, and until his own goals are met, he will use every tactic in the book to get to his target. And so, Kiyotaka’s “normal” life continues…

Horikita Suzune (Yokoso Jitsuryoku Shijo Shugi no Kyoshitsu e)

Astolfo.png Astolfo (Rider of Black) @ Fate/Apocrypha
(written by Momento10)

Knights do not gallop on white horses. They swoop in from the sky on griffons!

As a servant, Astolfo has more than enough tricks and gear in his arsenal to make him one of, if not, the most unpredictable character in the fray. He may not be the strongest servant, but he more than makes up for it with his wit and speed. Once he has the advantage, Astolfo will waste little time taking advantage of every possible opportunity to achieve victory.

Perhaps his greatest strength is his humbleness. Yes, he is as eager to obtain the Holy Grail as everyone else, but Astolfo treasures the bonds he has created with his comrades the most. He will do anything to protect his friends from harm, even sacrificing himself for his own definition of righteousness. Astolfo’s heart is as vast as the sky, willing to create friendships first before treating them otherwise.

In the name of Charlemagne, Astolfo is ready to take to the skies and spear his opponents head on. With his friends by his side, he will put everything on the line for victory.

Shirou k.png Shirou Kotomine (Ruler) @ Fate/Apocrypha
(written by Momento10)

Is there such a thing as true peace?

For a long time, Kotomine Shirou was searching for a way to end Holy Grail wars altogether due to the collateral damage they were doing to both the competitors and the innocent individuals caught in the middle of it all. Seeing the pain, torture, and disgust that manifested during these wars, it almost seems as though the grail encourages such actions. It appears that there was nothing he could do to stop this madness.

That is, until, he chose to participate in this game that he supposedly hates. In order to end this power, he will become a pawn to the grail in his own way and attempt to make it do his bidding. The same grail that he loathes he now praises. The same destruction he detest he now sympathizes. And if he can truly make the grail grant him his one wish, it would be to end everything for the sake of true peace.

On a path of no return, Shirou has already assembled the necessary pieces to make his ideals come true. If anyone is going to stop him, he or she will feel a wrath unlike any have seen. Nothing will stop him from setting his sights to his goals

Alphonse.png Alphonse Elric @ Fullmetal Alchemist
(written by Momento10)

Regaining his consciousness as a suit of armor may not be his first choice, but it has its benefits.

After an attempt to revive his deceased mother went wrong, Alphonse Elric should have disappeared from the face of the earth, yet he still lives in the form of a full metal suit. Because he can move his armor as freely as he pleased, many never notice that within the suit lies a hollow body with only a circle that connects him to the material world. Should it break at any given moment, Alphonse may not get a chance to see the light of day ever again.

Life as an armored suit is not as bad as it seems. The supposed man inside is a polite, kindhearted soul who would do everything in his power to make sure those around him is safe from harm. Like his older brother, he has a strong sense of justice, believing that those who abuse the power of alchemy should be rightfully judged. Unlike his older brother, he is pure at heart and cannot help but blush when others think he is the acclaimed “Fullmetal Alchemist,” much to his brother’s chagrin.

Time and time again, Alphonse is reminded that he is not human. He has to pretend to eat when a child offers him some bread. People use his body to hide goods or themselves like a chest. He can still talk even though parts of his armor are scattered in various places. Is he truly a monster? Can he ever be human again? Is it even possible to regain his human state?

Returning to his material body can wait. Right now, Alphonse wants to enjoy as much of the present for as long as he can. After all, who else is going to watch over his older brother when he causes another stir?

Sousuke.png Sousuke Sagara @ Full Metal Panic!
(written by Momento10)

No amount of military training can prepare Sagara Sousuke for the most important mission of his career: infiltrate a high school in the guise of a student and protect the most boisterous girl in his class.

Caught in the middle of a war at a young age, Sousuke learned two important things in life: survive and fight. Becoming a member of the army that targets terror attacks heightened his resolve. Whenever he had spare time, he would train at a gym, a shooting range, or anywhere that would allow him to foster his abilities further. In no time, he became one of, if not, the most important member of the military, performing deadly missions only he can accomplish successfully.

Yet, the fight in the front lines is nothing compared to the horrors of a high school classroom. No matter how tactical his methods are, his superiors (teachers) yell at him for no reason, or so he thinks. No matter how pure his intentions are, his compatriots (classmates) remind him that what he is doing is not normal, for some reason. Yet, his chief commander (student council president) is lenient on his punishment, so why is everyone else, including the person he is sworn to protect, so negative about his actions and choice of words? These questions may never be properly answered, for better or worse.

The story of Sousuke is the struggle of a soldier adapting to life as an average civilian. The trauma of war will never be fully shaken off of his core. There is no such thing as peace, and behind every smile and kind gesture hides an ulterior motive. Not even a friendly barber can properly cut his hair with Sousuke fearing that he will be killed by those scissors when his guard is down.

His body is always on guard; his mind, constantly alert. His soul may never know rest.

Izuku.png Izuku Midoriya @ My Hero Academia
(written by Kiwigiwi)

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them."

For the boy named Midoriya Izuku, these three phrases describe his path towards becoming the world's number one hero well.

He was born with a compassionate heart that is unrivaled even among other professional heroes. When forced to decide between protecting himself or saving the life of another at the risk of his own life, Izuku will never hesitate to choose the latter. However, he was told that he did not have a quirk to call his own, he begun to despair under the belief that he would never be able to achieve his dreams of becoming a hero one day.

He grew up being bullied by his peers for being powerless and weak, and he had every right to give up and grow frustrated at his unjust circumstances. Instead, he chose to work hard for his dream. Training so hard until his body broke, Izuku forcefully grabbed that fleeting dream and took a step closer to it himself.

With his selflessness and willingness to work hard combined, he was finally entrusted with the quirk of his idol; One for All. It was yet another step towards that elusive goal Izuku has always dreamed of as a child.

His journey towards greatness has only just begun, but Izuku will continuously prove to everyone that he is worthy of that greatness.

Sasuke.png Sasuke Uchiha @ Naruto
(written by Momento10)

The snake who will devour the darkness it feeds on, or a hawk who will soar to cut its own path?

For the longest time, Sasuke Uchida only cared around revenge. As the sole survivor of the Uchida clan, Sasuke vows to defeat the one who killed everyone who is important to him. Seeking to learn from the best for the sake of power, Sasuke challenges himself constantly, pushing his limits until he can barely stand, all the his one purpose. The day he kills that murderer will be the day he finally knows peace.

Power and friendship are the main weights in Sasuke’s scale. It is easy for him to overlook friendship for the sake of more power. Even when his closet of companions begged him not to fall to a path that may have no return, he reminds them that it is already too late. The minute he chose revenge and not forgiveness, his path had already started to crumble into darkness. Every step he takes relays his purpose, not his guilt.

Friend or foe, nothing will stop him from his vengeance. And vengeance will be his.

Ash Ketchum Ash Ketchum @ Pokemon
(written by Momento10)

Behind the fiery eyes of this brave young boy is the dream to win the Pokémon League and be crowned as the greatest Pokémon Master!

Life as a Pokémon Trainer is probably not as exotic as Ash would hope. Sometimes, his Pokémon barely listen to him and would good around instead of listen to him. Sometimes, he gets too ahead of himself and is reprimanded for his rash behavior. More often than not, he is constantly confronted by a couple goons who try to steal his Pokémon. However, the adventure towards his dream will be worth it.

