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Tiara Winners Fate Testarossa FateHinagiku Katsura HinaMio kon.png MioMikoto.png MisakaKanade Tachibana TenshiRuri Gokou KuronekoKotori Itsuka KotoriEru.png EruShana ShanaMegumi Katou KatouRem.png RemViolet.png VioletYukino.png Yukino • 2021 • 2022
Scepter Winners Lelouch.png Lelouch† • Kirito.png Kirito† • Houtarou.png Oreki† • Hideyoshi.png Hideyoshi† • Accel.png AccelSora.png SoraKoro.png Koro8man.png 8manRimuru.png SlimeMiyuki shirogane.png Shirogane • 2021 • 2022
- Male exhibition victory

ISML 2020 was the 13th edition of the International Saimoe League. The competition began in July 1st 2020, and ended in the midnight of Chinese New Year, February 12th 2021, in Beijing time. The returning champions were Mikoto Misaka and Lelouch vi Britannia, champions of the ISML 2011 Main Tournament and Male Exhibitions respectively.

The tournament's regular season, which is contested by 96 characters, underwent a major overhaul as it was changed into a three splits system: Split 1 involved groups of six, while Splits 2 and 3 lasted 3 periods each, and was contested between groups of 16 contestants. As a result, the wildcard rounds were reduced to just two rounds, held after the end of splits 1 and 2. This year also saw the return of the preliminary rounds, which are meant to reduce the number of qualified nominees to fit within the regular season's capacity, and the "jewelry exhibitions" (also known as exhibition gems), which are contested between the best performers of each period who have never won an ISML award.

As with most ISML tournaments, 2020 was characterized by the clash of several voting factions representing popular shows; in this edition it's between Kaguya-sama, Raildex, and Oregairu, who benefited from having new seasons airing that year. These shows earned the lion's share of gem awards as well.

The female division ended with Yukino Yukinoshita winning the Tiara against Misaka, foiling the latter's quest for a repeat championship just after she was unbanned from the champions rule. As the final match happened at the eve of the Spring Festival, it garnered a massive amount of attention in the ISML Tieba forums mostly due to Chinese Railgun fans, and Yukino supporters wanting to see their waifu join her boyfriend in the hall of fame. The event also caused the official ISML Discord server to receive an influx of new users eager to see the results.

Meanwhile, the male division was dominated by Kaguya-sama's lead protagonist Miyuki Shirogane, who led the tournament in nominations, voting numbers, and percentages, and finished the regular season undefeated and untied. He defeated Bunny Girl Senpai's Sakuta Azusagawa, who was making his second consecutive finals appearance, by just 30 votes to secure this year's Scepter, making him the third male champion to complete a perfect season and becoming the first-ever debutant to achieve such a feat regardless of sex.


All voting rounds begin and end at 10:00 UTC (18:00 Beijing, 06:00 New York). Results are displayed ~12 hours after voting ends. Assuming there's no delays, each round will last 3 days from voting, results, and waiting time. Gem rounds last ~5 days.

  • Nominations: July 1 - 8
  • Preliminaries: July 22 - August 2
  • Aquamarine Aquamarine: August 7 - September 2
  • Topaz Topaz: September 5 - 24
  • Amethyst Amethyst: September 29 - October 16
  • Sapphire Sapphire: October 21 - November 7
  • Emerald Emerald: November 13 - 29
  • Ruby Ruby: December 4 - 21
  • Diamond Diamond: 2020 December 26 - 2021 January 12
  • Playoffs: 2021 January 19 - February 11

Nomination Round[]

The main tournament will consist of at least 120 contestants per gender.

  • Subtracting all directly qualified contestants (14 female and 6 male), this means that only the top 106 females and top 114 males will qualify.
  • Contestants will advance to these stages according to their rankings:
    • Regular season: Top 64 females and top 72 males
    • Preliminary Round 2: Females ranked 65-82, and males ranked 73-90.
    • Preliminary Round 1: All remaining contestants.
  • If last place is tied, all relevant contestants will qualify as well.
  • Nomination tiebreakers (except last place):
    1. ISML Career regular season wins
    2. ISML Career Main tournament wins
    3. Newest anime media release
    4. Staff selection


Nomination Rules for ISML 2020

For those unfamiliar with ISML's nomination system:

  • nominations last seven days
  • Each voter is given a ballot with 24 entries. To nominate a character, simply type its name AND its series. Name order / spelling / language / aliases don't matter as long as it's clear who you're referring to.
  • All characters must make their animated debut on December 31, 2019 or earlier.
  • Ballots must fulfill several important conditions in order for their nominations to be counted; failure to meet all of them will result in a voided ballot.
  • Invalid entries are discarded independently and will NOT void your entire ballot unless it fails to meet the minimum requirements below.


  • Must represent at least eight (5) anime series (spin-offs and crossovers do not count as separate series)
  • Must nominate at least two (2) males and females each
  • Four (4) characters maximum per series/franchise. Don't exceed this limit, otherwise the staff will discard them all if you do because they can't choose.

ISML champions from 2012-2019 CANNOT be nominated because of the champions ban rule; they will be placed in a separate tournament of champions instead. They are as follows:

* despite being exhibitions, they're retroactively counted as official male champions

For more details regarding the seasonal tournament nominations, click here.

Direct Invites[]

These contestants are automatically qualified for the regular season, and thus do NOT need to be nominated, nor they will participate in the preliminary rounds.

2019 Necklace Winners
Topaz Amethyst Sapphire Emerald Ruby Diamond
Rin Tohsaka Yukino Yukinoshita Sagiri Izumi Kurumi Tokisaki  Mai Sakurajima Kurisu Makise
Fate Series Oregairu Eromanga-sensei Date A Live Bunny Girl Senpai Steins;Gate

2019 Seasonals
Winter Diadem Spring Diadem Summer Diadem Fall Diadem Winter Runner-up Spring Runner-up Summer Runner-up Fall Runner-up
Enterprise al.png
Kaguya Shinomiya Fumino Furuhashi Gray Ishtar Miku Nakano Nezuko Kamado Yuuko Yoshida "Shamiko" USS Enterprise CV-6
Kaguya-sama: Love is War Bokuben Lord El-Melloi II Case Files (Fate) Fate/Grand Order 5-toubun no Hanayome Kimetsu no Yaiba Machikado Mazoku Azur Lane

Pendant Winners
Topaz Amethyst Sapphire Emerald Ruby Diamond
Riku Dola Sakuta Azusagawa Kiyotaka Ayanokouji Tomoya Okazaki Touma Kamijou Yuuta Togashi
No Game no Life: Zero Bunny Girl Senpai Classroom of the Elite Clannad Toaru series Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!


To view nomination results by anime, go to the results page.

Newcomers are indicated in bolded text.

