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ISML 2013 was the 6th edition of the International Saimoe League contest, and the second year since the Nova / Stella split was introduced.

Kanade Tachibana, the defending champion, continues her dominance in the tournament, having secured her second consecutive necklace, division title, and finals appearance this year. However, she would ultimately lose to rival Kuroneko in the Tiara final, as the apparent growing dislike of repeat champions ultimately prevailed among voters, ensuring that a new champion is always crowned every year.

In the Male Exhibition tournament, Hyouka's lead male Houtarou Oreki defeated Raildex powerhouse Accelerator in the final to win ISML's third Lapis Scepter. Defending champion Kirito was eliminated in the quarter-finals by Mondaiji protagonist Izayoi Sakamaki.

Nomination Period[]

Please see: ISML 2013 Nomination



Preliminary Phase 1

Arena Contestants
Nova 1 Hasegawa Kobato
Nova 2 Kashiwazaki Sena
Nova 3 Kirigaya Suguha
Nova 4 Nibutani Shinka
Nova 5 Chitanda Eru
Nova 6 Shiina Mashiro
Nova 7 Mikazuki Yozora
Nova 8 Yui (SAO)
Nova 9 Touwa Erio
Nova 10 Kuroyukihime
Nova 11 Takanashi Rikka
Nova 12 Yuuki Asuna

Preliminary Phase 2

Arena Contestants
Nova 1 Ayano Keiko (Silica)
Nova 2 Aoyama Nanami
Nova 3 Yuzuriha Inori
Nova 4 Oshino Shinobu
Nova 5 Natsume Rin
Nova 6 Noumi Kudryavka
Nova 7 Yuuki Mikan
Nova 8 Misaki Mei

Preliminary Phase 3

Arena Contestants
Bracket A Takanashi Touka
Bracket B Makise Kurisu
Bracket C Araragi Karen
Bracket D Shirakiin Ririchiyo
Bracket E Honma Meiko
Bracket F Roromiya Karuta
Bracket G Kanzaki H. Aria
Bracket H Akemi Homura
Bracket I Momo Belia Deviluke
Bracket J Nyarlathotep
Bracket K Kotegawa Yui
Bracket L Araragi Tsukihi
Bracket M Kirishima Shouko
Bracket N Konoe Subaru
Bracket O Sanka Rea
Bracket P Kurasaki Fuuko (Sky Raker)


Round 1

Arena Contestants
Stella 1 Tachibana Kanade
Stella 2 Eucliwood Hellscythe
Stella 3 Gokou Ruri (Kuroneko)
Stella 4 Aisaka Taiga
Stella 5 Akiyama Mio
Stella 6 Misaka Mikoto
Stella 7 Nakano Azusa
Stella 8 Nagato Yuki
Stella 9 Yui-nyan
Stella 10 Shana
Stella 11 Nakamura Yuri
Stella 12 Suzumiya Haruhi

Round 2

Arena Contestants
Stella 1 Konjiki no Yami
Stella 2 Saber
Stella 3 Louise Vallière
Stella 4 Tousaka Rin
Stella 5 Victorique de Blois
Stella 6 Kuroi Mato
Stella 7 Kousaka Kirino
Stella 8 Sengoku Nadeko
Stella 9 Illyasviel von Einzbern
Stella 10 Charlotte Dunois
Stella 11 Katsura Hinagiku
Stella 12 Hirasawa Yui

Round 3

Arena Contestants
Stella 1 C.C.
Stella 2 Sakagami Tomoyo
Stella 3 Last Order
Stella 4 Nymph
Stella 5 Izumi Konata
Stella 6 Iwasawa Masami
Stella 7 Fujibayashi Kyō
Stella 8 Holo
Stella 9 Senjougahara Hitagi
Stella 10 Hirasawa Ui
Stella 11 Furukawa Nagisa
Stella 12 Aragaki Ayase

Contestant Level and No.[]