Ash strongly believes that the best way to train one’s Pokémon is to treat them like family. Occasionally, he would meet people who abuse his or her authority over them or treat Pokémon as though they are mere statistical data. Ash may not be able to change their ways, but that is not going to stop him from challenging that kind of behavior. It does not matter who or what he is facing. With his Pokémon and friends by his side, he will stop anyone who tries to tarnish that bond.

The road to becoming the greatest Pokémon Master is bound to be bumpy, but that is not going to stop Ash from trying his best to achieve it. It is time to catch them all!

Ryoma.png Ryoma Echizen @ The Prince of Tennis
(written by Momento10)

The prince of tennis has arrived.

Perhaps the number one rookie of his year, Echizen Ryoma graces the tennis court as though he was born to be in it. He certainly has the skills to be part of his high school starting line-up, even though he is in his first year. Many people admire and detest him because of his proud attitude, but Ryoma does not seem to mind. Time and time again, he surprises everyone with his growth as a player and a person on and off court, and if that does not change the people’s opinion about him, nothing else will.

There are more important things that he cares about besides getting along with the crowd. Above all, Ryoma wants to be recognized by his father, said to be one of, if not, the greatest tennis players of his generation. Ryoma struggles with his desire to quickly become an adult and prove that he does not need to ride on his father’s footsteps to make it big in the tennis world. One day, he will make his father have a serious match against him, win or lose.

Ryoma still has some work to do before he can overcome his father’s legacy, but with his trusted comrades by his side, he is sure to carve his own path.

Haruka k 2.png Haruka Kasugano @ Yosuga no Sora
(written by Momento10)

Peace within one’s surroundings is one thing. Peace within oneself is a different agenda.

Kasugano Haruka is kind to all, perhaps too kind. The death of his parents and the deconstruction of his younger sister forced him to play his hand and return to the town they once grew up in. Rather than remain shattered by what he suddenly lost, Haruka chose to continue forward, knowing that staying stagnant will not solve anything. He puts up a brave front, believing that nothing can be accomplished if one were to remain sullen.

The return to the old town rekindles the lost memories that he had with various individuals in his neighborhood and his school and reignites the fire that burns inside him. Interacting with old and new friends allows him to forget about his past and enjoy the moment as it is given to him. And should the various people that he meets spark a different kind of fire in his heart, Haruka is more than prepared to answer the burning questions within his friends’ hearts.

In a world of supposed solitude, Haruka is able to move on with his life and continue on with his days, but will the joyful moments that he has truly overshadow the emptiness that haunts him? Only time will tell.

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  • Hideri.png Hideri Kanzaki @ Blend S
  • Goku.png Goku @ Dragon Ball
  • Masamune izumi.png Masamune Izumi @ Eromanga-sensei
  • Issei.png Issei Hyoudou @ High School DxD
  • Hozuki.png Hozuki @ Hozuki's Coolheadedness
  • Reg.png Reg @ Made in Abyss
  • All might.png All Might @ My Hero Academia
  • Bakugo.png Katsuki Bakugo @ My Hero Academia
  • Shouto.png Shouto Todoroki @ My Hero Academia
  • Riku.png Riku Dola @ No Game No Life
  • Demiurge.png Demiurge @ Overlord
  • Sebas tian.png Sebas Tian @ Overlord
  • Joker p5.png Joker (Ren Amamiya) @ Persona 5
  • Tsukasa m.png Tsukasa Mizugaki @ Plastic Memories
  • Glenn.png Glenn Radars @ Rokuaka (Akashic Records Bastard)
  • Makoto itou.png Makoto Ito @ School Days
  • Elias.png Elias Ainsworth @ The Ancient Magus Bride
  • Kotarou azumi.png Kotarou Azumi @ Tsuki ga Kirei
  • Willem.png Willem Kmetsch @ WorldEnd'



02.png Zero Two @ Darling in the Franxx
(written by Momento10)

They call her a partner killer. They call her a monster. But Zero Two does not care.

Zero Two is an independent woman. No longer will she bind herself to the chains of authority. She will do what she wants, where she wants, whenever she wants to. The can ask her nicely or point their guns at her, but she will not flinch. She knows she is the second strongest fighter they have; they know she is the second strongest fighter they have. Making her angry will only hinder their long-term survival, so she will continue to rebel against her superiors.

Zero Two is a curious individual. Life is to short to dedicate one's entire fate to battle. There are many things in this world that she does not know about. She wants to know the composition of boys and girls and why they look and smell so different. She enjoys mixing as many sweet condiments to her meals to test if they make her meals even more delicious. She is fond of all the weird games people play on themselves or each other, why they laugh and harm each other, why they laugh at each other one moment and cry for one another the next, why even after the harshest of words were spoken, they were willing to forgive and forget.

Zero Two is human. She wants to be human. She needs to be human. These horns on her head. Humans do not have horns in their heads. She needs to get rid of them, shrink them, slice them off if she has to. Her skin is not human. She needs new pigment. She must find a way to match their skin color. Her eyes are not human. Her mouth is not human. Her blood is abnormal. She has to look like them. She needs to be with them. She longs to interact with them. Why is she not like them? Why is she so different from them? It is too lonely to not be with them.

Perhaps the most difficult battle is not against the monsters that she must face, but the ability to accept herself for who she is.

015.png Ichigo @ Darling in the Franxx
(written by Momento10)

What does it mean to be a leader? How heavy is the weight of the "Leader" title? These questions tackle Ichigo's mind on a daily basis.

For the longest time, Ichigo has always done what the higher ups informed her to do. Whenever there is a new mission, she will relay the information to her squad in order to make sure that the mission is completed successfully so that their leaders can shower them with praise. Because her number is the closest to zero, she is theoretically the strongest member of her team and the most attuned to her partner and her gear.

Indeed, she comes across as that. Out of all the squad members, she is the most strategic and level-headed of them all. No matter how difficult a situation is, Ichigo is able to make a call in the middle of the battlefield, and everyone will respect her decisions. There have been a plethora of instances where her quick thinking and dedication has helped saved her team from a number of near-death situations. Even if their mission ends in failure, as long as all of her teammates are safe, she will be content.

Despite playing the role of a stoic and composed figurehead, Ichigo is first and foremost a girl. She is prone to fits of emotion, whether it be love or jealousy. She will play sides because she favors some members of her team over others. Above all else, she wants to have fun and enjoy life as a human being and interact with her teammates as friends, not as soldiers. In a world where they were only born to fight, Ichigo wants a few minutes to enjoy her life, as she will never know when she may lose it in the battlefield.

In this fight for humanity, Ichigo will whatever it takes to win and come out alive. There is no regret, only hope for a better future.

Maisan.png Mai Sakurajima @ Seishun Buta Yarou
(written by Momento10)

If a girl in a sexy bunny costume walks around in a public area, but no one notices her, does she actually exist?

Meet Sakurajima Mai, an upcoming model and actress who has been in the business since she was a child. Intelligent, athletic, and beautiful, it is of no wonder why she has such a strong following. Because of her professionalism and talent in the business, many companies are eager to work with her to bring more eyes to her and their product.

If becoming successful was a goal of hers, Mai would have been content with her life. Yet, she knows this life is not hers. She did not make this choice. She never asked to be seen or heard. She was only doing what she was told to do, a pawn in a society filled with disdain and grudges. She cannot accept a life that is not hers.

