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Eru Chitanda ★

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Chinese 千反田爱瑠
Japanese 千反田える, Chitanda Eru
Korean 치탄다 에루
Other names Chi-chan, Chitandael
Anime Hyouka
Part of the Koten-bu (lit. "Classic Literature Club") series
Anime Debut Spring 2012
Voiced by Satomi Satou Jp.png
Madeleine Morris Us.png
Status Salt of Famer
Best Results
Isml logo.png ISML Main: ★ Champion (2015)
ToC: Champion (2020)
Ranime logo.png Best Girl Quarter-finals (BG3, seed 9)
J-Saimoe Round 4 (2013)
K. Best Moe Semi-finals (2012)
ISML record
Main Tournament 2013: Nova Playoffs (N-9th)
2014: Nova Playoffs (N-9th)
Tournament of Champions 2016: ???
2017: ???
2018: ???
2019: Groups (4th)
2021: ???
2022: ???
2023: ???
Seasonal Spring 2012: Runner-up
r/anime contest record
Best Girl BG1: R64 (seed 25)
BG2: R32 (seed 35)
BG4: R16 (seed 47)
BG5: R64 (seed 53)
BG6: R32 (seed 90)
BG7: R128 (seed 45)
Best Character BCh1:
Defunct Majors Record
J-Saimoe 2012: Rd 2
Other Contest Wins

Eru Chitanda is one of the main protagonists in Honobu Yonezawa's novel Hyouka and its anime adaptation by the studio Kyoto Animation.

Kyoto Animation does what it does best: making cute girls with incredibly big, detailed eyes. And Chitanda's eyes are one of the most prominent examples of it. Her apperarance has been blessed by the creative talent at KyoAni, and she puts it to good use by winning the 2015 International Saimoe League, making her the second KyoAni girl to achieve this feat.  This remarkable achievement is notable for being a dark horse victory, with her being one of the few ISML winners who have never won a necklace.

Meanwhile, in  r/anime's Best Girl Contest, Chitanda has established yet another dark-horse reputation as well. She is a middle-tier contender who constantly occupies double-digit seeds, and always manages to get at least Round 4 in all of her appearances. Her best performance came in Best Girl 3 (2016), where she attained her highest seed so far (#9), and reached the quarter-finals before losing to the top seed Senjougahara.   Eru also shares an inexplicable "rivalry" with Attack on Titan representative Mikasa Ackerman, with the two of them meeting three times (BG1, BG3, and BG4), the former losing the first and winning the other two.

Match History[edit | edit source]

Anime Saimoe Tournament[edit | edit source]

2012[edit | edit source]

2013[edit | edit source]

Korea Best Moe Tournament[edit | edit source]

2012[edit | edit source]

International Saimoe League[edit | edit source]

2013[edit | edit source]

  • Regular season icon.png Nova 9th (27-0-8)
  • Postseason Phase 1 Nova Division

2014[edit | edit source]

  • Round 1 icon.png Nova 7th (29-0-6)

Other Smaller Tournaments[edit | edit source]

SenpuuSociety European Saimoe[edit | edit source]



The Great Awwnime Bracket[edit | edit source]

Awwnime Girls 2013

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Legend: Defunct, Hiatus / Unknown fate
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