1 2 3 4 5
Tier 1 Tachibana Kanade Gokou Ruri (Kuroneko) Eucliwood Hellscythe Nakano Azusa Aisaka Taiga
Tier 2 Akiyama Mio Kousaka Kirino Misaka Mikoto Nakamura Yuri Shana
Tier 3 Saber Hirasawa Yui Suzumiya Haruhi Konjiki no Yami Sengoku Nadeko
Tier 4 Nagato Yuki Katsura Hinagiku Kuroi Mato Senjougahara Hitagi Sakagami Tomoyo
Tier 5 Victorique de Blois Charlotte Dunois Tousaka Rin Iwasawa Masami Louise Vallière
Tier 6 Last Order C.C. Furukawa Nagisa Fujibayashi Kyou Illyasviel von Einzbern
Tier 7 Izumi Konata Aragaki Ayase Holo Hirasawa Ui Nymph
Wild Card Yui
1 2 3 4 5
Tier 1 Yuuki Asuna Kuroyukihime Takanashi Rikka Hasegawa Kobato Shiina Mashiro
Tier 2 Kashiwazaki Sena Yuzuriha Inori Chitanda Eru Mikazuki Yozora Kirigaya Suguha
Tier 3 Nibutani Shinka Ayano Keiko (Silica) Aoyama Nanami Takanashi Touka Noumi Kudryavka
Tier 4 Natsume Rin Yuuki Mikan Oshino Shinobu Makise Kurisu Touwa Erio
Tier 5 Araragi Karen Shirakiin Ririchiyo Misaki Mei Nyarlathotep Momo Belia Deviluke
Tier 6 Honma Meiko Kanzaki H. Aria Roromiya Karuta Araragi Tsukihi Kirishima Shouko
Tier 7 Akemi Homura Kotegawa Yui Kurasaki Fuuko (Sky Raker) Konoe Subaru Sanka Rea
Wild Card Yui (SAO)

Gem Rounds[]


On the Nova side, there are many new faces this year. One of the strongest faction in Preliminary, Sword Art Online  ,found themselves unable to keep up with their excellent Preliminary Result, while the two Haganai girls are going well with their recent boost from the second season. Two unexpect upset among the Tier 1 happened in Round 7 was Shiina Mashiro > Takanashi Rikka and Hasegawa Kobato > Yuuki Asuna . Rikka was the winner of the Diadem of Autumn last year after crashing Mashiro at the final round, Asuna was the winner of the Diadem of Summer last year and also the winner was the match of diadem winners. The result put her as the strongest new blood from last year, while Kobato was placed 14th in the Final League. In the end, Hasegawa Kobato was placed 1st with the highest SDO in Nova.

On the Stella side, unlike last year, where she was faced with low SDO disadvantage, the former Aquamarine Necklace Winner Tachibana Kanade found herself holding the historical high SDO of 103.046, which was more than enough to combine with her strength. Despite the problem of split voting in the Hanazawa faction and many people wanted a new winner for Aquamarine Necklace. The severe disadvantage of low SDO in other contestants and K-ON! and Railgun faction out of running plus Kanade's own overwelming strength, lead the match into an completely onsided one, granting Tenshi the first necklace of the year again with no surprise and Kanade officially become the first repeat winner of Aquamarine Necklace.

Period Standing Top 14 Contestants
Rank Nova Stella
1 Hasegawa Kobato Tachibana Kanade
2 Shiina Mashiro Gokou Ruri (Kuroneko)
3 Kuroyukihime Aisaka Taiga
4 Yuuki Asuna Kousaka Kirino
5 Takanashi Rikka Misaka Mikoto
6 Chitanda Eru Akiyama Mio
7 Kashiwazaki Sena Eucliwood Hellscythe
Aquamarine Necklace Match Result
Rank Contestants Votes SDO FNS
1 Tachibana Kanade 3052 103.046 66.546
2 Shiina Mashiro 1471 94.898 47.151
3 Kuroyukihime 1051 88.457 40.573
4 Hasegawa Kobato 808 95.793 40.455
5 Gokou Ruri (Kuroneko) 1194 80.179 39.323
6 Aisaka Taiga 1387 71.132 38.343
7 Kousaka Kirino 516 66.234 27.522

Necklace Winner: Tachibana Kanade


Despite her heavy deplete in strength after the end of Shakugan no Shana final season, Shana is refused to give up her dream of obtaining all 7 colours of necklace. But with one lose in the first round, she barely just got into the Necklace Round as a wildcard. After Tenshi's success in repeat necklace winning, her Hanazawa sister Gokou Ruri is also eager to do so. Clearing her path towards the Necklace Round with no problem, Ruri also obtained the highest SDO on the way. With Oreimo on air making Ruri stronger and stronger as each match went by, the black cat successfully obtain the necklace with an onesided match just like what happened in Aquamarine, making 2013 the first year with 2 repeat necklace winners.