Perhaps comparing Mai to a bunny is more accurate than others think. Like people, rabbits desire companionship; without it, they are more likely to pass away. In humanity, loneliness is both a blessing and a curse. One does not know true loss until it is too late.

With a desire to disappear, everyone slowly forgot about her. And so, she fades away, as the world moves on with her…

Shouko m.png Shouko Makinohara @ Seishun Buta Yarou
(written by Momento10)

Makinohara Shouko – imaginary or real?

The legend of Shouko is a mysterious one, as she is only known by one person. According to that person, she is a high school student who should be in his school, but was not there when he enrolled. She is stated to be a kind person who always has words of encouragement for him, as though she knew exactly what he is going through.

If the legendary Shouko is supposed to be a high school graduate at this time, why is there a middle school student who shares the exact same name and a strikingly similar appearance? She does not have an older sister, yet she exhibits the same kindness and compassion the older counterpart does. She cares a lot about other people and wants everyone to be as happy as possible.

Things get more awkward when the older Shouko does appear, much to everyone’s surprise. According to her, she is, in fact, the older version of younger Shouko, and while they share the same body, the younger does not retain any memories that the older one has. Is her mischievous and playful side hiding a truth that cannot be spoken?

The mystery of Shouko deepens…

Platelet.png Platelets @ Cells at Work!
(written by Momento10)

The greatest, most adorable form of mass annihilation is here!

The platelets are one of the most ruthless groups in the body. As soon as there is a noticeable abrasion in the system, they are on the chase to seal the wound to make sure no additional viruses enter the body. With no more waves of viral attacks, the remainder of the body's cells can destroy them to their heart's content. Then, using their charms, they bring the very cells that they assisted into their sticky bind, forcing them to spend days in the cut until it is healed.

They platelets are one of the most calculating groups in the body. They are always together, working together to make sure that the body remains functioning properly. They patch up any cell walls and assist in any roadwork, guiding cells away from any damaged areas so they can focus on their work properly. Occasionally, other's affection towards these cells will cause them to unconsciously assist them, even during their busy days of work.

The platelets are one of the cutest cells in the body. Every now and again, they will cling onto their older brother and sister cells if they in need of affection or attention. The unity they have with their cellular brethren is mighty, and they know that if they never need assistance, they can call them for help, and they will respond diligently. They may be short and small, but the work that they do to make sure the body functions properly cannot be denied.

They are the last line of defense. They can turn the tide in any war. They are the strongest members of the body's defense mechanism. They are the platelets!

Takagi.png Takagi @ Teasing Master Takagi-san
(written by Momento10)

If the boy sitting net to you appears easy to tease, it is only natural to tease them.

Little is known about Takagi other than the fact that she is always one step ahead of any plan that is aimed at her. The moment she smiles is when she knows exactly what is going on and will either play or not play along with the game according to her whims. No matter if she thwarts their plans or purposely go along with it, she still wins the war, as though she has everyone wrapped around her finger.

While others lament to their failures to get the desired reaction, they do not see Takagi's intense stare. Takagi is always measuring and calculating how other people think and feel at any given moment and would react accordingly. Her observations skills are one of the many reasons why she seems to know everything that is going on around her. From the most minor of movements to the most obvious gestures, Takagi is able to catch on to a subject quickly.

They say that girls tease boys that they like. Does that statement hold true for Takagi?

Violet.png Violet Evergarden @ Violet Evergarden
("written by Guoba")

“I want to know what love is.” with this line, Violet’s journey as an auto-memories doll has started.

Her written history as a soldier was legendary. After the war ends, she ignored her broken, scarred memories behind it. She is now an auto-memories doll who doesn't talk much, but she has potential power to restore clients.

Of course, Violet's lack of emotions can be a turn off for clients. She is somewhat difficult to empathize with at the start. But no worries. Violet learns by listening to the client's problem. She began to understand a feeling precisely after knowing what problems hers client was experiencing. 

Violet faces the fact that the world is filled with bitter words. Not only happy ones but that doesn’t discourage her despite bringing back sorrow memories. So after knowing the meaning of losing someone, she cried out loud because of the major's last words.

Overcoming that heavy nirvana, Violet comes to accept those words as part of her and grows stronger. Now she has changed from a heartless weapon into a human who understands the sense of farewell.

Needs Entry:


White blood cell.png Neutrophil U-1146 (White Blood Cell) @ Cells at Work!
(written by Momento10)

Antigen sighted!"

The neutrophils are the first line of defense for the body. As soon as a foreign product is identified, the neutrophils immediately give chase when it is confirmed that said substance is harmful to the body. Once the enemy has been slain, their job is not done just yet. It is their duty to consume any foreign object unfamiliar to them in order to send said information over to other members of the body so they can identify the antigen, create an antibody, and use it against the enemy should they reappear again.

Life as a neutrophil is not easy. They are on their guard 24/7, ready to strike whenever needed. When other cells do not have the means to protect themselves, they must protect them in order to keep the body safe. Every cell in the body is necessary to to keep their home healthy and happy. Therefore, the neutrophils must do whatever they can to keep each other and their comrades safe as they work together to maintain peace in their world.

While other cells are able to mingle with each other without consequence, the same cannot be said for neutrophils. They know that there may come a time where they have to confront their brethren should they become a liability to the body. When that time comes, they are not allow to show mercy. If not, there is a chance that every other cell would become infected, and their comfortable home will be in jeopardy. They cannot afford that to happen.

And so, they must fight and fight some more, all for the sake of keeping their home and the residents of said place a happy and healthy location.

Hiro16.png Hiro @ Darling in the Franxx
(written by Momento10)

Replace the "i" with an "e" in Hiro's name, and one would understand why he has a dark and depressing outlook in life.

Hiro was different than all the other children. He was the most curious of the bunch, a self-starter, a self-thinker. In fact, it was he who thought up the idea of a naming system. By giving everyone a name instead of a number, one is able to feel extra special, as though one is finally able to own something and call it his or her own. By calling each other by name, one is able to treat each other as individuals rather than lab rats.

Then, everything changed. Hiro lost the desire to be different. He stopped thinking for himself and, instead, thought about what he could do to make the higher-ups happy. He turned into another puppet they can control to do the bidding of their supervisors. And because he had such a major influence to the children he had given names to, they all followed suit unconsciously, unwilling to accept the fact that he was what gave meaning in his or her life.

Perhaps the desire to think may have been lost, but that does not mean that it is gone forever. Little by little, his cold demeanor about life starts to warm up. He is slowly able to make his own decisions, not because they are orders from above, but because he believes those reasons are just. Somewhere deep down, he knows he and his comrades cannot continue living this way forever. There must be something out there, something that he can cling to and guide him into the light that he once lost.

Only then will his mind be clear, will his head be raised high, will he be proud to say that here he stands, living the life he chose for himself.

Karna (Fate) Karna (Lancer of Red) @ Fate/Apocrypha
(written by Momento10)

Karna is a soldier first and a hero second.

As soon as Karna was summoned, he knew what his mission was: do what his master tells him to do and retrieve the Holy Grail. Any other thoughts and feelings are meaningless. Once his mission is complete, he will return to his ether state and wait until the next time he is required to be summoned to do the same thing again.

Many people question his way of life, but, for Karna, that is the only way to life. He already had his life, his goals, and his passions in his past life. To redo his life in this new world or redeem his mistakes from the past is meaningless. The actions of one's past accomplishments cannot be changed; therefore, it is better to live for the present than dwell in the past.