Female Division

Female Nomination Results Source
# Name Series Votes
Advanced to Regular Season
01 Mikoto.png Mikoto Misaka Toaru 428
02 Mashiro.png Mashiro Shiina Sakurasou 291
03 Rikka chuuni.png Rikka Takanashi Chuunibyou 248
04 Asuna.png Asuna Yuuki Sword Art Online 228
05 Emilia.png Emilia Re:Zero 218
06 Iroha.png Iroha Isshiki Oregairu 162
07 Kumiko.png Kumiko Oumae Sound! Euphonium 143
08 Kazusa.png Kazusa Touma White Album 2 141
09 Mio kon.png Mio Akiyama K-On! 140
10 Misaki 2.5.jpg Misaki Shokuhou Toaru
11 Utaha.png Utaha Kasumigaoka Saekano 137
12 Chika f.png Chika Fujiwara Kaguya-sama: Love is War
13 Shiro1.png Shiro No Game No Life 132
14 Yui yuigahama.png Yui Yuigahama Oregairu 130
15 Yui Hirasawa Yui Hirasawa K-On! 127
16 Taiga.png Taiga Aisaka Toradora! 126
17 Kuroko.png Kuroko Shirai Toaru
18 Nao.png Nao Tomori Charlotte 125
19 Kei karuizawa.png Kei Karuizawa Classroom of the Elite
20 Index.png Index Toaru 124
21 Saber.png Saber Fate/stay night 118
22 Homura.png Homura Akemi Madoka Magica 115
23 Nagisa.png Nagisa Furukawa Clannad 110
24 Alice zuberg.png Alice Zuberg Sword Art Online 109
25 Isla1.png Isla Plastic Memories
26 Shouko.png Shouko Nishimiya A Silent Voice 107
27 Tamako.png Tamako Kitashirakawa Tamako Market 105
28 Chino.png Chino Kafuu Gochiusa 100
29 Eriri.png Eriri Spencer Sawamura Saekano
30 Madoka.png Madoka Kaname Madoka Magica 99
31 Ai haibara.png Ai Haibara Detective Conan 98
32 Yuu koito.png Yuu Koito Bloom Into You 95
33 Haruhi.png Haruhi Suzumiya Haruhi Suzumiya 93
34 Azusa n.png Azusa Nakano K-On! 93
35 Mirai.png Mirai Kuriyama Kyoukai no Kanata 91
36 Kaori.png Kaori Miyazono Your Lie in April 90
37 Haruno.png Haruno Yukinoshita Oregairu 87
38 Hina amano.png Hina Amano Weathering With You 86
39 Shinobu kny.png Shinobu Kochou Kimetsu no Yaiba 83
40 Schwi.png Schwi Dola No Game No Life: Zero
41 Megumin.png Megumin Konosuba 82
42 Reina.png Reina Kousaka Sound! Euphonium
43 Takagi.png Takagi Teasing Master Takagi-san 80
44 02.png Zero Two Darling in the FranXX 79
45 Mei misaki.png Mei Misaki Another 78
46 Nanami.png Nanami Aoyama Sakurasou 77
47 Hayasaka 3.png Ai Hayasaka Kaguya-sama: Love is War 76
48 Tohka.png Tohka Yatogami Date A Live 74
49 Sakura matou.png Sakura Matou Fate/stay night
50 Mafuyu.png Mafuyu Kirisu Bokuben 73
51 Sora kasugano.png Sora Kasugano Yosuga no Sora 72
52 Mitsuha.png Mitsuha Miyamizu Your Name
53 Mikasa.png Mikasa Ackerman Attack on Titan
54 Illya.png Illyasviel von Einzbern Fate/stay night 70
55 Eresh fate.png Ereshkigal (Lancer) Fate/Grand Order
56 Umaru.png Umaru Doma Himouto! Umaru-chan 66
57 Ruiko.png Ruiko Saten Toaru
58 Cardcaptor.png Sakura Kinomoto Cardcaptor Sakura 65
59 Sinon.png Shino "Sinon" Asada Sword Art Online 64
60 Yuki n.png Yuki Nagato Haruhi Suzumiya 63
61 Kanna.png Kanna Kamui Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid 62
62 Chtholly.png Chtholly Nota Seniorious SukaSuka 61
63 Inori.png Inori Yuzuriha Guilty Crown 57
64 Origami.png Origami Tobiichi Date A Live 56
Preliminary Round 2
65 Suzune.png Suzune Horikita Classroom of the Elite 55
66 Touko nanami.png Touko Nanami Bloom Into You 54
67 Shouko m.png Shouko Makinohara Bunny Girl Senpai 53
68 Holo Holo Spice and Wolf 51
69 Menma.png Meiko "Menma" Honma Anohana
70 Ginko s.png Ginko Sora Ryuuou no Oshigoto!
71 Reines.png Reines El-Melloi Archisorte Lord El-Melloi II Case Files 47
72 Rachel.png Rachel Gardner Angels of Death 46
73 Yotsuba.png Yotsuba Nakano 5-toubun no Hanayome
74 Yoshino dal.png Yoshino Date A Live 45
75 Mayuri Shiina Mayuri Shiina Steins;Gate 44
76 Chiyo s.png Chiyo Sakura Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
77 Cocoa.png Kokoa Hoto Gochiusa
78 Shinobu Oshino Shinobu Oshino Monogatari 40
79 Nino nakano.png Nino Nakano 5-toubun no Hanayome
80 Mizore.png Mizore Yoroizuka Sound! Euphonium
81 Tohru dragon.png Tohru Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid 39
82 Ram.png Ram Re:Zero
Preliminary Round 1
83 Raphtalia.png Raphtalia Shield Hero 38
84 Tomoyo.png Tomoyo Sakagami Clannad 37
85 Itsuki.png Itsuki Nakano 5-toubun no Hanayome
86 Kanao.png Kanao Tsuyuri Kimetsu no Yaiba
87 Nozomi hibike.png Nozomi Kasaki Sound! Euphonium 35
88 Cc.png C.C. Code Geass 34
89 Konata.png Konata Izumi Lucky Star
90 Emma.png Emma The Promised Neverland 33
91 Nero fate.png Nero (Saber Extra) Fate/EXTRA
92 Kirino.png Kirino Kousaka Oreimo 32
93 Ayase.png Ayase Aragaki Oreimo
94 Aqua.png Aqua Konosuba 31
95 Shiki.png Shiki Ryougi Kara no Kyoukai
96 Ran.png Ran Mouri Detective Conan
97 Ewood.png Eucliwood Hellscythe Is this a zombie? 30
98 Hinata wataten.png Hinata Hoshino Wataten
99 Kaede bgs.png Kaede Azusagawa Bunny Girl Senpai 29
100 Gabriel.png Gabriel Tenma White Gabriel Dropout 28
101 Asuka ls.png Asuka Langley Soryu Neon Genesis Evangelion
102 Hitagi.png Hitagi Senjougahara Monogatari
103 Chitoge.png Chitoge Kirisaki Nisekoi 27
104 Jibril1.png Jibril No Game No Life 26
105 Isuzu.png Isuzu Sento Amagi Brilliant Park
106 Momo chiyoda.png Momo Chiyoda Machikado Mazoku
107 Itsuwa1.png Itsuwa Toaru
Did not Qualify (20+ votes only)
120 Miuna.png Miuna Shiodome Nagi no Asukara 25
121 Rei ayanami.png Rei Ayanami Neon Genesis Evangelion
122 Setsuna.png Setsuna Ogiso White Album 2
123 Beatrice re0.png Beatrice Re:Zero
124 Mugi.png Tsumugi Kotobuki K-On! 24
125 Mash Kyrielight Mash Kyrielight Fate/Grand Order
126 Kokomi.png Kokomi Teruhashi Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan 22
127 Shinoa.png Shinoa Hiiragi Seraph of the End 21
128 Kyouko k.png Kyouko Kirigiri Danganronpa
129 Ai enma.png Ai Enma Hell Girl 20
130 Kosaki.png Kosaki Onodera Nisekoi
131 Satone.png Satone Shichimiya Chuunibyou
132 Kei shirogane.png Kei Shirogane Kaguya-sama:Love is War
133 Ritsu.png Ritsu Tainaka K-On!
134 Vic.png Victorique de Blois Gosick