Period Standing Top 14 Contestants
Rank Nova Stella
1 Shiina Mashiro Gokou Ruri (Kuroneko)
2 Kuroyukihime Tachibana Kanade
3 Takanashi Rikka Eucliwood Hellscythe
4 Kashiwazaki Sena Misaka Mikoto
5 Yuuki Asuna Shana
6 Nibutani Shinka Aisaka Taiga
7 Hasegawa Kobato Akiyama Mio
Amethyst Necklace Match Final Result
Rank Contestants Votes SDO FNS
1 Gokou Ruri (Kuroneko) 2412 98.874 57.080
2 Shana 1544 85.357 43.894
3 Shiina Mashiro 1379 90.262 43.879
4 Eucliwood Hellscythe 1135 83.365 39.140
5 Kuroyukihime 890 86.466 37.723
6 Misaka Mikoto 1619 61.583 36.719
7 Takanashi Rikka 1020 71.990 34.198

Necklace Winner: Gokou Ruri (Kuroneko)


As Amethyst passed by, the Regular Season is reaching towards its midway.

The Novas has becoming more and more unstable with many upsets and characters rising and falling in strength of big gaps, leading a high inflation of SDO towards lowest ranking Tier 1 character Asuna. Facing her daughter, the Nova wildcard, Yui, from the same series in the last round. she successfully secured her 7 wins and a spot towards Ruby Necklace Match. The former Summer Diadem winner, Takanashi Rikka, recovered from her bitter defeat in Aquamarine, took down Kuroyukihime in Round 7, leaving Shiina Mashiro the only loseless character left on stage as Ruby Period close in.

Meanwhile over in the Stella side, with the airing of Railgun, Mikoto has picked up her former strength, defeating Aisaka Taiga. But her luck is out on this period with weak matchups leading to low SDO. The unexpected inter-series upset of Akiyama Mio over her Kouhai Nakano Azusa, plus the strong match up allow her to gain the highest SDO from the Stella side.

However, K-ON! has had their time and their strength is falling. With two Hanazawa characters already out with their respective necklaces, and Taiga and Mikoto suffering from low SDO. Yuuki Asuna managed to be the first Nova to obtain a necklace this year despite the overwelming performance from Mikoto.

Period Standing Top 14 Contestants
Rank Nova Stella
1 Yuuki Asuna Akiyama Mio
2 Takanashi Rikka Tachibana Kanade
3 Shiina Mashiro Gokou Ruri (Kuroneko)
4 Kuroyukihime Misaka Mikoto
5 Hasegawa Kobato Aisaka Taiga
6 Aoyama Nanami Eucliwood Hellscythe
7 Kashiwazaki Sena Kousaka Kirino
Ruby Necklace Match Final Result
Rank Contestants Votes SDO FNS
1 Yuuki Asuna 1874 110.125 57.881
2 Misaka Mikoto 2059 77.072 48.954
3 Akiyama Mio 1020 96.918 43.830
4 Takanashi Rikka 1077 82.203 39.569
5 Shiina Mashiro 1106 76.473 37.987
6 Aisaka Taiga 997 55.988 29.927
7 Kuroyukihime 718 63.707 29.348

Necklace Winner: Yuuki Asuna


With the necklace win from Yuuki Asuna in the last period, the Nova are getting ready to challenge the Stella again. Mashiro, now the only loseless character in Nova, successfully secured her title by defeating Kuroyukihime in the last round. The unstable strengths of Nova characters continued with many unexpected upsets between two characters with big ranking gaps.

Two undefeated character, Tachibana Kanade and Gokou Ruri, remained undefeated through Emerald. This period has proved the first time ever Shana, the representative of Kugi and Tsundere in ISML, lost in a inter-seiyuu match to her Kugi sister Aisaka Taiga. Mikoto, despite growing stronger from the airing of Railgun anime, is having trouble with her opponents performing badly, leading to a low SDO. The second powerhouse from OreImo, Aragaki Ayase , has proved herself to be the first Tier 7 character to enter a necklace round.

Despite the even bigger Vote Difference, Mikoto was unable to upset Rikka's high SDO, with a difference of 1.38 in necklace socre, Takanashi Rikka followed Asuna's step and took away another necklace for Nova.