Despite his stoic and series demeanor, Karna is an honest and noble fighter. He will fight fair and square and not hold back. The fight for the Holy Grail is nothing but warlike, and it is rude to hold back against someone who is fighting for the wish-granting artifact. Karna may not have any wishes of his own, but he does have his own mission, and he will see it through until the end.

Until his last breath, Karna will keep on fighting. After al, that is his mission.

Sakuta.png Sakuta Azusagawa @ Seishun Buta Yarou
(written by Momento10)

He has fallen into that dark abyss once. He does not want others or himself to feel that same pain again.

A mysterious phenomenon nearly destroyed Azusagawa Sakuta’s entire family. His sister lost all her memories. His mother became depressed. His father left him and his sister to take care of their mom. And, for some reason, there is a giant scar in chest that occasionally causes him pain, even though he never had a chest injury before.

Before he decided to give everything up, a mysterious girl decided to listen to his woes. For the first time in this never-ending darkness, there was someone who believed his bizarre story. Little by little, she mends his emotional scars, giving him the strength he needs to walk on his own again. Before she leaves, she gives him a new purpose in life: to be kinder than he was yesterday.

Now, it is his turn. Sakuta may come off as aloof or nihilistic, but he is always thinking of others and trying to find ways to help them. If no one believes the pain he or she is going through resonates with anyone, Sakuta will be that person. He wants to be the shoulder they can lean on. If there is anything he can do to save them, he will, even at the expense of his own life.

Sakuta takes a step forward with his head held high, believing that, one day, he will save someone the same way she has saved him.

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  • Giorno.png Giorno Giovanna @ Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Bruno.png Bruno Bucciarati @ Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Eugeo.png Eugeo @ Sword Art Online
  • Rimuru.png Rimuru Tempest @ Tensura



Kaguya.png Kaguya Shinomiya @ Kaguya-sama
(written by Momento10)

All is fair in love and war, but for Shinomiya Kaguya, love is war.

As an exceptional general and a true practitioner of things romantic, Kaguya will do absolutely everything to make sure that the boy who she claims to have no interest in admits his romantic interests to her first. No tactic is out-of-bounds for her, who has all the wealth, knowledge, and connections needed for the sake of romantic victory.

For someone who claims to be a love expert, Kaguya’s idea of love is childish and innocent. Her knowledge on romance does not go beyond first base, and her ideas of love are akin to fairy tales. Oftentimes, other people are required to teach her various terminologies in order for her to grasp the romantic conversations students have.

Kaguya is just like any other high school girl, a hopeless romantic eager to understand what it is like to have a boyfriend. However, Kaguya will never admit that. Expressing her romantic interests to someone would mean admitting defeat, and her pride will never accept that. Call it a heart condition or an unnatural disease, but she will not say she is in love.

No matter how many romantic battles she loses, as long as she wins the war, it will be worth it. And Kaguya will win this love war.

Chika f.png Chika Fujiwara @ Kaguya-sama
(written by Momento10)

The Secretary of the Student Council. The Love Detective. The Mothering Teacher. The Harbinger of Chaos. These are some of the many titles given to one Fujiwara Chika.

Chika enjoys diving straight into delicious topics that she is interested in. Whether it is food, love, or gaming topics, Chika likes to be a part of the action wherever she goes. If she hears something within earshot of a topic that intrigues her, she will lunge at it with all of her energy.

Chika is also a perfectionist. When she sees or hears something that is even slightly concerning, Chika will do everything in her power to correct it. Whether it is singing, dancing, or sports, if she sees a student having trouble with activities she is naturally good at, Chika cannot help but push them to be at least average in the endeavor in question, sometimes to her detriment.

Perhaps her greatest asset, outside of her figure, is her blunt honesty. If she believes something is great or terrible, Chika will not beat around the bush. Whether it is discussing a person’s chance of falling in love with someone or describing a person’s positive and negative traits in full detail, Chika will not mice her words about it.

No matter where she is or what she is going, Chika will be the center of attention, whether others like it or not.

Hayasaka 3.png Ai Hayasaka @ Kaguya-sama
(written by Momento10)

It’s hard wearing many hats for a girl with constant love troubles. Just ask Hayasaka Ai.

Serving the Kaguya family for a long time, Ai understands her master like the back of her hand. Ai knows exactly what is needed to make sure that her master remains as happy as possible, from distracting students so they do not interfere with her master’s time with her romantic interest or helping her run away from her strict family rules so she can enjoy life as a student.

At the same time, she is also her master’s harshest critic. Ai will honestly react and accurately predict how certain events will occur if her master is not kept in check. It is her job to make sure her master is grounded to the rules of reality and not off in her own fantasy-filtered world.

Above all else, she is her master’s best friend. She will drop her title as servant when the situation calls for it. Whether it is taking care of her when she is sick or comforting her after the student elections, Ai will always be there for her master, no matter what.

No matter what face she puts on, Ai will always remain true to herself.

Miku.png Miku Nakano @ 5-toubun no Hanayome
(written by Momento10)

They are different, but are one of the same.

Of the five quintuplets, Nanako Miku is the quietest of the group. She prefers not to stand out and take a backseat role in her family circle. Her sisters want her to show off her hidden beauty, but because the rest of of them are doing that for her, she feels as though there is no need for her to do so.

Ironically, observing her sister's antics from behind meant that she is able to mimic their voices, actions, and decisions to near perfection. When any of her sisters need to either get away from a situation or are too busy doing something else, they all come to her and ask her to take their position. One wig and hairpiece later, and many people fall victim to Miku's acting skills.

Because she can be anyone and everything, Miku lacks any real drive to do anything. She is interested in Japanese Feudalism and music, but, outside of her interests, she does not have any motivation to do other things. It is not as though she does not want to change the stagnant air around her; she believes there is no point in doing so.

Perhaps someone from outside of her family can add a little color in her monochrome vision in life. A little budding romance is a plus.

Nino nakano.png Nino Nakano @ 5-toubun no Hanayome
(written by Momento10)

They are different, but are one of the same.

Of the five quintuplets, Nanako Nino is the strictest of the group. She has yet to accept their new tutor and will do everything in her power to get rid of him once and for all. There is no room for him in their life, and she plans for it to stay that way.

Nino is arguably the most beautiful member of her family. She takes extra care in her appearance, whether it is wearing contacts to trying out the latest trends in fashion. She is also an excellent cook, creating meals fit for restaurants. If it were not for her harsh attitude towards men, she would be the ideal girl for anyone to fall for.

Despite her sharp tongue and overly cautious personality, Nino is the most motherly member of the family. She is so accustomed to life with just the five of them that any sort of change scares her. She does not want the dynamic that they already have be tainted by any outside source, so she keeps everyone as close to her as possible.

Unless there is someone who can be a part of their lives while making their sisterly bonds even stronger, Nino will protect her family from any intruders.

Yotsuba.png Yotsuba Nakano @ 5-toubun no Hanayome
(written by Momento10)

They are different, but are one of the same.

Of the five quintuplets, Nanako Yotsuba is the most optimistic of the group. She is the first person to openly accept their new tutor in an attempt to try and get better grades. Unfortunately, enthusiasm is her only saving grace, as she continues to obtain the worst grades out of her other sisters.