Male Division

Male Nomination Results Source
# Name Series Votes
Advanced to Regular Season
01 Miyuki shirogane.png Miyuki Shirogane Kaguya-sama: Love is War 203
02 Ishigami.png Yuu Ishigami Kaguya-sama: Love is War 151
03 Okabe.png Rintarou Okabe Steins;Gate 112
04 Waver.png Waver Velvet Lord El-Melloi II Case Files [Note 1] 110
05 Tanjiro.png Tanjiro Kamado Kimetsu no Yaiba 105
06 Levi.png Levi Ackerman Attack on Titan 104
07 Subaru1.png Subaru Natsuki Re:Zero 89
08 Conan.png Conan Edogawa Detective Conan 83
09 Shirou.png Shirou Emiya Fate/stay night 79
10 Jotaro.png Jotaro Kujo JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 72
11 Takashi.png Takashi Natsume Natsume's Book of Friends 71
12 Archer.png Archer Fate/stay night 70
13 Eren.png Eren Yeager Attack on Titan 69
14 Osamu bungou.png Osamu Dazai Bungou Stray Dogs
15 Lancer.png Lancer Fate/stay night 67
16 Gilgamesh.png Gilgamesh Fate/stay night 65
17 Saiki.png Kusuo Saiki Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan 61
18 Eugeo.png Eugeo Sword Art Online
19 Taki.png Taki Tachibana Your Name 56
20 Ryuuji.png Ryuuji Takasu Toradora! 55
21 Shidou.png Shidou Itsuka Date A Live
22 Mochizou.png Mochizou Ooji Tamako Market 53
23 Lelouch.png Lelouch vi Britannia Code Geass
24 Yato.png Yato Noragami 52
25 Kyon1.png Kyon Haruhi Suzumiya
26 Ken kaneki.png Ken Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul 46
27 Sorata.png Sorata Kanda Sakurasou 45
28 Otosaka.png Yuu Otosaka Charlotte
29 Kaito kid.png Kaito Kuroba Detective Conan
30 Haruka n.png Haruka Nanase Free!
31 Zenitsu.png Zenitsu Agatsuma Kimetsu no Yaiba 41
32 Giyuu.png Giyu Tomioka Kimetsu no Yaiba 39
33 Edward.png Edward Elric Fullmetal Alchemist
34 Kousei.png Kousei Arima Your Lie in April 38
35 Saika.png Saika Totsuka Oregairu
36 Koyomi.png Koyomi Araragi Monogatari 37
37 Enkidu fate.png "Enkidu" [Note 2] Fate/Grand Order
38 Yuzuru.png Yuzuru Otonashi Angel Beats! 36
39 Kazuma.png Kazuma Satou Konosuba
40 Joseph.png Joseph Joestar JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 34
41 Merlin fate.png Merlin (Caster) Fate/Grand Order
42 Saitama.png Saitama One Punch Man 32
43 Luffy.png Monkey D. Luffy One Piece 31
44 Isaac.png Isaac Foster Angels of Death 29
45 Gintoki.png Gintoki Sakata Gintama 28
46 Haruka k 2.png Haruka Kasugano Yosuga no Sora
47 Chuuya bungou.png Chuuya Nakahara Bungou Stray Dogs 27
48 Willem.png Willem Kmetsch SukaSuka
49 Ainz.png Ainz Ooal Gown Overlord
50 Karma.png Karma Akabane Assassination Classroom
51 Nagisa assclass.png Nagisa Shiota Assassination Classroom
52 Kiritsugu.png Kiritsugu Emiya Fate/Zero 26
53 Naruto.png Naruto Uzumaki Naruto
54 Shu.png Shu Ouma Guilty Crown 25
55 Senku.png Senku Ishigami Dr. Stone
56 Izayoi.png Izayoi Sakamaki Mondaiji 24
57 Ryuunosuke akasaka.png Ryuunosuke Akasaka Sakurasou 23
58 Mikaela.png Mikaela Hyakuya Seraph of the End
59 Norman.png Norman The Promised Neverland
60 Shouya.png Shouya Ishida A Silent Voice 22
61 Hodaka.png Hodaka Morishima Weathering With You
62 Koichi another.png Koichi Sakakibara Another
63 Giorno.png Giorno Giovanna JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 5) 21
64 Hiro16.png Hiro Darling in the FranXX
65 Ray.png Ray The Promised Neverland 20
66 Syaoran.png Syaoran Li Cardcaptor Sakura
67 Nishikata.png Nishikata Teasing Master Takagi-san
68 Naofumi.png Naofumi Iwatani Shield Hero
69 Tomoya aki.png Tomoya Aki Saekano 19
70 Satoshi.png Satoshi Fukube Hyouka
71 Sasuke.png Sasuke Uchiha [Note 3] Naruto 18
72 Inosuke.png Inosuke Hashibira [Note 3] Kimetsu no Yaiba
Preliminary Round 2
73 Dio.png Dio Brando [Note 3] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 18
74 Hyakkimaru.png Hyakkimaru Dororo (2020 reboot) 17
75 Karna (Fate) Karna (Lancer of Red) Fate/Apocrypha
76 Seiya cautious.png Seiya Ryuuguuin Cautious Hero
77 Akihito.png Akihito Kanbara Kyoukai no Kanata 16
78 Itachi.png Itachi Uchiha Naruto
79 Mob.png Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama Mob Psycho 100
80 Reigen.png Arataka Reigen Mob Psycho 100
81 Shuuichi hibike.png Shuuichi Tsukamoto Sound! Euphonium 15
82 Iori kitahara.png Iori Kitahara Grand Blue
83 Fuutarou.png Fuutarou Uesugi 5-toubun no Hanayome
84 Souma.png Soma Yukihira Shokugeki no Soma
85 Tsunayoshi.png Tsunayoshi Sawada Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 14
86 Rentaro.png Rentaro Satomi Black Bullet
87 Taihei.png Taihei Doma Himouto! Umaru-chan
88 Hei.png Hei Darker than Black
89 Ikki.png Ikki Kurogane Chivalry of a Failed Knight
90 Tomoe.png Tomoe Kamisama Kiss
Preliminary Round 1
91 Sougo ousaka.png Sougo Ousaka Idolish7 14
92 Shinji.png Shinji Ikari Neon Genesis Evangelion 13
93 Sessho.png Sesshomaru Inuyasha
94 Zoro.png Roronoa Zoro One Piece
95 Hinata s.png Shouyou Hinata Haikyuu!!
96 Yuichiro.png Yuichiro Hyakuya Seraph of the End
97 Ranpo bungou.png Ranpo Edogawa Bungou Stray Dogs
98 Maou sadao.png Sadao Maou The Devil is a Part-Timer!
99 Rei kiriyama.png Rei Kiriyama 3-gatsu no Lion 12
100 Ruka.png Ruka Urushibara Steins;Gate
101 Shinra.png Shinra Kusakabe Fire Force
102 Seb.png Sebastian Michaelis Black Butler
103 Haiji.png Haiji Kiyose Run With the Wind
104 Bell.png Bell Cranel DanMachi
105 Makoto itou.png Makoto Itou School Days
106 K natsume.png Kyousuke Natsume Little Busters!
107 Naegi.png Makoto Naegi Danganronpa
108 Tatsuya.png Tatsuya Shiba Mahouka
109 Ginko.png Ginko Mushishi
110 Takumi.png Takumi Usui Maid-sama! 11
111 Kakyoin.png Noriaki Kakyoin JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 3)
112 Kakine.png Teitoku Kakine Toaru
113 Tennouji.png Kotarou Tennouji Rewrite
114 Yaichi.png Yaichi Kuzuryuu Ryuuou no Oshigoto!
115 Ichigo.png Ichigo Kurosaki Bleach
116 Ash Ketchum Ash Ketchum (Satoshi) Pokemon
117 Light.png Light Yagami Death Note
118 Masamune izumi.png Masamune Izumi Eromanga-sensei
119 Inuyasha.png Inuyasha Inuyasha
Did Not Qualify (10 votes only)
120 Kyousuke.png Kyousuke Kousaka Oreimo 10
121 Tatsumi.png Tatsumi Akame ga Kill!
122 Sakamoto.png Sakamoto Sakamoto desu ga?
123 Izuku.png Izuku Midoriya My Hero Academia
124 Legoshi.png Legoshi Beastars
125 Ciel.png Ciel Phantomhive Black Butler
126 Seiya.png Seiya Kanie Amagi Brilliant Park
127 Arata relife.png Arata Kaizaki ReLIFE
128 Bruno.png Bruno Bucciarati JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
129 Kotarou azumi.png Kotarou Azumi Tsuki ga Kirei
130 Joker p5.png Ren Amamiya (Joker) Persona 5
131 Ryuunosuke bungou.png Ryuunosuke Akutagawa Bungou Stray Dogs
132 Thorfinn.png Thorfinn Vinland Saga

[Note 1] Although Waver Velvet originally appeared in Fate/Zero, he recieved many nominations largely because of his eponymous role in the 2019 anime Lord El-Melloi Case Files, an anime which also had that year's Summer seasonal winner.
[Note 2] Enkidu (Fate/Grand Order) is genderless, but is entered under the male division because the mythological figure it is based on is male. In the Aquamarine period, their ISML name was changed following complaints from a Tieba thread. More details can be found here. This wiki will use the name "Enkidu" instead (quotes included).
[Note 3] A three-way tie happened between Sasuke Uchiha, Inosuke Hashibira, and Dio Brando for the last 2 direct qualification spots for the regular season. Since Sasuke has won an ISML match and the other two don't, the last spot was resolved using the recent anime release rule: Inosuke (Demon Slayer) 2019, Dio (JJBA Part 3) 2015.

Preliminary Rounds[]

The Preliminary Period and seeding rounds return this year with a new format. Their last appearance was in 2015.

Elimination Rounds[]

These rounds are reserved for qualified contestants low on the nomination list.