Period Standing Top 14 Contestants
Rank Nova Stella
1 Takanashi Rikka Tachibana Kanade
2 Shiina Mashiro Gokou Ruri (Kuroneko)
3 Hasegawa Kobato Misaka Mikoto
4 Kuroyukihime Aragaki Ayase
5 Kashiwazaki Sena Shana
6 Yuuki Asuna Aisaka Taiga
7 Nyarlathotep Nakano Azusa
Emerald Necklace Match Final Result
Rank Contestants Votes SDO FNS
1 Takanashi Rikka 2242 102.309 57.624
2 Misaka Mikoto 2992 74.564 57.624
3 Shiina Mashiro 1381 86.808 43.424
4 Shana 993 68.273 33.175
5 Hasegawa Kobato 546 79.055 32.080
6 Kuroyukihime 701 70.294 30.785
7 Aragaki Ayase 677 47.308 22.872

Necklace Winner: Takanashi Rikka


The Round 1 of this period has proved itself to be the most intense round of the year in Regular Season, with the amount of votes almost doubled from the usual 7000-8000 voters. It is the first time ever, the undefeated Tenshi, Tachibana Kanade, lost a match in her Regular Season journey, leaving her Hanazawa sister Gokou Ruri to be the last loseless character standing in Stella. The upset of Izumi Konata over Holo also marked the first time in the history of ISML that the last finisher in Regular Season is not winless. Then finally, the time has came for the Nova 1st Shiina Mashiro to shine. With the highest SDO ever in this year, Mashiro managed to win the Necklace Round without much trouble.

Period Standing Top 14 Contestants
Rank Nova Stella
1 Shiina Mashiro Eucliwood Hellscythe
2 Takanashi Rikka Gokou Ruri (Kuroneko)
3 Yuuki Asuna Aisaka Taiga
4 Hasegawa Kobato Misaka Mikoto
5 Kuroyukihime Kousaka Kirino
6 Chitanda Eru Shana
7 Yuzuriha Inori Aragaki Ayase
Topaz Necklace Match Final Result
Rank Contestants Votes SDO FNS
1 Shiina Mashiro 3118 112.380 65.382
2 Eucliwood Hellscythe 1930 93.961 48.603
3 Misaka Mikoto 2511 64.853 44.104
4 Aisaka Taiga 1560 83.144 41.684
5 Kousaka Kirino 652 72.605 41.684
6 Hasegawa Kobato 607 65.472 27.260
7 Kuroyukihime 789 50.695 23.964

Necklace Winner: Shiina Mashiro

Consolation Gems[]

These awards are given to the bottom-placed girls after each period.

Aquamarine Bracelet
Rank Contestant Votes
1 Ayase.png Ayase Aragaki 2195
2 Homura.png Homura Akemi 1362
3 Yui k.png Yui Kotegawa 1266
4 Nymph.png Nymph 1237
5 Ui.png Ui Hirasawa 1208
6 Subaru k.png Subaru Konoe 1165
7 Rea sanka.png Rea Sanka 995

Amethyst Brooch
Rank Contestant Votes
1 Aria1.png Aria H. Kanzaki 2192
2 Holo Holo 1485
3 Kyou.png Kyou Fujibayashi 1480
4 Fuuko.png Fuuko Kurasaki / Sky Raker 1341
5 Konata.png Konata Izumi 1247
6 Shouko Kirishima 1131
7 Tsukihi.png Tsukihi Araragi 964

Ruby Medallion
Rank Contestant Votes
1 Momo bd.png Momo Belia Deviluke 1667
2 Nyaruko.png Nyaruko 1433
3 Nagisa.png Nagisa Furukawa 1312
4 Cc.png C.C. 1250
5 Menma.png Meiko Honma 1125
6 Karuta.png Karuta Roromiya 997
7 Illya.png Illyasviel von Einzbern 936

Emerald Anklet
Rank Contestant Votes
1 Last order.png Last Order 2591
2 Louise.png Louise de la Valliere 1596
3 Ririchiyo.png Ririchiyo Shirakiin 1256
4 Erio.png Erio Touwa 1062
5 Mei misaki.png Mei Misaki 1032
6 Karen a.png Karen Araragi 965
7 Masami.png Masami Iwasawa 836

Topaz Earrings
Rank Contestant Votes
1 Kurisu.png Kurisu Makise 1883
2 Vic.png Victorique de Blois 1732
3 Mikan.png Mikan Yuuki 1607
4 Shinobu Oshino Shinobu Oshino 1498
5 Charlotte.png Charlotte Dunois 1472
6 Rin tohsaka.png Rin Tohsaka 1307
7 Rin natsume.png Rin Natsume 1289