Yotsuba is also the purest member of her family. Everything Yotsuba says and thinks are from the bottom of her heart. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it and has a difficult time lying to others. Although people often take advantage of her kindness, Yotsuba has a difficult time denying their plea for assistance.

Behind the bright eyes and cheerful smile is a girl who seems to have the answers to everything. Because people are used to her jubilant personality, they disregard her ability to quickly read between the lines of people's words, body language, and facial gestures. When Yotsuba gets serious, others are unable to discern whether or not she is joking around or telling the truth.

Yotsuba may be kind to everyone, but perhaps she will only open up to those who are willing to accept every aspect of her, good and bad.

Nezuko.png Nezuko Kamado @ Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
(written by Momento10)

As a demon, Kamado Nezuko is restricted in what she can and cannot do. She cannot expose herself to sunlight, or she will risked getting burned to nothingness, so she has to be inside a sealed contraption if travelling by day. Nezuko cannot reveal any demonic features at night or else she would be feared and cast aside by other people. Most importantly, Nezuko cannot drink a single drop of human blood, or else she risks becoming more and more like a demon.

Despite transforming into a demon, Nezuko retained a plethora humane, little sister-like traits. She enjoys the company of her older brother, is confused when others dote on her a bit too much, and gets worried if things seem more abnormal than they should be. If push comes to shove, Nezuko will tap into her demonic powers in order to fight alongside her brother. After all, she is the only family she has, and she can't afford losing him.

Be it human or demon, Nezuko will always be true to herself. It is up to others to accept her for who she really is, whether they like it or not.

Shinobu kny.png Shinobu Kocho @ Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
(written by Momento10)

Kocho Shinobu did not start out as a soft-spoken, happy-go-lucky individual. She was more down-to-earth, realistic, and overly cautious about everything. She adopted this current personality through her older sister, who she admires to a fault. After all, the main reason she wanted to join the demon slayers was because her sister was one, and she wanted to be with her as much as possible. Shinobu's days with her are filled with worry and confusion, but she enjoyed every minute of it.

The passing of her sister left an emotional scar on her. Shinobu wants to find a way to carry her sister's wish to find coexistence between humans and demons, but when it was demons who took her sister away from her, she cannot get herself to see them as anything but evil. Instead of inheriting her wish, Shinobu inherits her sister's personality as a coping mechanism, believing that her sister will always be there with her, no matter how much time has passed.

The poison that runs through her blade is not enough to satisfy her thirst for vengeance. Shinobu will make the demons suffer the same cruel death her sister went through and not bat at eye.

Ishtar.png Ishtar @ Fate/Grand Order
(written by Momento10)

God's greatest gift to humanity has descended. Be grateful.

As the most beautiful goddess in all of Mesopotamia, it is only natural for people to shower her with gifts and praises. Anything less is considered sacrilege. She will hunt her nonbelievers by taking away their precious jewels...after saving their lives, of course.

Ishtar may be spoiled and braggadocios, but she is kind at heart. She is always looking out for others, whether or not they worship her. She also has a strong sense of justice, fighting for what she believes is right and destroying all that is evil.

Ishtar understands that her body is completely hers, as she was only called down as a spirit to be possessed by a human. It is difficult for her to grasp which emotions are hers and which are those of her host. Still, both agree that their thoughts and feelings are one of the same and will work together to see both of their goals fulfilled.

Be careful not to make Ishtar angry, or she will instinctively fire an energy beam at those who annoy her.

Eresh fate.png Ereshkigal @ Fate/Grand Order
(written by Momento10)

She is not an evil person, so why do people treat her as the embodiment of evil?

It is not her fault that Ereshkigal was chosen to be the guardian of the underworld. No one else wanted to do it, so the title was given to her by default. Her work is not easy either, sorting all the souls that enter the underworld and judging them based on a number of criteria.

Because many people share terrible stories about the underworld for centuries, by association, Ereshkigal was considered a terrible person. To play the part, Ereshkigal transforms herself to an image other people believe her to be. By looking the part, it would solidify what other people claim she is.

For generations, no one tries to understand Ereshkigal for who she is. No one sees the beauty underneath her decayed manifested form. No one believes that she is a kind soul with a tortured heart because people blame her for something outside her control. No one tries to see the real her, so why bother showing everyone her true self?

And so, Ereshkigal remains in the underworld, guarding a location people despise going to. If no one wants to understand her, two can play the same game. She will forever close her heart from others until there is someone who will genuinely try to see her for who she really is.

Fumino.png Fumino Furuhashi @ Bokuben (We Can't Study)
(written by Momento10)

"The Sleeping Beauty of the Literary Forest" is the title given to the literary genius named Furuhashi Fumino.

Like most notable reading and writing students, Fumino is able to write essays capable of causing various stirs of emotions. She is capable of reading the atmosphere and choosing her words carefully in order to transition in between emotional situations smoothly. She is also able to read between the lines of other people's conversations and internally interprets them to understand what each person truly wishes to say.

Although she is a literary analyst, she unfortunately suffers from mathematical hypersomnia, a terrible disease where she sleeps every time she sees a long, complicated equation that she cannot understand. Her body establishes a coping mechanism to offset any potential information overload by shutting down her brain and sending her off into a dreamlike state. Side effects include self-harm via clothespins and self-consciousness of appearances, such as lack of bust size or possible weight gain.

However, such a detrimental condition will not stop her from fulfilling her goals to become an astronomer. For the longest time, Fumino has admired the stars in the sky, hoping to find her late mother within the star system. The bond between mother and daughter is difficult to sever, and Fumino is willing to do anything and everything to see her dreams bear fruit.

Her words are her sword; her books; her shield. It is time to conquer the numerical dungeon.

Mafuyu.png Mafuyu Kirisu @ Bokuben
(written by Momento10)

There once was a young girl who was an elite figure skater. She has won countless tournaments and held numerous trophies at a young age. Many had high hopes for her, believing her to do great things in her incredible life.

This is not a fairytale story with a happy ending, but a down-to-earth realistic lesson of regret. This is a story of someone who realized she cannot keep up with her dream, and the moment it all fell apart, instead to recapturing her path to glory, she abandoned it and went on for a more stable career path. The trophies to not represent the memories of happy days, but a reminder of her failure to continue to chase her dream if she had the passion to pursue it.

Nowadays, you can find her working in a high school as a teacher. Her knowledge about history is second to none, and her beauty makes both teachers and students swoon for her. Ironically, her elegance and grace in the podium does not translate in the living room, where she relaxes by wearing school jumpsuits and a majority of her wares are scattered about haphazardly, creating a fine nest for various, uninvited bugs to scatter about.

Instead of encouraging other students to follow their dreams, she wakes them up to the reality of their situation. An outstanding STEM student with terrible literary grades should not be pursuing a liberal arts career. Conversely, a talented literary student with poor arithmetic grades should not be pursuing a STEM career. They should accept where their strengths lie and pursue a career based on that. To seek something that they want to pursue and fail in the process is a pain no one should go through. It is a feeling she knows all too well.

Perhaps, this is not only a story about failure, self-loathing, and pain, but also a story of redemption, reconciliation, and forgiveness, not just for others, but for herself. All Kirisu Mafuyu has to do is open her book and turn the next page, for her story is far from over.

Kaede bgs.png Kaede Azusagawa @ Seishun Buta Yarou
(written by Momento10)

”Who am I? Who is the real me? Which one of us is me?”