  • Preliminary Round 1: Females ranked 83rd and below and males ranked 91st and below will be subject to an approval voting match.
    • Top 6 advance to Preliminary Round 2
    • Remaining contestants are eliminated
    • If 6th place is tied, all relevant contestants will advance together.
  • Preliminary Round 2: Six survivors from Round 1 will join 18 nominees ranked 65th-82nd (females) or 73rd-90th (males), this time in a range voting match.
    • Top 18 advance to regular season
    • Among them, 1st-6th will play in Seedings Round 4
    • 7th-18th will be seeded from 85-96
    • Remaining contestants are eliminated

Round 1[]

Preliminary Round 1 Female
Survived - 7*
Kaede bgs.png Kaede Azusagawa 1328 Hinata wataten.png Hinata Hoshino 868
Aqua.png Aqua 1168 Ayase.png Ayase Aragaki 847
Jibril1.png Jibril 1022 Isuzu.png Isuzu Sento 847
Tomoyo.png Tomoyo Sakagami 968
Eliminated - 18
Itsuki.png Itsuki Nakano 819 Cc.png C.C. 662
Itsuwa1.png Itsuwa 815 Chitoge.png Chitoge Kirisaki 651
Kanao.png Kanao Tsuyuri 804 Ewood.png Eucliwood Hellscythe 626
Gabriel.png Gabriel Tenma White 794 Hitagi.png Hitagi Senjougahara 623
Ran.png Ran Mouri 794 Nero fate.png Nero 601
Kirino.png Kirino Kousaka 779 Asuka ls.png Asuka Langley Soryu 580
Konata.png Konata Izumi 737 Raphtalia.png Raphtalia 512
Shiki.png Shiki Ryougi 698 Momo chiyoda.png Momo Chiyoda 509
Nozomi hibike.png Nozomi Kasaki 669 Emma.png Emma 480

Preliminary Round 1 Male
Survived - 6
Masamune izumi.png Masamune Izumi 968 Yaichi.png Yaichi Kuzuryuu 687
Ash Ketchum Ash Ketchum 808 Bell.png Bell Cranel 680
Inuyasha.png Inuyasha 722 Sesshomaru.png Sesshomaru 669
Eliminated - 23
Kakine.png Teitoku Kakine 658 Ichigo.png Ichigo Kurosaki 413
Maou sadao.png Sadao Maou 655 Sebastian.png Sebastian Michaelis 402
Tatsuya.png Tatsuya Shiba 616 Hinata s.png Shouyou Hinata 398
Light.png Light Yagami 605 Tennouji.png Kotarou Tennouji 398
Zoro.png Roronoa Zoro 584 Rei kiriyama.png Rei Kiriyama 377
Makoto itou.png Makoto Itou 569 Yuichiro.png Yuichiro Hyakuya 359
Ruka.png Ruka Urushibara 569 K natsume.png Kyousuke Natsume 338
Kakyoin.png Noriaki Kakyoin 544 Shinra.png Shinra Kusakabe 292
Takumi.png Takumi Usui 477 Ginko.png Ginko (Mushishi) 274
Naegi.png Makoto Naegi 462 Haiji.png Haiji Kiyose 170
Ranpo bungou.png Ranpo Edogawa (Bungou) 455 Sougo ousaka.png Sougo Ousaka 160
Shinji.png Shinji Ikari 430

Round 2[]

Preliminary Round 2 Female
Advanced to Seedings Rd 4
Kaede bgs.png Kaede Azusagawa 15,095 Ram.png Ram 14,034.9
Shouko m.png Shouko Makinohara 14,455.4 Aqua.png Aqua 13,793.5
Jibril1.png Jibril 14,061.9 Tohru dragon.png Tohru 13,679.1
Seeded 85-96
(85) Tomoyo.png Tomoyo Sakagami 13,517.6 (91) Suzune.png Suzune Horikita 11,806.3
(86) Yoshino (DAL) Yoshino 13,410.8 (92) Nino nakano.png Nino Nakano 11,767.7
(87) Chiyo s.png Chiyo Sakura 12,934.8 (93) Ginko s.png Ginko Sora 11,479.8
(88) Isuzu.png Isuzu Sento 12,771.4 (94) Yotsuba.png Yotsuba Nakano 11,367.2
(89) Ayase.png Ayase Aragaki 12,092.3 (95) Holo Holo 10,760.3
(90) Menma.png Meiko Honma 12,042.8 (96) Cocoa.png Hot Cocoa 10,647.1
Hinata wataten.png Hinata Hoshino 10,611.6 Rachel.png Rachel Gardner 9613.6
Mayuri Shiina Mayuri Shiina 10,480 Shinobu Oshino Shinobu Oshino 9417
Mizore.png Mizore Yoroizuka 10,230.7 Touko nanami.png Touko Nanami 7752
Reines.png Reines El-Melloi Archisorte 9751.2

Preliminary Round 2 Male
Advanced to Seedings Rd 4
Masamune izumi.png Masamune Izumi 10,764.7 Itachi.png Itachi Uchiha 9698.5
Taihei.png Taihei Doma 10,573.6 Akihito.png Akihito Kanbara 9395
Ash Ketchum Ash Ketchum 10,050.9 Dio.png Dio Brando [Note] 9245.7
Seeded 85-96
(85) Inuyasha.png Inuyasha 8778.8 (91) Bell.png Bell Cranel 8121.7
(86) Shuuichi hibike.png Shuuichi Tsukamoto 8551.9 (92) Karna (Fate) Karna 7903.9
(87) Souma.png Soma Yukihira 8531.9 (93) Ikki.png Ikki Kurogane 7131.8
(88) Fuutarou.png Fuutarou Uesugi 8457.5 (94) Seiya cautious.png Seiya Ryuuguuin 7123.9
(89) Yaichi.png Yaichi Kuzuryuu 8279.7 (95) Mob.png Shigeo Kageyama 6921.5
(90) Sesshomaru.png Sesshomaru 8171.8 (96) Rentaro.png Rentaro Satomi 6501.1
Eliminated - 6
Iori kitahara.png Iori Kitahara 5984.7 Hyakkimaru.png Hyakkimaru 5317
Reigen.png Arataka Reigen 5710.8 Tsunayoshi.png Tsunayoshi Sawada 5101.2
Hei.png Hei 5561.1 Tomoe.png Tomoe 4796.8

[Note] The Preliminary Round 2 voting was restarted for another day after the ISML staff mistakenly involved Inosuke Hashibira instead of Dio Brando in the first match. Inosuke had already qualified for the regular season in a tiebreaker rule against Dio, due to having a more recent anime release (2019 > 2015).

Seeding Rounds[]

The seeding rounds are held concurrently with the preliminary elimination rounds. They will decide the group draw in the first split.

  • Round 1: 24 nominees, consisting of direct invites and the highest-ranked nominees. (Top 10 for female, Top 18 for male). Range-voting. They will be seeded from 1-18 according to their votes. Bottom six will be relegated to Round 2.
  • Round 2: Six players from Round 1 will join the next 18 nominees. (24 total) Approval voting. Top 18 players will be seeded from 19-36. Bottom six will be relegated to Round 3.
  • Round 3: Six players from Round 2 will join the next 18 nominees (24 total). Range-voting. These players will be seeded from 37-60.
  • Round 4: Top 6 finishers from Preliminary Round 2 will join the next 18 nominees (24 total). Approval voting. These players will be seeded from 61-84.
  • The remaining contestants 85-96 are already seeded in Preliminary Round 2.

Female Division[]

