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ISML 2008 was the very first edition of the International Saimoe League, an online anime character popularity contest.

The championship was won by Nanoha stalwart Fate Testarossa, who finished first in the regular season overall despite losing out on necklaces. Fate then went undefeated in the playoffs, defeating Lower Bracket winner Yuki Nagato in the grand final.

Gem Rounds[]


In the Aquamarine period, three tie-breaker matches occurred: Sayuri Kurata vs. Evangeline A.K. McDowell (122-122, 79-87 tie-breaker) at Aquamarine 2, Konoka Konoe vs. Tsuruya (116-116, 87-85 tie-breaker) at Aquamarine 3, and Louise Vallière vs. Matsuri Shihou (108-108, 77-91 tie-breaker) at Aquamarine 5. By the end of the Aquamarine period, the Aquamarine Necklace, said to hold the powers of the ocean, was given to Shana, who, ironically, is a Flame Haze. Shana was rewarded the title of being the first girl to obtain the Aquamarine Necklace, or any necklace for that matter. This would be one of several necklaces that Shana would obtain.

Aquamarine Necklace Finalists
Rank Contestant VD
1 Shana 993
2 Nagato Yuki 754
3 Sakagami Tomoyo 744
4 Suzumiya Haruhi 577

Necklace Winner: Shana


In the Topaz period, Negima! characters received a major voting boost. Two tie-breaker matches occurred: Tsukasa Hiiragi vs. Holo (247-247, 160-142 tie-breaker) at Topaz 3 and Shinku vs. Mion Sonozaki (210-210, 162-144 tie-breaker) at Topaz 5. By the end of the Topaz period, the Topaz Necklace, said to hold the power of the sun, was supposed to be given to Tomoyo Sakagami; however, due to a loss from Kotomi Ichinose, she was unable to receive it. Therefore, the necklace would be given to Setsuna Sakurazaki, who, ironically, is a half-demon. She was rewarded the title of being the first girl to obtain the Topaz Necklace given by ISML. This would be the only time she and any of the Negima! characters would have another chance to obtain another necklace.

Topaz Necklace Finalists
Rank Contestant VD
1 Sakurazaki Setsuna 796
2 Evangeline McDowell 785
3 Fujibayashi Kyou 718

Necklace Winner: Sakurazaki Setsuna


In the Amethyst period, there were three consecutive #1 seeded girl and #2 seeded girl match-ups: Tomoyo Sakagami vs. Yuki Nagato (233-233, 188-182 tie-breaker) at Amethyst 3, Haruhi Suzumiya vs. Kyou Fujibayashi (246-222) at Amethyst 4, and Tomoyo Sakagami vs. Haruhi Suzumiya (214-191) at Amethyst 5. Two more tie-breaker matches occurred: Eruruu vs. Ayumu Nishizawa (178-178, 160-146 tie-breaker) at Amethyst 3 and C.C. vs. Rena Ryuuguu (213-213, 197-192 tie-breaker) at Amethyst 9. By the end of the Amethyst period, the Amethyst Necklace, said to hold the power of the moon, was given to Kagami Hiiragi. She was rewarded the title of being the first girl to obtain the Amethyst Necklace given by ISML.

Amethyst Necklace Finalists
Rank Contestant VD
1 Hiiragi Kagami 1606
2 Fate Testarossa 1186
3 Sakagami Tomoyo 834
4 C.C. 761
5 Minase Nayuki 650

Necklace Winner: Hiiragi Kagami


The Sapphire period was the first period where there were no tie-breaker matches. By the end of the Sapphire period, the Sapphire Necklace, said to hold the power of the sky, was supposed to be given to Shana; however, by Sapphire 9, Kyou Fujibayashi and Haruhi Suzumiya bypassed Shana due to a higher vote difference than Shana. Because Kyou had a higher vote difference than Haruhi, Kyou would win the Sapphire Necklace. She was rewarded the title for being the first girl to obtain the Sapphire Necklace given by ISML.

Sapphire Necklace Finalists
Rank Contestant VD
1 Fujibayashi Kyou 1636
2 Suzumiya Haruhi 1577
3 Shana 1533
4 Izumi Konata 1447
5 Takamachi Nanoha 1153
6 Fate Testarossa 1122

Necklace Winner: Fujibayashi Kyou


In the Emerald period, two tie-breaker matches occurred: Saber vs. Rika Furude (315-315, 219-234 tie-breaker) at Emerald 6 and Mikuru Asahina vs. Rika Furude at Emerald 7. By the end of the Emerald period, the Emerald Necklace, said to hold the power of nature, was given to Kagami Hiiragi. She was rewarded the title of being the first girl to obtain the Emerald Necklace given by ISML and the first girl to become a two-time necklace winner.

Emerald Necklace Finalists
Rank Contestant VD
1 Hiiragi Kagami 1985
2 Fujibayashi Kyou 1833
3 Nagato Yuki 1785
4 Hiiragi Tsukasa 1753
5 Ichinose Kotomi 1648
6 Katsura Hinagiku 1624
7 Sakagami Tomoyo 1564
8 Fate Testarossa 1103
9 Furude Rika 821

Necklace Winner: Hiiragi Kagami


In the Ruby period, a record of four tie-breaker matches occurred: Haruhi Suzumiya vs. Konata Izumi (259-259, 235-223 tie-breaker) at Ruby 5, Tamaki Kawazoe vs. Sakura Matou (188-188, 207-188 tie-breaker) at Ruby 5, Hinagiku Katsura vs. C.C. (307-307, 319-334 tie-breaker) at Ruby 8, and Suiseiseki vs. Rika Furude (320-320, 330-329 tie-breaker) at Ruby 9. By the end of the Ruby period, the Ruby necklace, said to hold the power of fire, was supposed to be given to Shana; however, by Ruby 9, Haruhi was shown to have a higher vote difference than Shana. Thus, Haruhi would win the Ruby Necklace. She was rewarded the title of being the first girl to obtain the Ruby Necklace given by ISML.