Cyberbullying is something that should not be experienced. The words of another can have a major impact to one’s life. When Azusagawa Kaede became a victim of it, she went into a state of shock. Cuts started to appear for no reason. She started to bleed profusely. The physical, mental, and emotional scars were too much for her. And so, she chose to forget everything.

Kaede wakes up not knowing who she is or who her family members are. Everyone wanted her to remember who she is, but how can she remember if she does not know herself to begin with. Getting called a fraud is too much for her current psyche. Why is she getting blamed for something she has not done?

Nowadays, Kaede spends most of her time happily in an apartment complex with her older brother. Life is more comfortable when she is playing with her cat, watching television, or seeing videos of pandas. She is concerned that her brother occasionally brings a different girl into their house. She fears his priority to be with her is slowly falling each time another girl enters their life.

If only these peaceful days can go on forever…

Hina amano.png Hina Amano @ Weathering With You
(written by Momento10)

Legend has it that, every 800 years, a weather girl will be selected to have the power to control the weather as she pleases.

By chance, Amano Hina happened to stumble upon a shrine that appeared to be untouched by the never-ending rainfall of her city. In a world where everything is dark, gloomy, and depressing, Hina sought for a chance to bring light into the world. One wish later, Hina became a weather girl.

At first, Hina saw no purpose for this power other than to brighten up her day whenever she feels hopeless. A strange encounter with an eccentric boy gave her the idea of using her power to help others. As more and more people find happiness after seeing the sunlight after so long, Hina slowly finds meaning in her daily cloudy life.

Hina is best described as a ray of sunshine. Whenever she appears, she brightens up everyone's day, regardless of the events that occurred prior to their meeting. When she fades away, the people are reminded of the reality of their dreary lives and continue to gloom about. And if she were to be truly taken away by the clouds, would there truly be anyone who is willing to break through the sky to save her, who has been alone and powerless for so long?

With a smile as radiant as the sun, Hina cuts through her cloudy life in hopes to find meaning in a world that abandoned her.

Needs Entry:


Miyuki shirogane.png Miyuki Shirogane @ Kaguya-sama
(written by Momento10)

There are the intelligent. There are the hard workers. And then, there is Shirogane Miyuki.

In order to relieve his family of monetary issues, Miyuki studied diligently, entering the most prestigious high school meant for aristocrats with only his grades. But, he did not stop there. After proving that he is the top student of his school in academics, Miyuki was nominated and elected as student council president, proving that hard work always pays off.

Unfortunately, no amount of academic knowledge can help him figure out the complex equation that is love. Every plan he has created is sound on paper; yet, every time he tries to implement it, outside variables prevent him from executing it perfectly. An oblivious secretary, an anti-romance treasurer, and a servant in disguise are just some of the infinite number of reasons why his plans go south.

Despite all the things that can make his strategies run amok, Miyuki is stubborn to a fault. He will never give up. He will come up with new ways to try and accommodate each and every variable, all to make a certain girl admit that she has feelings for him.

If he can just realize that he is overthinking this entire ordeal, then maybe he will realize that the solution to the convoluted love problem can be as simple as sharing an umbrella under the rain, taking care of her while she is ill, or discussing the stars with her. But, that would be too easy, right?

Ishigami.png Yuu Ishigami @ Kaguya-sama
(written by Momento10)

Humans are scary, so why bother looking at them?

All Ishigami Yu wanted to do was the right thing. Had he known that he would be neglected and segregated because he tried to help someone who he believed has been wronged, maybe he would have not put in the effort to do so in the first place. However, that is not who he is.

Yu is an enigma even among the student council members, as he only appears sporadically to hand in the weekly and monthly reports as Treasurer. They know he enjoys video games and manga, strongly dislikes human interaction, and despises romance and couples, but outside when he reveals to them, they know nothing about him.

Despite how other people think and feel about him, Yu has a strong sense of justice. When he sees something that he knows is wrong, Yu will try and intervene indirectly. He will never openly admit that he helped them, for he does not want to experience that same pain again.

Until people truly see him for who he is, Yu will continue to play the part of an anti-social student. After all, that is how other people see him.

Tanjiro.png Tanjiro Kamado @ Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
(written by Momento10)

They slaughtered his entire family. They turned his only surviving sister into a demon. Kamado Tanjiro will never forgive them.

In an effort to find the one who turned his life upside down and save his sister from becoming a full-fledged demon, Tanjiro learns how to fight under the tutelage of a retired demon slayer. Weeks turn to months; months turn to years. However, Tanjiro's determination will not waver. If it helps him get one step closer to finding the cure to turn his sister back to normal, he will go through any harsh training to obtain the strength necessary to defeat the one that started it all.

Despite his strong hatred towards the demons, Tanjiro's heart is pure and gentle, like a calm sky reflecting over a tranquil sea. He knows that, before they were demons, they were once human, living a normal life just like anyone else. Rather than admonish them for the deaths they had caused, Tanjiro feels compassion, condolence, and torment. Rather than kill them for their atrocious crimes, Tanjiro wants to save them from their misery and hope they find solace in their next life.

And so, Tanjiro carries on with his black blade in hand, a blade full of mystery, but filled with unlimited potential. The path to save his sister is full of turmoil and regret, but he is ready for it. This is his reason for living, and he will not stop until justice is served.

Zenitsu.png Zenitsu Agatsuma @ Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
(written by Momento10)

The day Agatsuma Zenitsu was struck by lighting, he knew his life was going to go through hell.

Why does he have to train under a former demon slayer and listen to what he has to say? Zenitsu hates training. Training is tough. Every day, he is gassed out, beaten, battered, and bruised. This is not the life he signed up for. He wants to be free from danger, away from everything scary, and live a quiet, normal life. Is that too much to ask?

Why does he have to fight against demons? Demons are tough. Demons are scary. Zenitsu cannot bear the sight of looking them in the eye without quaking his boots. His survival in the selection exam has to be a fluke. There are others who are stronger than him and more motivated than he is. Why can't they do all of the work and he just sits in the sidelines? It is a win-win situation for both.

Unfortunately, life does not let him get away with these thoughts so easily. Zenitsu knows this, but he cannot help but he afraid. He feels weak and useless. He hates himself for this negative thoughts. He wants to change. He has to change. It is kill or be killed, and if Zenitsu wants to life a peaceful life in the future, then he must fight, for the sake of living the perfect life he so desires.

Like a flash of lighting, Zenitsu's power is swift, blinding, and impossible to see. Not even Zenitsu himself knows he has so much hidden potential inside of him. But, perhaps, that is for the best.

Inosuke.png Inosuke Hashibira @ Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
(written by Momento10)

The thirst for battle. The adrenaline of taking on something stronger than you. The thrill of hunting for your prey and delivering that final blow. This is the excitement that Hashibira Inosuke has always wanted, and he relishes every moment of it.

Unfortunately, strength and stamina are the only things he has going for him. Inosuke does not care about things that do not interest him. His communication skills are poor and blunt. His vocabulary is limited. His knowledge of the outside world is nonexistent. Anything that does not deal with fighting or training he deems irrelevant.

Underneath the boar mask is a boy who fails to understand compassion. Ever since his mother abandoned him, Inosuke lived in the mountains his whole life, knowing only about survival of the fittest. A simple kind gesture and a warm meal sparks something fuzzy inside him, but he doesn't seem to know what this feeling is. Will this feeling fuel him in battle for hinder it? These are questions only he can answer for himself.