Female Seeds Rd 1 (Range Voting)
Seeded (1 - 18)
(1) Mikoto.png Mikoto Misaka 46,487.2 (10) Rin tohsaka.png Rin Tohsaka 32,872.9
(2) Kaguya.png Kaguya Shinomiya 44,363.4 (11) Sagiri.png Sagiri Izumi 31,054.2
(3) Yukino.png Yukino Yukinoshita 43,422.8 (12) Emilia.png Emilia 30,547
(4) Asuna.png Asuna Yuuki 38,220.1 (13) Mio kon.png Mio Akiyama 27,127.1
(5) Mashiro.png Mashiro Shiina 37,019,1 (14) Misaki 2.5.jpg Misaki Shokuhou 26,888.4
(6) Maisan.png Mai Sakurajima 36,096.7 (15) Kurisu.png Kurisu Makise 26,063.2
(7) Rikka chuuni.png Rikka Takanashi 34,761.9 (16) Kumiko.png Kumiko Oumae 24,175
(8) Iroha.png Iroha Isshiki 34,022.2 (17) Miku.png Miku Nakano 24,076.5
(9) Kurumi.png Kurumi Tokisaki 33,929.3 (18) Gray.png Gray (Fate) 22,945.1
Relegated - 6
Nezuko.png Nezuko Kamado 21,878.8 Kazusa.png Kazusa Touma 17,677.6
Fumino.png Fumino Furuhashi 18,303.9 Shamiko.png Yuuko "Shamiko" Yoshida 13,945.5
Ishtar.png Ishtar (Fate) 17,780.3 Enterprise al.png USS Enterprise (CV-6) 13,484.5
Female Seeds Rd 2 (Approval Voting)
Seeded (19 - 36)
(19) Chika f.png Chika Fujiwara 2326 (28) Yui Hirasawa Yui Hirasawa 1593
(20) Yui yuigahama.png Yui Yuigahama 1996 (29) Saber.png Saber 1569
(21) Shiro1.png Shiro 1838 (30) Taiga.png Taiga Aisaka 1520
(22) Kuroko.png Kuroko Shirai 1837 (31) Kei karuizawa.png Kei Karuizawa 1502
(23) Shouko.png Shouko Nishimiya 1711 (32) Tamako.png Tamako Kitashirakawa 1404
(24) Utaha.png Utaha Kasumigaoka 1702 (33) Nagisa.png Nagisa Furukawa 1391
(25) Nao.png Nao Tomori 1671 (34) Alice zuberg.png Alice Zuberg 1310
(26) Chino.png Chino Kafuu 1635 (35) Homura.png Homura Akemi 1252
(27) Index.png Index 1616 (36) Isla1.png Isla 1251
Relegated - 6
Nezuko.png Nezuko Kamado 1195 Ishtar.png Ishtar (Fate) 950
Fumino.png Fumino Furuhashi 1122 Shamiko.png Yuuko "Shamiko" Yoshida 799
Kazusa.png Kazusa Touma 1120 Enterprise al.png USS Enterprise (CV-6) 671
Female Seeds Rd 3 (Range Voting)
Seeded (37 - 60)
(37) Hina amano.png Hina Amano 14,997 (49) Haruhi.png Haruhi Suzumiya 10,269.4
(38) Schwi.png Schwi Dola 13,710.3 (50) Madoka.png Madoka Kaname 9983.9
(39) Eriri.png Eriri S. S. 13,121.2 (51) Shinobu kny.png Shinobu Kochou 9777
(40) Ai haibara.png Ai Haibara 12,430.6 (52) Mei misaki.png Mei Misaki 9720.4
(41) Nezuko.png Nezuko Kamado 11,728 (53) Reina.png Reina Kousaka 9678
(42) Azusa Nakano Azusa Nakano 11,550.5 (54) Nanami.png Nanami Aoyama 9319.7
(43) Haruno.png Haruno Yukinoshita 11,051.1 (55) Ishtar.png Ishtar (Fate) 8952.6
(44) Takagi.png Takagi-san 10,871.9 (56) Kazusa.png Kazusa Touma 8760.1
(45) Megumin.png Megumin 10,757.4 (57) Fumino.png Fumino Furuhashi 8725.3
(46) Kaori.png Kaori Miyazono 10,640.7 (58) Yuu koito.png Yuu Koito 6976.8
(47) Mirai.png Mirai Kuriyama 10,561.3 (59) Shamiko.png Yuuko "Shamiko" Yoshida 5882.8
(48) 02.png 02 10,307.4 (60) Enterprise al.png USS Enterprise (CV-6) 5650.1
Female Seeds Rd 4  (Approval Voting)
Seeded (61 - 84)
(61) Hayasaka 3.png Ai Hayasaka 1565 (73) Sinon.png Sinon 1053
(62) Mitsuha.png Mitsuha Miyamizu 1364 (74) Aqua.png Aqua 1045
(63) Ruiko.png Ruiko Saten 1228 (75) Jibril1.png Jibril 1037
(64) Kanna.png Kanna Kamui 1224 (76) Tohka.png Tohka Yatogami 999
(65) Kaede bgs.png Kaede Azusagawa 1156 (77) Chtholly.png Chtholly N. S. 921
(66) Sora kasugano.png Sora Kasugano 1154 (78) Sakura matou.png Sakura Matou 909
(67) Ram.png Ram 1130 (79) Yuki n.png Yuki Nagato 903
(68) Shouko m.png Shouko Makinohara 1090 (80) Cardcaptor.png Sakura Kinomoto 829
(69) Illya.png Illyasviel von Einzbern 1080 (81) Mikasa.png Mikasa Ackerman 804
(70) Tohru dragon.png Tohru (Dragon Maid) 1056 (82) Inori.png Inori Yuzuriha 795
(71) Origami.png Origami Tobiichi 1055 (83) Mafuyu.png Mafuyu Kirisu 745
(72) Umaru.png Umaru Doma 1054 (84) Eresh fate.png Ereshkigal (Fate) 652

 Male Division[]

Male Seeds Rd 1 (Range Voting)
Seeded (1 - 18)
(1) Miyuki shirogane.png Miyuki Shirogane 33,522.4 (10) Subaru1.png Subaru Natsuki 22,227.4
(2) Ishigami.png Yuu Ishigami 32,137.8 (11) Tomoya.png Tomoya Okazaki 20,844.4
(3) Sakuta.png Sakuta Azusagawa 28,942.1 (12) Waver.png Waver Velvet 20,503.2
(4) Levi.png Levi Ackerman 27,780.6 (13) Okabe.png Rintarou Okabe 19,641
(5) Touma.png Touma Kamijou 27,642.3 (14) Archer.png Archer (F/SN) 19,316.2
(6) Yuuta.png Yuuta Togashi 24,777.2 (15) Eugeo.png Eugeo 19,219
(7) Riku.png Riku Dola 24,075.2 (16) Lancer.png Lancer (F/SN) 18,787.7
(8) Tanjiro.png Tanjiro Kamado 22,763.3 (17) Shirou.png Shirou Emiya 18,320
(9) Kiyotaka.png Kiyotaka Ayanokouji 22,520.9 (18) Conan.png Conan Edogawa 18,262.5
Relegated - 6
Gilgamesh.png Gilgamesh 17,766.4 Takashi.png Takashi Natsume 16,429.4
Jotaro.png Jotaro Kujo 17,113.9 Eren.png Eren Yeager 14,346.3
Saiki.png Kusuo Saiki 16,507.3 Osamu bungou.png Osamu Dazai (Bungou) 13,834.9
Male Seeds Rd 2 (Approval Voting)
Seeded (19 - 36)
(19) Taki.png Taki Tachibana 1758 (28) Kousei.png Kousei Arima 1135
(20) Saika.png Saika Totsuka 1482 (29) Kyon1.png Kyon 1122
(21) Otosaka.png Yuu Otosaka 1246 (30) Kaito kid.png Kaito Kuroba 1093
(22) Jotaro.png Jotaro Kujo 1197 (31) Takashi.png Takashi Natsume 1070
(23) Lelouch.png Lelouch vi Britannia 1184 (32) Saiki.png Kusuo Saiki 1047
(24) Sorata.png Sorata Kanda 1155 (33) Eren.png Eren Yeager 1000
(25) Shidou.png Shidou Itsuka 1154 (34) Mochizou.png Mochizou Ooji 984
(26) Gilgamesh.png Gilgamesh 1153 (35) Edward.png Edward Elric 956
(27) Ryuuji.png Ryuuji Takasu 1147 (36) Yato.png Yato 951
Relegated - 6
Koyomi.png Koyomi Araragi 894 Osamu bungou.png Osamu Dazai (Bungou) 828
Ken kaneki.png Ken Kaneki 859 Zenitsu.png Zenitsu Agatsuma 737
Giyuu.png Giyuu Tomioka 829 Haruka nanase.png Haruka Nanase 454
Male Seeds Rd 3 (Range Voting)
Seeded (37 - 60)
(37) Saitama.png Saitama 9955.1 (49) Zenitsu.png Zenitsu Agatsuma 7398.2
(38) Kiritsugu.png Kiritsugu Emiya 9497.2 (50) Luffy.png Monkey D. Luffy 7271.9
(39) Kazuma.png Kazuma Satou 9415.6 (51) Koyomi.png Koyomi Araragi 6914.9
(40) Haruka kasugano.png Haruka Kasugano 8745 (52) Ainz.png Ainz Ooal Gown  6904.2
(41) Joseph.png Joseph Joestar 8665.6 (53) Nagisa assclass.png Nagisa Shiota 6784.6
(42) Yuzuru.png Yuzuru Otonashi 8648 (54) Enkidu fate.png "Enkidu" (Fate) 6719.5
(43) Merlin fate.png Merlin (Fate) 8598 (55) Willem.png Willem Kmetsch 6525.9
(44) Giyuu.png Giyuu Tomioka 8462.1 (56) Gintoki.png Gintoki Sakata 6458.6
(45) Naruto.png Naruto Uzumaki 8321.8 (57) Karma.png Karma Akabane 6432.4
(46) Osamu bungou.png Osamu Dazai (Bungou) 7891.5 (58) Shu.png Shu Ouma 6295
(47) Ken kaneki.png Ken Kaneki 7555.8 (59) Haruka nanase.png Haruka Nanase 5367.2
(48) Isaac.png Isaac Foster 7499.3 (60) Chuuya bungou.png Chuuya Nakahara (Bungou) 4710.6
Male Seeds Rd 4 (Approval Voting)
Seeded (61 - 84)
(61) Shouya.png Shouya Ishida 952 (73) Sasuke.png Sasuke Uchiha 691
(62) Satoshi.png Satoshi Fukube 944 (74) Giorno.png Giorno Giovanna 689
(63) Ryuunosuke akasaka.png Ryuunosuke Akasaka 911 (75) Akihito.png Akihito Kanbara 670
(64) Masamune izumi.png Masamune Izumi 894 (76) Hiro16.png Hiro (016) 667
(65) Taihei.png Taihei Doma 870 (77) Syaoran.png Syaoran Li 631
(66) Tomoya aki.png Tomoya Aki 801 (78) Senku.png Senku 576
(67) Nishikata.png Nishikata 799 (79) Izayoi.png Izayoi Sakamaki 533
(68) Itachi.png Itachi Uchiha 781 (80) Naofumi.png Naofumi Iwatani 531
(69) Ash Ketchum Ash Ketchum 780 (81) Mikaela.png Mikaela Hyakuya 486
(70) Dio.png Dio Brando 777 (82) Ray.png Ray (TPN) 476
(71) Hodaka.png Hodaka Morishima 748 (83) Koichi another.png Koichi Sakakibara 459
(72) Inosuke.png Inosuke Hashibira 732 (84) Norman.png Norman (TPN) 443