Ruby Necklace Finalists
Rank Contestant VD
1 Suzumiya Haruhi 1861
2 Shana 1789
3 Fate Testarossa 1755
4 Ryuuguu Rena 1651
5 Sakagami Tomoyo 1644
6 Ichinose Kotomi 1469

Necklace Winner: Suzumiya Haruhi


In the Diamond period, only one tie-breaker match occurred: Hinagiku Katsura vs. Kyou Fujibayashi (300-300, 334-323 tie-breaker) at Diamond 5. By the end of the Diamond period, the Diamond Necklace, said to hold the power of emotions, was given to Haruhi Suzumiya, the only girl who had a perfect winning streak in the Diamond Period. She was given the title of being the first girl to obtain the Diamond Necklace given by ISML, the second girl to become a two-time necklace winner, and the first girl to obtain back-to-back necklaces.

Diamond Necklace Finalist
Rank Contstant VD
1 Suzumiya Haruhi 2102

Necklace Winner: Suzumiya Haruhi



  • 16 females play in a Double-elimination bracket.
  • Round of 16 match-ups are determined by regular season ranking
  • Losers drop to Lower Bracket Rd 1, Winners advance to Upper Bracket
  • Winner of the grand final wins the Heavenly Tiara and declared as the year's champion.

Round of 16[]

The finals of ISML 2008 was one with many surprises. Konata Izumi, a 12th seed girl, defeated 3rd seed Haruhi Suzumiya (677-676), 2nd seed Sakagami Tomoyo (604-470), and 4th seed Shana (656-615). Although she lost to 6th seed Yuki Nagato (445-519), Konata went from a #12 seat from the overall rankings to the #4 seat of the final rankings due to her unexpected wins. At Winner Round 2, Yuki lost to Kagami Hiiragi (746-819), bringing her to the Loser bracket. At Winner Round 3, Kagami would lose to Fate Testarossa (658-999), also bringing her to the loser bracket. At Loser Round 6, Yuki and Kagami would fight once again for the opportunity to face Fate in the Championship Round. Yuki retaliated and defeated Kagami (700-459), which meant that Fate and Yuki would fight for the prized Tiara at the Championship Round. Fate defeated Yuki (1220-956) and was crowned the winner of ISML 2008. She was rewarded the title of being the first girl to receive the Heavenly Tiara given by ISML.


Upper Bracket & Finals
UB Quarters UB Semis UB Final Grand Final
1 Fate Testarossa Fate Testarossa 631 U Fate Testarossa Fate 1220
8 Kotomi.png Kotomi Ichinose 520 L Yuki n.png Yuki 956
1 Fate Testarossa Fate 807
4 Shana.png Shana 614 4 Shana.png Shana 734
5 Kyou.png Kyou Fujibayashi 562 1 Fate Testarossa Fate 999
7 Kagami.png Kagami 658
2 Tomoyo.png Tomoyo Sakagami 584
7 Kagami.png Kagami Hiiragi 608 7 Kagami.png Kagami 819
3 Yuki n.png Yuki 746 LB Final
3 Haruhi.png Haruhi Suzumiya 562 >7 Kagami.png Kagami 459
6 Yuki n.png Yuki Nagato 593 3 Yuki n.png Yuki 700
Lower Bracket
LB Rd 1 LB Rd 2 LB Rd 3 LB Rd 4 LB Semis
>2 Tomoyo.png Tomoyo 664
16 Tsukasa.png Tsukasa 504 9 Hinagiku1.png Hinagiku 593 >4 Shana.png Shana 615
9 Hinagiku1.png Hinagiku 514 2 Tomoyo.png Tomoyo 470 12 Konata.png Konata 656
>3 Haruhi.png Haruhi 676 12 Konata.png Konata 604
13 Suigintou.png Suigintou 456 12 Konata.png Konata 677 12 Konata.png Konata 445
12 Konata.png Konata 626 3 Yuki n.png Yuki 519
>8 Kotomi.png Kotomi 679
15 Rika Furude Furude 483 15 Rika Furude Furude 587 >3 Yuki n.png Yuki 612
10 Nanoha Takamachi Nanoha 468 8 Kotomi.png Kotomi 584 8 Kotomi.png Kotomi 591
>5 Kyou.png Kyou 626 11 Cc.png C.C. 570
14 Mai kanon.png Mai (Kanon) 492 11 Cc.png C.C. 771
11 Cc.png C.C. 520

Final Rankings[]

Final Rankings
Rank Name Series
1 Fate Testarossa Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
2 Yuki Nagato Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
3 Kagami Hiiragi Lucky Star
4 Konata Izumi Lucky Star
5 Kotomi Ichinose Clannad
6 Shana Shakugan no Shana
7 Tomoyo Sakagami Clannad
8 C.C. Code Geass
9 Haruhi Suzumiya Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
10 Kyou Fujibayashi Clannad
11 Hinagiku Katsura Hayate no Gotoku!
12 Rika Furude Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
13 Tsukasa Hiiragi Lucky Star
14 Nanoha Takamachi Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
15 Mai Kawasumi Kanon
16 Suigintou Rozen Maiden

Bold: Necklace(s) winner

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