Look out for the crazed man with a boar's head. He's ready to fight, and winning is the only acceptable outcome.

Giyuu.png Giyu Tomioka @ Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
(written by Momento10)

For the longest time, Giyu believed that all demons were evil and to be exterminated quickly so that humans could live to see another day. An encounter with a demon that chose to protect humans caused him to reconsider his initial beliefs. Could it be that there are exceptions to this cardinal rule? Is it truly possible that there are demons who are able to maintain their sense of humanity?

Rather than reject the idea completely, Giyu does the unthinkable and takes a gamble at that idea. He is even willing to sacrifice his own life and title if it means seeing his decision through to the end. The other demon slayers may find his strong desire to protect a demon offensive, but Giyu does not care. After all, if he is right, and if the demon girl is able to return to her human state, it proves that there may be a means outside of fighting that can turn this senseless war to their favor.

Until that day comes, he will remain silent and observant, watching everything unfold from afar. Should the chance he took fail, he has no issues cleaning up his mess. After all, that is his role as a demon slayer.

Merlin fate.png Merlin @ Fate/Grand Order
(written by Momento10)

He loves humanity. He hates humanity. He loves humanity. He hates humanity. He loves humanity....

Merlin's personality is best described as selective nihilism. On any given day, he would look down on humanity from atop his utopia, examining all the good and terrible things humans do to their environment and each other. Because he is immortal, the average life of a human being means nothing to him. He would rather stay away from them or any of their antics, as such impurities are unnecessary in his ideal realm.

The second humans are at the brink of extinction, Merlin descends from heaven to give them a helping hand to survive the catastrophe that would befall them. He would exert all of his reserved power if it means saving them from absolute destruction. As soon as he is done saving them, Merlin will return to his utopia and will never be seen again until another devastating situation happens to humanity once more.

Merlin's aloof and carefree lifestyle matches his personality to a fault. It is difficult to tell whether or not he is serious about anything, but when he does speak in a heavy manner, many wonder if he is joking around. Merlin will continuality confuse his allies and enemies with his laidback mannerisms, as they will forever wonder if actually cares about anything.

Merlin is everything and nothing at the same time. As long as humanity continues to survive, he will be the only one to know how he truly feels.

Enkidu fate.png "Enkidu" @ Fate/Grand Order
(written by Momento10)

He does not remember who he is; yet, he has memories that should be his.

For the longest time, Kingu refers to himself as Enkidu, who is supposedly a longtime friend of the great Babylonian king. He may share his exact appearance, but he has no knowledge of who this Enkidu person is. Thus, he uses his appearance to his advantage to try and break into the enemy stronghold and wreck havoc everywhere he does.

As far as Kingu is concerned, his sole alliance is to the one who summoned him into the world. If his master asked for the destruction of humanity, he will do so. If his master asks him to assist her in crafting the next generation of humans, he will do so. Everything is for the sake of his master. Without that one connection, he is nothing.

Every now and again, Kingu would recall fond memories of the past, memories that should be his, but are not his. The thought that he and his enemies were one best of friends sickens him. He should not know of this information; yet, somewhere deep within him, he knows that these memories are true. Torn between the knowledge of his past and his actions in the present, Kingu does not know who he is, what he is, and what purpose he has in his current life.

The only thing this troubled body knows that to do is fight. And so, he will continue to fight until he finds the answer he is looking for.

Fuutarou.png Fuutarou Uesugi @ 5-toubun no Hanayome
(written by Momento10)

When Uesugi Futaro accepted the job to be a family tutor, he did not expect it to be five quintuplets.

Life as a tutor to five is not as easy as he wanted it to be. He may be academically intelligent, but when it comes to social interactions, he is clueless. It does not help that none of the girls are interested in improving their grades, and those who are interested are either easily distracted or lack the proper motivation to do so.

Futaro will not give up. This is not about the money he will make by tutoring all five of them, although it would help his family's financial struggle. He genuinely wants all of them to enjoy studying and, at least, have a passing grade such that everyone can move up and graduate together.

Many people believe he was naturally smart, but that is not the case. No one will believe the story now, but when he was a child, he had a very wild personality. It was only after meeting a certain girl that he studied very hard to get the grades that he has today.

One day, he wishes to see her again to show her how far he has come from when he was a child. Perhaps the girl he is searching for is much closer than he thinks...

Hodaka.png Hodaka Morishima @ Weathering With You
(written by Momento10)

If one has nothing to lose, one might as well take a chance at anything.

Morishima Hodaka made the biggest gamble of his life when he ran away from home in order to start a new life in the big city. With no lifeline, Hodaka took a chance working at an occult publishing company. It might not be the most ideal job to start with, but it comes with room and food, even though he has to cook for himself and clean up after everyone else's mess.

Life in the city was not as cheerful and sunny as he thought it would be. Hodaka hoped that he would be part of something different and special, away from the normalcy that was binding him down. Like the city, Hodaka's views his life as a cloudy mess, the rain only reminding him of his predicament.

A chance encounter with a mystical girl may be the ray of hope Hodaka was looking for. For so long, he was nothing, a nobody, someone who's life was dictated by the whims of others. Now, he may be able to carve his own path, something he can be happy about and take pride in. That was all he wanted, something that he can truly call his own.

If only these happy, peaceful days can last forever..

Nishikata.png Nishikata @ Teasing Master Takagi-san
(written by Momento10)

Why does Nishikata continue to physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physiologically lose to the girl sitting next to her?

The girl next to him is so cute, popular, and friendly, she appears to be perfect student. Nishikata is unable to accept that. He will use every trick in the book to make her understand how it feels to be an average, normal person with nothing going for him and nothing to lose. There is absolutely no way that his plans to get her in embarrassing situations, plans that he came up with either minutes or days in advance, could fail.

As immature as Nishikata may be, he is also rather creative. He always has a different plan every day, each outdoing his last greatest scheme. Yet, with each disappointment comes humility. And maybe, just maybe, whenever that girl smiles at him and urges him to try again next time, he might be a little bit, just a little bit, interested in her romantically. No! That cannot be true! She is simply playing with his young, conflicting, innocent heart, and he will have none of it.

Another school day means another chance for victory. As long as Nishikata stands tall in his resolve, he will see the light to victory.

Senku.png Senku Ishigami @ Dr. Stone
(written by Momento10)

Anything can be solved with the power of science!

Instead of accepting his fate and living in a perpetual state forever, Ishigami Senku counted every second, hour, day, and year in his head until it was the proper time to break out of his shell, if possible. But he did not stop there. As soon as he was released from his petrified form, Senku did everything in his power to figure out how he was able to escape and how he can help others escape. If anyone can figure out a way out of this situation, it would be Senku.

Senku had always been curious ever since he was a child. He wanted to figure out everything and do anything. Using technology as his main form of expertise, Senku is able to craft as many things as possible in order to achieve the result that he wanted. Sure, most of the time, his inventions end up in smoke, but failure is only a extra stepping stone to the ladder of success. And when a project is able to go beyond one's expectations, one can feel truly satisfied to be a part of that experiment.

However, his upcoming science project is far greater than anything he has ever done before: restore humanity to the way it was during his time. With science and technology reverted back to its prehistoric state, Senku must use every corner of his knowledge possible to fast forward civilization to modern times. It may take weeks, months, even years, but Senku will not stop. He will figure something out. He will come up with as many plans as he can. And he will come out victorious.

Time is of essence. With his head held high, Senku prepares for the greatest experiment of the century.