Regular Season[]

To view the group draw, detailed tables, and the results of all regular season matches, click here.

The regular season is divided into 3 splits, with each split subdivided into one or more periods. Contestants are divided into several groups that will play a single round-robin tournament. Every period lasts 5 matchdays, with the exception of Aquamarine, which lasts 8 matchdays (but a contestant still plays 5 matches in that period).


  1. Wins (if tied, draws will be counted)
  2. Head-to-head record
  3. SCVPD (Cumulative vote points difference, split only)
  4. SCVP (Cumulative vote points, split only)
  5. Staff selection
What is VP, VD, CVP, CVPD, etc?
Starting from ISML 2016, a new stat called Vote points (VP) was introduced. Contestants earn vote points after every match, and is calculated by dividing their votes by the average of all votes done during that round.
  • Votes = Player's votes
  • TV = Total votes (Add ALL CONTESTANTS' votes in that round, including the player)
  • Players is simply the total number of contestants in a particular round. Pairs are considered as one contestant.

Once VP is found, Vote point difference (VPD) is then calculated by subtracting a character's VP from their round's opponent.

  • Since these values are calculated on a round-by-round basis, they will need to be added up, hence the CVP and CVPD (the C stands for "Cumulative").
  • In ISML's tables (and by extension, this wiki's), CVP refers to the contestant's currently accumulated vote points for the entire regular season. The same is also true for CVPD.
  • Some letters may be added before CVP to indicate a certain stage only: PCVP - period, SCVP - split (for 2020).


  • Suppose Luffy.png Luffy wins Aquamarine Round 1 against Ash Ketchum Ash Ketchum, 6969-4200. A total of 72 contestants participated, and the total number of votes during that round was 777,777. Using the above formulas, we get:
  • For Luffy: = 0.645 VP (rounded to thousandths)
  • For Ash: = 0.389 VP
  • Once we found their VP, we can now calculate their VPD by subtracting their VP against each other: Luffy: 0.256 VPD, Ash: -0.256 VPD.

Split 1[]

Aquamarine period. 96 players are split into 16 groups of 6.

  • Top 3 advance to Split 2
  • Top eight 4th placers based on necklace / pendant criteria will advance as well.
  • The remaining 4th and 5th placers are relegated to Wildcards
  • Sixth placers are outright eliminated.
  • Table Legend: Bold (Green) - advanced, Italic (Cream) - wildcards. Un-formatted names are eliminated.


Split 1 Group Results (Female)
\ 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
A Mikoto.png Mikoto Kanna.png Kanna Tamako.png Tamako Kaede bgs.png Kaede Nagisa.png Nagisa F. Cocoa.png Cocoa
B Kaguya.png Kaguya Ruiko.png Ruiko Kei karuizawa.png Kei K. Alice zuberg.png Alice Sora kasugano.png Sora K. Holo Holo
C Yukino.png Yukino Mitsuha.png Mitsuha Taiga.png Taiga Ram.png Ram Homura.png Homura Yotsuba.png Yotsuba
D Asuna.png Asuna Hayasaka 3.png Hayasaka Shouko m.png Makinohara Saber.png Saber Isla1.png Isla Ginko s.png Ginko S.
E Mashiro.png Mashiro Hina amano.png Hina A. Illya.png Illya Yui Hirasawa Hirasawa Nino nakano.png Nino Enterprise al.png Enterprise
F Maisan.png Mai Index.png Index Schwi.png Schwi Tohru dragon.png Tohru Suzune.png Suzune Shamiko.png Shamiko
G Rikka chuuni.png Rikka Eriri.png Eriri Chino.png Chino Menma.png Menma Origami.png Origami Yuu koito.png Koito
H Nao.png Nao Iroha.png Iroha Ai haibara.png Ai Haibara Umaru.png Umaru Fumino.png Fumino Ayase.png Ayase
I Kurumi.png Kurumi Utaha.png Utaha Sinon.png Sinon Nezuko.png Nezuko Isuzu.png Isuzu Kazusa.png Kazusa
J Shouko.png Nishimiya Rin tohsaka.png Rin Aqua.png Aqua Azusa Nakano Azusa Ishtar.png Ishtar Chiyo s.png Chiyo
K Kuroko.png Kuroko Sagiri.png Sagiri Nanami.png Nanami Jibril1.png Jibril Haruno.png Haruno Yoshino (DAL) Yoshino
L Emilia.png Emilia Shiro1.png Shiro Takagi.png Takagi Reina.png Reina Tomoyo.png Tomoyo Tohka.png Tohka
M Yui yuigahama.png Yuigahama Mio kon.png Mio Megumin.png Megumin Mei misaki.png Mei Misaki Chtholly.png Chtholly Eresh fate.png Ereshkigal
N Chika f.png Chika Misaki 2.5.jpg Misaki Kaori.png Kaori Shinobu kny.png Shinobu K. Sakura matou.png Sakura M. Mafuyu.png Mafuyu
O Kurisu.png Kurisu Mirai.png Mirai Madoka.png Madoka Gray.png Gray Yuki n.png Yuki Inori.png Inori
P Miku.png Miku N. Haruhi.png Haruhi 02.png 02 Mikasa.png Mikasa Kumiko.png Kumiko Cardcaptor.png Cardcaptor


Split 1 Group Results (Male)
\ 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
A Miyuki shirogane.png Shirogane Eren.png Eren Saiki.png Saiki Taihei.png Taihei Masamune izumi.png M. Izumi Rentaro.png Rentaro
B Ishigami.png Ishigami Takashi.png Natsume Ryuunosuke akasaka.png R. Akasaka Mochizou.png Mochizou Tomoya aki.png Tomoya Aki Mob.png Mob
C Sakuta.png Sakuta Kaito kid.png Kaito Kid Edward.png Edward Satoshi.png Satoshi F. Nishikata.png Nishikata Seiya cautious.png Seiya
D Levi.png Levi Shouya.png Shouya Itachi.png Itachi Kyon1.png Kyon Yato.png Yato Ikki.png Ikki
E Touma.png Touma Kousei.png Kousei Saitama.png Saitama Karna (Fate) Karna Ash Ketchum Ash Chuuya bungou.png Chuuya
F Yuuta.png Yuuta Kiritsugu.png Kiritsugu Ryuuji.png Ryuuji Dio.png Dio Bell.png Bell Haruka nanase.png Haruka N.
G Riku.png Riku Kazuma.png Kazuma Gilgamesh.png Gil Hodaka.png Hodaka Shu.png Shu Sesshomaru.png Sesshomaru
H Tanjiro.png Tanjiro Shidou.png Shidou Haruka kasugano.png Haruka K. Karma.png Karma Yaichi.png Yaichi Inosuke.png Inosuke
I Kiyotaka.png Kiyotaka Sorata.png Sorata Sasuke.png Sasuke Gintoki.png Gintoki Joseph.png Joseph Fuutarou.png Fuutarou
J Subaru1.png Subaru Willem.png Willem Lelouch.png Lelouch Yuzuru.png Otonashi Souma.png Soma Giorno.png Giorno
K Tomoya.png Okazaki Merlin fate.png Merlin Jotaro.png Jotaro Enkidu fate.png "Enkidu" Akihito.png Akihito Shuuichi hibike.png Shuuichi
L Otosaka.png Otosaka Nagisa assclass.png Nagisa S. Waver.png Waver Giyuu.png Giyu Inuyasha.png Inuyasha Hiro16.png Hiro
M Saika.png Saika Okabe.png Okabe Ainz.png Ainz Naruto.png Naruto Norman.png Norman Syaoran.png Syaoran
N Taki.png Taki Archer.png Archer Osamu bungou.png Osamu Koyomi.png Koyomi Senku.png Senku Koichi another.png Koichi
O Conan.png Conan Eugeo.png Eugeo Ken kaneki.png Kaneki Luffy.png Luffy Izayoi.png Izayoi Ray.png Ray
P Shirou.png Shirou Lancer.png Lancer Isaac.png Isaac Zenitsu.png Zenitsu Naofumi.png Naofumi Mikaela.png Mikaela

Split 1 Wildcards[]

Top 8 fourth-placed characters with the best performance (determined by necklace / pendant rankings) will advance to the next group stage, while the remaining characters will be relegated to Wildcards.

