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Hideyoshi Kinoshita is a main character featured in the light novel series Baka and Test, wriiten by Kenji Inoue, illustrated by Yui Haga, and adapted into an anime series by the studio Silver Link. In the series, he has a fraternal twin sister named Yuuko Kinoshita.

Hideyoshi is famous in the anime community as a pioneering example of the "trap" archetype: described as a biologically male character who looks very feminine, and usually sounds and acts like one as well. His gender is also classified as simply "Hideyoshi". Because of these characteristics, he was allowed to participate in Anizone's Korea Best Moe Tournament as a FEMALE entrant, and even placed among the top 10 female characters at one point in Takarajimasha's Kono light novel ga sugoi.

His strongest performances came in the early years of International Saimoe League, where he appeared in the first two finals of the tournament's Male Exhibitions, losing both times. He would finally secure his first major win in his fourth try after defeating Shidou Itsuka in the final of the aptly-named "Trap Exhibition Tournament", which replaced the Male Exhibitions because the staff are FUCKING DEGNENERATES. He was awarded the Lapis Scepter and an 8-year ban from ISML as a result.

Hideyoshi's popularity declined in the latter part of the 2010's as more newer "trap" characters started to take the limelight.

Match History[]

Anime Saimoe Tournament[]

Korea Best Moe Tournament[]



International Saimoe League Male Exhibition[]


  • Top 96 icon.png Kinoshita Hideyoshi > Gokudera Hayato > Kiryuu Zero (3490-1331-1135)
  • Top 32 icon.png Kinoshita Hideyoshi > Uchiha Itachi (3345-1897)
  • Top 16 icon.png Kinoshita Hideyoshi > Kyon (2365-2161)
  • Quarterfinal icon.png Kinoshita Hideyoshi > Edward Elric (2425-1842)
  • Semifinal icon.png Kinoshita Hideyoshi > Katsuragi Keima (2381-2216)
  • Final icon.png Lelouch Lamperouge > Kinoshita Hideyoshi (2155-2076)


  • Top 96 icon.png Kinoshita Hideyoshi > Yatogami Kurou > Diamuid Ua Duibhne > Oz Vessalius > Touyama Kinji > Watanuki Banri (3759-3053-2565-1817-1747-1702)
  • Top 32 icon.png Kinoshita Hideyoshi > Ciel Phantomhive (4241-2333)
  • Top 16 icon.png Kinoshita Hideyoshi > Araragi Koyomi (3713-3126)
  • Quarterfinal icon.png Kinoshita Hideyoshi > Orihara Izaya (3785-2982)
  • Semifinal icon.png Kinoshita Hideyoshi > Oreki Houtarou (3739-3629)
  • Final icon.png Kirigaya Kazuto > Kinoshita Hideyoshi (4071-3259)

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