Needs Entry:

  • Seiya cautious.png Seiya Ryuuguuin @ Cautious Hero
  • Yaichi.png Yaichi Kuzuryu @ Ryuo no Oshigoto!
  • Naofumi.png Naofumi Iwatani @ Shield Hero
  • Shuuichi hibike.png Shuuichi Tsukamoto @ Sound! Euphonium
  • Norman.png Norman @ The Promised Neverland
  • Ray.png Ray @ The Promised Neverland



Elaina.png Elaina @ Wandering Witch
(written by Momento10)

Who's that young, beautiful girl flying in the air where even the wind dances with her ash-colored hair? Yes, it's her: Elaina.

aina is the very definition of pride. After all, not everyone can claim that they graduated from the academy at the age of 14 and become a full-fledged witch at the age of 15. And, Elaina had to work very hard to do so in such a short amount of time, studying day at night, focusing all her free time conjuring spells. She has every right to be a little selfish about her demands.

All those who loathe her have no choice but to admire her. After all, her ego is not just for show. She can easily back up her word with her powerful incantation of spells. Whether it is reversing time to fix broken objects and buildings, defeating powerful enemies, or assisting witches in theoretical tasks, there is nothing Elaina is not capable of. This young witch is capable of defying expectations, and she flaunts it.

With great power comes great responsibility, and the person most critical of her thoughts and actions is herself. She knows that she is a traveler. She knows that she is an outsider entering the lives of other power. And even if she wants to do more for the people she has acquainted herself with, she cannot. Settling in would mean giving up her dreams of traveling the world, which she cannot afford to lose. Such is the life she has chosen as a wandering witch.

And so, Elaina flies on, hoping to one day create a novel just like the one that inspired her to be a witch, but better. After all, she is Elaina - nothing short of perfection.

Saya majo.png Saya @ Wandering Witch
(written by Momento10)

Who knew applying to become a witch could be so tough? Saya had to leave her village in order to study at an academy. Not only it is far away, but is it also expensive. She has to work part time at a hotel so she and her sister could pay for their education and living expenses. This was not what she signed up for, but if it helps her become a witch faster, everything should work out, right?

Who knew studying to become a witch would be so lonely? Graduates and newcomers come and go, and just as Saya was starting to make friends, they all leave ahead of her. Even her younger sister, the one person whom she cares about the most, graduated faster than her and is out there studying as an apprentice somewhere far away from her. A witch's life can feel emptier than darkness. Surely, there will be someone else who will be willing to stay with her forever during these difficult times, right?

Who knew life after becoming a witch can be so demanding? Even after Saya graduated from the academy, she is back at the starting point of her budding career: homeless, jobless, and penniless. At least, there is always work available at the Magic Association. But, the tutor that she chose to study under at the association is super strict at her and lazy to boot. Worse, her teacher never told her that her younger sister, who she has not seen or heard from since she graduated from the academy, was also learning under her. But, if she keeps working hard, surely she will meet the one who inspired her to continue to become a witch and never give up, right?

Saya's journey as a witch is only getting started, and she is not gong to stop anytime soon.

Chizuru i.png Chizuru Ichinose @ Rental Girlfriend
(written by Momento10)

"Ichinose Chizuru is the best girlfriend anyone can hope for. She is kind, compassionate, and attentive. She carefully listens to my concerns and worries and knows exactly what to say in any given situation. When I am around her, I feel like I can forget about all of my life's troubles and finally enjoy my time after a stressful day at work. Highly recommended." - ★★★★★

"Ichinose Chizuru is so sweet and caring. She really knows her stuff. No wonder she's the most highly sought out rental girlfriend in the business. She is very professional about her work as a girlfriend and it shows. Why can't actual girls be modelled after her? She's perfect!" - ★★★★★

"Ichinose Chizuru is the kind of girl you wish you can spend your entire lives with. It's hard to find anyone as sincere and comforting as her. She analyzes my body language and words carefully and reacts accordingly to provide the best result possible. She helped talked me through my concerns and give me a new lease in life. I am forever in debt to her." - ★★★★★

"Don't be fooled by all these 5-star ratings! Ichinose Chizuru is actually stubborn, arrogant, and hates to admit defeat. There are times she would lash out if things don't go her way or gets angry when she questions what was wrong with her service. Worse, she knows nothing about fish, the only creatures who would never look down on you or say nasty things about you behind your back. If you guys knew who the real Ichinose Chizuru is, you'd give her a bad rating, too." - ☆☆☆☆☆

"Okay, maybe I was a bit harsh. Mizuhara Chizuru is clearly working as a girlfriend for a good reason. She wants to show her grandmother that she is able to live on her own and hopefully be able to pay off all her medical bills. Behind both the studios and callous side of her is a girl questioning whether or not she can keep living her life like this behind her grandmother's back. Maybe she's more fragile than I thought. Maybe there is more to her that meets the eye if people actually took the time to learn about her personal life. Maybe she wants to live a life she can be proud of and call her own. It may not be now, but I wish her all the best, and I will continue to support her from the sidelines, even if she may not want my help." - ? ? ? ? ?

Sumi.png Sumi Sakurasawa @ Rental Girlfriend
(written by Momento10)

The last occupation anyone would think Sakurasawa Sumi would get is working part time as a rental girlfriend.

Sumi may be the sweetest angel on the planet, but she is also the most indecisive one of them all. Coupled by her strong fear of strangers and lack of communication skills, and it is of no wonder why so many people have given up on trying to go along with her, and it shows in the poor ratings she is getting day in and day out.

It is not as though she cannot make the effort if she tried hard enough. She plans out her dates and writes down what she will say whenever a situation arises, as a good girlfriend should. It is putting into practice that is the most difficult obstacle. She is so shy that she overthinks what could happen outside of her dating plans, and whenever she wants to talk, she ends up using her body language instead. Maybe she is not cut out for this after all.

An encounter with a willing client may be the motivation she needs to keep going. Perhaps she wants to overcome her ability to converse with strangers. Perhaps she seeks confidence in speaking her mind out, even if it might hurt the person in question. Either way, as long as there is someone who will take time to get her to soften up and be herself, she can continue this rental girlfriend gig a bit longer.

The key to understanding Sumi is patience. And if all the cards fall in the right place, she could be a diamond in the rough, waiting for the right person to give her the shine she needs to bloom into a beautiful gem.

Needs Entry:


Rengoku.png Kyojuro Rengoku @ Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
(written by Momento10)

Powerful. Commanding. An awe-inspiring presence. These are the qualities Rengoku Kyojuro has and more.

Like the fire that burns inside him, Kyojuro's positivity and sense of justice is contagious and widespread. He understands his duties as one of the strongest demon slayers the company has and wields his title in pride. He risks his life every time he chooses to draw his blade against the enemy, but that is a sacrifice he is willing to take.

Kyojuro seems perfect in every regard, it is hard to anyone to find any fault in his character or behavior. However, that in and of itself could be a telling sign of the trials, the shame, and the disappointment he had to go through to make it this far. Kyojuro has no right to waver. He must be a shining example to his peers and to the weak and innocent. Kyojuro does not mind this pressure; he thrives in it. After all, what could be more rewarding than seeing the people's satisfied faces after knowing their lives are safe?

To all demons to dare take advantage of people's fears, be aware of the blazes of Kyojuro's blade. He will burn them all down for the sake of peace and prosperity.

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