Criteria: Wins > Cumulative Vote Points difference (CVPD) > Cumulative Vote Points (CVP) > Staff selection.

Split 1 Fourth Place Rankings
Grp Female Name W CVPD Grp Male Name W CVPD
F Yui Hirasawa Yui Hirasawa 3 0.343 I Gintoki.png Gintoki Sakata 3 -0.900
O Gray.png Gray 2 0.052 M Naruto.png Naruto Uzumaki 2 0.405
P Mikasa.png Mikasa Ackerman 2 -0.134 O Luffy.png Monkey D. Luffy 2 -0.117
H Umaru.png Umaru Doma 2 -0.509 L Giyuu.png Giyu Tomioka 2 -0.207
C Ram.png Ram 2 -0.656 C Satoshi.png Satoshi Fukube 2 -0.231
K Jibril1.png Jibril 2 -0.737 J Yuzuru.png Yuzuru Otonashi 2 -0.419
G Menma.png Meiko Honma 2 -0.908 H Karma.png Karma Akabane 2 -0.453
M Mei misaki.png Mei Misaki 2 -0.927 K Enkidu fate.png "Enkidu" 2 -0.523
A Kaede bgs.png Kaede Azusagawa 2 -0.931 P Zenitsu.png Zenitsu Agatsuma 2 -0.606
I Nezuko.png Nezuko Kamado 2 -0.983 D Kyon1.png Kyon 2 -0.637
E Tohru dragon.png Tohru 2 -1.204 N Koyomi.png Koyomi Araragi 2 -0.645
J Azusa Nakano Azusa Nakano 2 -1.328 G Hodaka.png Hodaka Morishima 2 -0.657
D Saber.png Saber 2 -1.354 F Dio.png Dio Brando 2 -0.773
N Shinobu kny.png Shinobu Kochou 2 -1.544 E Ash Ketchum Ash Ketchum 2 -1.343
B Alice zuberg.png Alice Zuberg 2 -1.609 B Mochizou.png Mochizou Ooji 2 -1.432
L Reina.png Reina Kousaka 2 -2.145 A Taihei.png Taihei Doma 2 -1.513


  • Approval voting (vote whoever you like). Top 8 survive to Split 2, rest are eliminated.
Split 1 Female Wildcard
Survived - 8
Saber.png Saber 3500 Sora kasugano.png Sora Kasugano 3246
Kaede bgs.png Kaede Azusagawa 3495 Tohru dragon.png Tohru 3085
Azusa Nakano Azusa Nakano 3330 Haruno.png Haruno Yukinoshita 3056
Nezuko.png Nezuko Kamado 3324 Kumiko.png Kumiko Oumae 3036
Eliminated - 16
Shinobu kny.png Shinobu Kochou 3026 Homura.png Homura Akemi 2845
Suzune.png Suzune Horikita 3015 Nino nakano.png Nino Nakano 2810
Reina.png Reina Kousaka 3012 Isuzu.png Isuzu Sento 2775
Nagisa.png Nagisa Furukawa 3000 Ishtar.png Ishtar 2765
Chtholly.png Chtholly N. S. 2999 Tomoyo.png Tomoyo Sakagami 2713
Isla1.png Isla 2934 Yuki n.png Yuki Nagato 2701
Alice zuberg.png Alice Zuberg 2928 Fumino.png Fumino Furuhashi 2651
Origami.png Origami Tobiichi 2870 Sakura matou.png Sakura Matou 2621
Split 1 Male Wildcard
Survived - 8
Kyon1.png Kyon 2831 Hodaka.png Hodaka Morishima 2730
Nishikata.png Nishikata 2824 Dio.png Dio Brando 2721
Zenitsu.png Zenitsu Agatsuma 2764 Yato.png Yato 2689
Joseph.png Joseph Joestar 2744 Masamune izumi.png Masamune Izumi 2679
Eliminated - 16
Tomoya aki.png Tomoya Aki 2605 Akihito.png Akihito Kanbara 2284
Mochizou.png Mochizou Ooji 2534 Inuyasha.png Inuyasha 2266
Ash Ketchum Ash Ketchum 2532 Shu.png Shu Ouma 2241
Taihei.png Taihei Doma 2530 Senku.png Senku 2237
Souma.png Soma Yukihira 2501 Yaichi.png Yaichi Kuzuryuu 2131
Koyomi.png Koyomi Araragi 2454 Izayoi.png Izayoi Sakamaki 2127
Naofumi.png Naofumi Iwatani 2414 Karna (Fate) Karna 2106
Bell.png Bell Cranel 2375 Norman.png Norman 1915

Split 2[]

Topaz, Amethyst, and Sapphire. 64 players are split into 4 groups of 16.

  • Top 6 advance to Split 3
  • 7th to 11th are relegated to Wildcards
  • 12th to 16th are outright eliminated.
  • Table Legend: Bold (Green) - advanced, Italic (Cream) - wildcards. Un-formatted names are eliminated.


Split 2 Group Results (Female)
\ Group A Group B Group C Group D
1st Kaguya.png Kaguya Maisan.png Mai Yukino.png Yukino Mikoto.png Mikoto
2nd Mashiro.png Mashiro Rin tohsaka.png Rin Kurumi.png Kurumi Rikka chuuni.png Rikka
3rd Yui yuigahama.png Yuigahama Asuna.png Asuna Emilia.png Emilia Chika f.png Chika
4th Hayasaka 3.png Hayasaka Iroha.png Iroha Shouko.png Nishimiya Shiro1.png Shiro
5th Utaha.png Utaha Eriri.png Eriri Schwi.png Schwi Kuroko.png Kuroko
6th Misaki 2.5.jpg Misaki Nao.png Nao Hina amano.png Hina A. Saber.png Saber
7th Miku.png Miku N. Sagiri.png Sagiri Megumin.png Megumin Chino.png Chino
8th Index.png Index Mio kon.png Mio Tamako.png Tamako Ruiko.png Ruiko
9th Mirai.png Mirai Taiga.png Taiga Aqua.png Aqua Mitsuha.png Mitsuha
10th Ai haibara.png Ai Haibara Nanami.png Nanami Kanna.png Kanna Kurisu.png Kurisu
11th Kaori.png Kaori Kaede bgs.png Kaede Azusa Nakano Azusa Illya.png Illya
12th Jibril1.png Jibril Ram.png Ram Nezuko.png Nezuko Shouko m.png Makinohara
13th Haruhi.png Haruhi Kumiko.png Kumiko Sora kasugano.png Sora K. Yui Hirasawa Hirasawa
14th Tohru dragon.png Tohru Takagi.png Takagi Haruno.png Haruno Gray.png Gray
15th Madoka.png Madoka Kei karuizawa.png Kei K. Umaru.png Umaru Menma.png Menma
16th Mei misaki.png Mei Misaki Mikasa.png Mikasa 02.png 02 Sinon.png Sinon


