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Inori Yuzuriha is the main female protagonist of the 2011 anime original series Guilty Crown, produced by the animation studio Production I.G. She established a continuous presence at the International Saimoe League since her first appearance in 2012 and has reached the postseason three times, with her best result being a round of 16 loss in 2013. Inori failed to qualify for the first time in ISML 2021 after finishing 79th in the preliminary rounds, seven spots down from the regular season capacity of 72.


ISML record[]


  • Regular season icon.png Nova 9th (27-0-8)
  • Postseason Phase 1 Nova Division


  • Regular season icon.png Nova 8th (28-0-7)


Other tournaments[]

Korea Best Moe Tournament[]



ISML Profile Flavor Text
Yuzuriha inori.png

Yuzuriha Inori took on many roles. She was a container, a confidant, and a tool. She obediently did as she was told. But the one thing she always truly wanted was to become human.

She cannot understand the sadness and joy of those around her. She has never loved or hated. She was not taught about emotions. But her soul remembers. At times when the silver glow of the moon is her sole companion, Inori lets her voice weave a song. The melody coming from deep within her heart is Inori's comfort, proof that she is not empty inside.

But even if she is nothing more than a container, she can still take in the things around her and learn from them. Inori experiences trust and love and grasps onto those feelings. She will keep hold of them until she can understand what they mean and, one day, reciprocate them. Until that day comes, she will protect those few who were able to accept her for who she was.

There is nothing within her – no fear, and not a shred of hesitation.


International Saimoe League

  • Best finish: Round of 16 (2013)
  • Highest final position: 15th (2013)

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