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Facebook is an online social media and social networking website. It is one of the most-used websites in the world.

In the context of this wiki, many anime-related groups on Facebook organize character popularity contests in the website, typically a single-elimination bracket. Matches are either decided by the number of reactions associated with a character (a substitute for votes), or held in a dedicated polling website (such as Strawpoll).

For some reason, some users in the saimoe community have included Facebook-held contests towards a character's "saimoe wins". However, the abundance of these contests in the site has inflated the wins of some choker characters in the major contests. (especially 02.png, Raphtalia.png, Tsukasa tsu.png)

Maybe some another users disagree with validity of Facebook contests. They think these types of peripheral records could distort a character's apparent performance, to being distant from one's real power.

Nevertheless, Enormous Facebook contest wins can testify to some character's worldwide popularity; in the case of the GOAT Tier Waifus - Rem.png, Mikoto.png.

Most of the minor saimoe contests are Facebook contests, accounted for more than 4/5 of them.

Some examples[]

In order to access the links below, you need to login or register your Facebook account first. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can use a throwaway account.


  • A Vietnamese small tournaments held by ColorFiesta, a Vietnam Pop Culture Events.

MoeMoeWorld Facebook Link)

  • A Filipino small tournament contest held by MoeMoeWorld. It has three tournaments, such as:
    • Facebook Lolimouto, the annual contest that focused on Loli and Imouto anime characters. It held since 2016 and last in 2020. The recent winner is Mikan.png Mikan Yuuki in the 2020 edition (ended in 10/04). It was discontinued in 2021.
    • Facebook Waifu Awards, the annual contest held since 2015 and last in 2021, and the recent winner is Tsukasa tsu.png Tsukasa Tsukuyomi in the 2021 edition (ended in 07/17). It was discontinued in 2021.
    • Battle of The Moe, the annual contest held since 2012 and last in 2021 , and the recent winner is Kaguya.png Kaguya Shinomiya in the 2021 edition (ended in 12/24). It was discontinued in 2021.
  • ACGN Miss Anime Tournament and ACGN Mr. Anime Tournament (Facebook link), A small Traditional Chinese-language contest organized by the group 二次元動畫小姐專站 (Pinyin: Èr cìyuán dònghuà xiǎojiě zhuān zhàn). Annual contest held since 2012. Its most recent winner is Yukino.png Yukino Yukinoshita in the 2021 Female edition (ended in 06/01), also Kiyotaka.png Kiyotaka Ayanokouji in the 2021 Male edition (ended in 09/17).
    • Ordered list of female winners: Madoka.pngMio kon.pngMikoto.pngTaiga.pngShana.pngEru.pngAsuna.pngRem.pngShana.pngYukino.png
    • Male winners since 2020: Touma.pngKiyotaka.png

Notable Characters[]

Top Title Holders (with facebook titles/total saimoe wins)

  1. Rem.png Rem : 75 wins (74.3%)
  2. Mikoto.png Mikoto Misaka : 37 wins (69.3%)
  3. Miku.png Miku Nakano : 28 wins (87.5%)
  4. Kurumi.png Kurumi Tokisaki : 21 wins (77.8%)
  5. Raphtalia.png Raphtalia : 19 wins (100%)