Split 2 Group Results (Male)
\ Group A Group B Group C Group D
1st Miyuki shirogane.png Shirogane Ishigami.png Ishigami Riku.png Riku Sakuta.png Sakuta
2nd Kiyotaka.png Kiyotaka Taki.png Taki Touma.png Touma Levi.png Levi
3rd Subaru1.png Subaru Sorata.png Sorata Yuuta.png Yuuta Gilgamesh.png Gil
4th Tanjiro.png Tanjiro Saitama.png Saitama Archer.png Archer Tomoya.png Okazaki
5th Shirou.png Shirou Edward.png Edward Otosaka.png Otosaka Kazuma.png Kazuma
6th Yuzuru.png Otonashi Ryuuji.png Ryuuji Eugeo.png Eugeo Takashi.png Natsume
7th Kiritsugu.png Kiritsugu Lancer.png Lancer Lelouch.png Lelouch Okabe.png Okabe
8th Yato.png Yato Shouya.png Shouya Satoshi.png Satoshi F. Saika.png Saika
9th Ainz.png Ainz Kousei.png Kousei Nagisa assclass.png Nagisa S. Masamune izumi.png M. Izumi
10th Shidou.png Shidou Conan.png Conan Gintoki.png Gintoki Ryuunosuke akasaka.png R. Akasaka
11th Merlin fate.png Merlin Willem.png Willem Ken kaneki.png Kaneki Itachi.png Itachi
12th Saiki.png Saiki Eren.png Eren Kaito kid.png Kaito Kid Kyon1.png Kyon
13th Giyuu.png Giyu Karma.png Karma Hodaka.png Hodaka Jotaro.png Jotaro
14th Naruto.png Naruto Isaac.png Isaac Sasuke.png Sasuke Waver.png Waver
15th Zenitsu.png Zenitsu Luffy.png Luffy Osamu bungou.png Osamu Haruka kasugano.png Haruka K.
16th Joseph.png Joseph Nishikata.png Nishikata Enkidu fate.png "Enkidu" Dio.png Dio

Split 2 Wildcards[]

Approval voting (vote whoever you like). Top 8 survive to Split 3, rest are eliminated.

Sapphire Female Wildcard
Survived - 8
Sagiri.png Sagiri Izumi 6495 Ruiko.png Ruiko Saten 4988
Chino.png Chino Kafuu 6485 Mio kon.png Mio Akiyama 4921
Index.png Index 5973 Megumin.png Megumin 4880
Kurisu.png Kurisu Makise 5449 Nanami.png Nanami Aoyama 4848
Eliminated - 12
Ai haibara.png Ai Haibara 4812 Taiga.png Taiga Aisaka 4507
Kaede bgs.png Kaede Azusagawa 4674 Aqua.png Aqua 4473
Kanna.png Kanna Kamui 4651 Illya.png Illyasviel von Einzbern 4426
Azusa Nakano Azusa Nakano 4610 Kaori.png Kaori Miyazono 4404
Tamako.png Tamako Kitashirakawa 4586 Miku.png Miku Nakano 4223
Mitsuha.png Mitsuha Miyamizu 4555 Mirai.png Mirai Kuriyama 4101
Sapphire Male Wildcard
Survived - 8
Okabe.png Rintarou Okabe 5234 Willem.png Willem Kmetsch 4495
Lancer.png Lancer 5100 Yato.png Yato 4491
Saika.png Saika Totsuka 4796 Shidou.png Shidou Itsuka 4404
Masamune izumi.png Masamune Izumi 4541 Kiritsugu.png Kiritsugu Emiya 4344
Eliminated - 12
Conan.png Conan Edogawa 4296 Nagisa assclass.png Nagisa Shiota 4116
Shouya.png Shouya Ishida 4270 Ken kaneki.png Ken Kaneki 4096
Kousei.png Kousei Arima 4266 Ainz.png Ainz Ooal Gown 4091
Ryuunosuke akasaka.png Ryuunosuke Akasaka 4260 Gintoki.png Gintoki Sakata 4072
Satoshi.png Satoshi Fukube 4252 Itachi.png Itachi Uchiha 4002
Lelouch.png Lelouch vi Britannia 4191 Merlin fate.png Merlin 3960

Split 3[]

Emerald, Ruby, Diamond. 32 players are split into 2 groups of 16.

  • Top 8 advance to playoffs.
  • 9th to 16th are eliminated, but they will play consolation matches during the playoffs, giving them a chance to surpass some of the eliminated playoff contestants in final rankings.


Split 3 Group Results
\ Female Grp A Female Grp B Male Grp A Male Grp B
1st Kaguya.png Kaguya Yukino.png Yukino Miyuki shirogane.png Shirogane Sakuta.png Sakuta
2nd Maisan.png Mai Kurumi.png Kurumi Touma.png Touma Ishigami.png Ishigami
3rd Mikoto.png Mikoto Mashiro.png Mashiro Riku.png Riku Yuuta.png Yuuta
4th Asuna.png Asuna Rikka chuuni.png Rikka Okabe.png Okabe Kiyotaka.png Kiyotaka
5th Hayasaka 3.png Hayasaka Yui yuigahama.png Yuigahama Kazuma.png Kazuma Archer.png Archer
6th Iroha.png Iroha Chika f.png Chika Subaru1.png Subaru Saika.png Saika
7th Rin tohsaka.png Rin Emilia.png Emilia Sorata.png Sorata Tomoya.png Okazaki
8th Shiro1.png Shiro Misaki 2.5.jpg Misaki Saitama.png Saitama Taki.png Taki
9th Mio kon.png Mio Megumin.png Megumin Shirou.png Shirou Yuzuru.png Otonashi
10th Kurisu.png Kurisu Nao.png Nao Levi.png Levi Tanjiro.png Tanjiro
11th Ruiko.png Ruiko Shouko.png Nishimiya Edward.png Edward Ryuuji.png Ryuuji
12th Schwi.png Schwi Nanami.png Nanami Takashi.png Natsume Lancer.png Lancer
13th Chino.png Chino Utaha.png Utaha Kiritsugu.png Kiritsugu Gilgamesh.png Gil
14th Kuroko.png Kuroko Index.png Index Otosaka.png Otosaka Eugeo.png Eugeo
15th Sagiri.png Sagiri Eriri.png Eriri Shidou.png Shidou Willem.png Willem
16th Saber.png Saber Hina amano.png Hina A. Yato.png Yato Masamune izumi.png M. Izumi

Gem Rounds[]

After each period, the eight best performing characters will play each other in a special round that will decide who wins that period's necklace (for females) or pendant (for males).

Qualifying Criteria:

  1. Period Wins (if tied, draws will be counted)
  2. PCVPD (Cumulative vote points difference, period only)
  3. PCVP (Cumulative vote points, period only)
  4. Staff selection

Once a contestant wins a necklace / pendant round, they will be banned from other gem rounds for the rest of the year. Gem winners will also qualify for next year's main tournament provided they don't win the tiara / scepter beforehand.

Instant-runoff voting - Voters rank the contestants in order of preference, from 1st to 8th. Alternatively, a voter may choose to abstain voting for a contestant. Abstained contestants will NOT receive your vote during the entire counting process.

  • Results start by counting the each contestant's first-choice votes in the first round.
  • If a contestant gets a majority (more than 50% of total votes), they will immediately win the award.
  • If there is no majority, then the contestant with the least amount of votes is eliminated. Those who voted for the eliminated character as their highest choice will have their votes transferred to their next-highest choice (2nd, 3rd, etc.) for the next round. This process repeats until either a majority is declared, or there are only two contestants left.
  • When a voter's choices are eliminated before the final round, their vote will be exhausted, which means that their vote will no longer count for the remaining contestants.
EXAMPLE: Suppose a necklace match happens between Saber.png Saber, Rem.png Rem, Megumin.png Megumin, Holo Holo, Emilia.png Emilia, Shiro1.png Shiro, Tohru dragon.png Tohru, and Cc.png C.C.
  • Our example voter chooses Saber.png Saber as his 1st choice, Rem.png Rem 2nd, Megumin.png Megumin 3rd, and Holo Holo 4th, and ABSTAIN for the other girls.
  • Saber is eliminated in Round 1, so in Round 2, his vote is added to Rem's tally instead.
  • Megumin loses in Round 2, and those who voted her as first choice will have their votes transferred to their next highest choices. Our example voter is unaffected.
  • Surprise! Rem goes out in Round 3! Because Megumin (3rd choice) is already out, his vote will be transferred to Holo (4th choice) instead.
  • Round 4 eliminates C.C.
  • Round 5 eliminates Tohru.
  • Round 6 unfortunately spells the end of the road for Holo, leaving only Shiro and Emilia to contend for the necklace.
  • Since our voter abstained for the remaining contestants, his vote will not count towards either of them, i.e. exhausted. If we consider their interests, the result will not matter to them because all of their choices are out.


2020 Aquamarine Necklace Source
Contestant Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7
Asuna.png Asuna Yuuki 2770 2821 2929 3127 3336 3807 4646
Mikoto.png Mikoto Misaka 2077 2131 2224 2339 2494 2771 3679
Kaguya.png Kaguya Shinomiya 1149 1314 1451 1613 1862 2333
Yukino.png Yukino Yukinoshita 1031 1049 1121 1193 1383