Nova (Sapphire)[]

Nova Bracket
Pic Round of 16 Pic Quarter-finals Pic Semi-finals Pic Final
Mashiro Shiina 6202
Tohka Yatogami 2981 1
Mashiro Shiina 5519
Inori Yuzuriha 4833 8
Inori Yuzuriha 3609
Eru Chitanda 4395 1
Mashiro Shiina 5943
Kobato Hasegawa 5392 5
Asuna Yuuki 5224
Momo bd.png
Momo Belia Deviluke 3514 4
Kobato Hasegawa 4754
Asuna Yuuki 5903 5
Asuna Yuuki 4785
Yui sao.png
Yui (SAO) 2866 1
Mashiro Shiina 4886
Rikka chuuni.png
Rikka Takanashi 6077 2
Rikka chuuni.png
Rikka Takanashi 3379
Yozora Mikazuki 3049 2
Rikka chuuni.png
Rikka Takanashi 5481
Sena Kashiwazaki 5455 7
Sena Kashiwazaki 3885
Shinka Nibutani 3839 2
Rikka chuuni.png
Rikka Takanashi 5720
Kuroyukihime 5649 3
Kuroyukihime 5565
Aria H. Kanzaki 3266 3
Kuroyukihime 5175
Nanami Aoyama 4994 6
Nanami Aoyama 4037
Nyaruko 3960

Stella (Diamond)[]

Stella Bracket
Pic Round of 16 Pic Quarter-finals Pic Semi-finals Pic Final
Ruri Gokou 6651
Yui h.png
Yui Hirasawa 3180 1
Ruri Gokou 5666
Mio kon.png
Mio Akiyama 4200 9
Ayase Aragaki 3503
Ayase Aragaki 5676 1
Ruri Gokou 7133
Taiga Aisaka 5347 5
Eucliwood Hellscythe 4666
Yuki nagato.png
Yuki Nagato 4137 4
Taiga Aisaka 4423
Eucliwood Hellscythe 5373 5
Eucliwood Hellscythe 5208
Yuri Nakamura 4160 1
Ruri Gokou 4252
Kanade Tachibana 6908 2
Kanade Tachibana 4268
Haruhi Suzumiya 3019 2
Kanade Tachibana 6543
Shana 4703 10
Kirino Kousaka 3038
Kirino Kousaka 5033 2
Kanade Tachibana 7030
Mikoto Misaka 5752 3
Mikoto Misaka 5107
Saber 4127 3
Mikoto Misaka 5340
Azusa nakano.png
Azusa Nakano 5142 6
Azusa nakano.png
Azusa Nakano 4232
Yui ab.png
Yui (Angel Beats) 4307

Tiara Playoff Bracket[]

Tiara Playoff Bracket
Pic Round of 16 Pic Quarter-finals Pic Semi-finals Pic Final
Mashiro Shiina 8431
Kirino Kousaka 4445 N1
Mashiro Shiina 5644
Eucliwood Hellscythe 6314 S4
Eucliwood Hellscythe 6555
Kobato Hasegawa 4229 S4
Eucliwood Hellscythe 4738
Ruri "Kuroneko" Gokou 7700 S2
Ruri Gokou 6792
Sena Kashiwazaki 3352 S2
Ruri Gokou 7443
Asuna Yuuki 5187 S6
Azusa nakano.png
Azusa Nakano 4985
Azusa nakano.png
Azusa Nakano 5370 S2
Ruri Gokou 8343
Kanade Tachibana 6013 S1
Kanade Tachibana 7234
Inori Yuzuriha 3693 S1
Kanade Tachibana 7656
Kuroyukihime 5854 N4
Kuroyukihime 4276
Taiga Aisaka 4423 S1
Kanade Tachibana 8254
Rikka chuuni.png
Rikka Takanashi 4643 S3
Mikoto Misaka 6060
Ayase Aragaki 5614 S7
Ayase Aragaki 5863
Mikoto Misaka 5402 S3
Mikoto Misaka 6151 S4
Eucliwood Hellscythe ????
Nanami Aoyama 4357 S3
Mikoto Misaka ????

Winner's Gallery[]

Necklace & Tiara


Consolation Gems


Random Useless Facts[]

Random Useless Voting Records[]

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