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ISML 2022
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Date Start: 2022-09-28 (tentative)
Participants 96 (main tournament)
Language English
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ISML 2022 will be the 15th edition of the International Saimoe League. The tournament is planned to begin around 2022 September 28, according to an announcement by head organizer Maglor in the ISML Discord server.[1] On 2022 July 24, staff member Chibasa announced that ISML 2022 will be the final edition, owing to "lack of the staff's number, work hours, and technical capabilities" making it "difficult to maintain a stable and largely fair operation of ISML for much longer".[2][3]

ISML 2022's format will use a shortened schedule. The main tournament will consist of 96 characters. Since 2022 is the "last chance" to get a Tiara / Scepter, all anime characters will be eligible for nomination in main tournament, including previous ISML champions and characters who first appeared in 2022. The "one necklace / pendant per year" rule is also abolished for this edition, and the gem rounds are tweaked in order to prioritize a character's missing and/or most appropriate gem for them. Finally, the playoffs stage will return to the double-elimination bracket, with some modifications: the final round will be contested between the upper bracket winner and the two lower bracket finalists in an instant-runoff vote match. If one of the lower bracket finalists wins the IRV match, they will play against the upper bracket winner again in a range-voting "bracket reset" round to decide the champion.

The tournament's charter (rules & regulations) is slated to be finalized on late August.

Elaina and Sakuta Azusagawa will be the defending champions of this special tournament.

Gem Rounds[]

The necklace and pendant rounds will have a preliminary poll or survey for each period to determine which characters will contest each gem round, with the ISML staff giving priority to characters missing a particular gem, then characters who they feel is the most fitting gem for them (e.g. Keke Tang for Aquamarine[note 1]). Furthermore, the 1 gem per person limit is removed. Given that ISML 2022 is the final edition and that past champions are allowed, these rules have significant implications for who gets the coveted "rainbow necklace"[note 2] achievement, of which five girls can realistically obtain this year:

Based on the list above, a maximum of three girls (Shana, Asuna, Mashiro) can achieve the rainbow necklace distinction this year, provided they all win their respective gem rounds.


The announcement of ISML ending with a last special edition on 2022 gained much attention from the Chinese ACGN community, since the tournament is seen by them as the "last known significant saimoe". On July 27, the announcement became a trending search topic on Bilibili, as reported by multiple users across several platforms,[4][5] and a topic about the so-called "Battle of the Gods" (referring to the champions ban rule being lifted, implying that many of these champions would appear in the playoffs) was created on the website.[6]



  1. Keke's image color is light blue, which is close to aquamarine. Keke is also seen by many Chinese fans as a Tiara favorite this year, which is supported by the fact that Aquamarine gem winners historically have the most instances where they went on to win ISML in the same year they won that gem.
  2. win all 7 gem periods at least once


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