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Homura Akemi is one of the main protagonists of Shaft's magical girl anime series Madoka Magica.

Homura was the winner of Korea's defunct Best Moe Tournament in 2011. In Japan's Anime Saimoe Tournament, she was the only girl of Madoka Magica's "Holy Quintet" to never reach the grand final, having been eliminated early in 2011 and 2013, and in the quarterfinals in 2014.  (Mami and Kyouko were finalists in 2011, while Madoka and Sayaka did the same in 2013.)

In the Western forums of r/anime, Homura is a highly popular and highly divisive character owing to her characterization in the sequel movie Rebellion. She still possesses a highly vocal fanbase in spite of this, with one of their best-known battle cry being "Homura did Nothing Wrong". She reached the round of 16 in its inaugural Best Girl Contest, where she lost to Asuna by a slim margin of 18 votes. However, she is yet to reach this stage again, having failed to do so for 5 consecutive years, much to the consternation of her fans (and possibly relevant to the events of her story too). She would fare better in the mixed-gender Best Character Contest, where she would earn her best finish in the fourth edition, reaching the quarter-finals before losing to eventual winner Rintarou Okabe.

Homura is one of the weaker contestants in International Saimoe League despite appearing six times in the Main Tournament, only existing either as cannon fodder or a stepping stone for other stronger girls to pad their records on.

ISML Profile Flavor TextEdit

"When Akemi Homura introduces herself to her new classmates, she does so by stating her name only, as if anything more was a pointless effort and acknowledging those around her could only distract her away from what is truly important. Her demeanor is cold, but she has the looks, intelligence, and athletic ability that every girl can only dream of and is a natural idol among her peers. It is no surprise that other students wish to befriend her... but forging new friendships seems to be the last thing Homura has in mind.

At face value, her words and actions are devoid of any hint of kindness and compassion. However, no one can truly understand the intentions guiding her, just as none can imagine the mental and emotional scars she bears. Her eyes are an abyss, a pit deep enough to conceal even her loneliness and the longing to wrap her arms around the one who means everything to her. Her heart is shackled, too broken to register anything but new despair and pain. Tears course through her veins in place of blood, tears she cannot shed no matter how desperately she wants to.

And yet Homura holds her head high, never losing sight of her mission. She will do whatever it takes to grasp onto the single miracle afforded her. She will fight and mislead and betray. Brand her friend or foe, the love and devotion Homura exemplifies are a power far surpassing both time and space."

- written by ??????

International Saimoe LeagueEdit


  • Regular season icon Nova 27th (7-0-28)


  • Regular season icon Nova 32nd (7-0-28)


Best Girl ContestEdit

Best Girl 1 (2014) - seed 24

Best Girl 2 (2015) - seed 42

Best Girl 3 (2016) - seed 31

Best Girl 4 (2017) - seed 56

Best Girl 5 (2018) - seed 63

Best Girl 6 (2019) - seed 54

Best Character ContestEdit

Best Character 1 (2015) - seed 59

Best Character 2 (2016) - seed 12

Best Character 3 (2017) - seed 40

Best Character 4 (2018) - seed 22

Defunct ContestsEdit

Anime Saimoe TournamentEdit




Korea Best Moe TournamentEdit


Minor TournamentsEdit

r/anime ExhibitionsEdit

r/anime's 24-Hour Worst Girl Contest* (April 1, 2020)Edit

Seed #43 - Winner!

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