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Eru Chitanda is the main female protagonist of the 2012 Kyoto Animation TV series Hyouka, adapted from Honobu Yonezawa's Koten-bu (literally "Classic Literature Club") mystery novel series. She was the champion of International Saimoe League's 2015 edition, and the winner of 2020's female tournament of champions. Chitanda is one of only three females who won the ISML championship without winning a necklace, following Fate Testarossa in 2008 and Kotori Itsuka in 2014.



Kyoto Animation does what it does best: making cute girls with incredibly big, detailed eyes. And Chitanda's eyes are one of the most prominent examples of it. Her apperarance has been blessed by the creative talent at KyoAni, and she puts it to good use by winning the 2015 International Saimoe League, making her the second KyoAni girl to achieve this feat. This remarkable achievement is notable for being a dark horse victory, with her being one of the few ISML winners who have never won a necklace.

Meanwhile, in r/anime's Best Girl Contest, Chitanda has established yet another dark-horse reputation as well. She is a middle-tier contender who constantly occupies double-digit seeds, and always manages to get at least Round 4 in all of her appearances. Her best performance came in Best Girl 3 (2016), where she attained her highest seed so far (#9), and reached the quarter-finals before losing to the top seed Senjougahara. Eru also shares an inexplicable "rivalry" with Attack on Titan representative Mikasa Ackerman, with the two of them meeting three times (BG1, BG3, and BG4), the former losing the first and winning the other two.

ISML results[]

ISML Profile Flavor Text
Chitanda eru.png

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but the threat of mortal peril might not be enough to stave off the curiosity of Chitanda Eru.

Most of the time, Eru is an example of proper behavior. She is polite and knowledgeable in traditional customs. She can keep a conversation going and always has a gentle smile on her face. Her every action is proof of her impeccable upbringing, and Eru spares no effort in making her family proud.

It comes as a surprise, then, to see how her controlled demeanor falls apart in the face of a mystery. Eru does not usually lack restraint, but curiosity can override any and all her instincts. No matter how small or trivial the unknown, when Chitanda Eru wants answers, she will stop at nothing to get them. As her friends and acquaintances well know, she is not above dragging others into her pursuit of the truth.

Despite her bouts of passion, Eru is eventually expected to settle down and continue the family tradition of rice farming. As Eru slowly approaches adulthood, she attempts to reconcile who she is with the expectations of those around her. She would not be satisfied with rejecting or sacrificing either of the two, even if finding the proper balance seems like a daunting task. But with her friends there to support her, Eru is sure to find a way.

Main Tournament[]

Overall record

  • TBD


  • Regular season icon.png Nova 9th (27-0-8)

Nova Playoffs (Bracket)


  • R1 plate.png Nova 7th (29-0-6)

Nova Playoffs (Swiss-system)

r/anime bracket results[]

Best Girl Contest[]

Best Character Contest[]

Best Character 1 (seed 85)

  • R1 plate.png (428) Seras.png Seras Victoria 2240 - 909
  • R2 plate.png (172) Erza.png Erza Scarlet 2291 - 1531
  • R3 plate.png (44) Asuna.png Asuna Yuuki 2770 - 2161
  • T64 plate.png (21) Holo Holo 1922 - 2725

Best Character 2 (seed 35)

Best Character 3 (seed 28)

Best Character 4 (seed 77)

  • R1 plate.png
  • R2 plate.png
  • R3 plate.png
  • T64 plate.png
  • T32 plate.png

Best Character 5 (seed

  • R1 plate.png
  • R2 plate.png
  • R3 plate.png
  • T64 plate.png
  • T32 plate.png

Other Tournaments[]

Anime Saimoe Tournament[]

Saimoe 2012

Saimoe 2013

Korea Best Moe Tournament[]

KBM 2012

SenpuuSociety European Saimoe[]



The Great Awwnime Bracket[]

Awwnime Girls 2013


International Saimoe League


Contest wins[]

Total Wins : 14 + 1 = 15 (ISML Heavenly TiaraISML Tournament of Champions Win)

  1. 2012 Best Heroine SP [1]
  2. 2012 KTXP (lit. Polaroid) Moe [2]
  3. Hong Kong Golden Moe 2014 [3]
  4. Saimoe Animeclick 2014/2015 [4]
  5. Best Waifu Animeclick 2014 [5]
  6. ISML 2015 Heavenly Tiara ★
  7. Myanimelist Monia Cafe Waifu Contest(League, 2015) [6]
  8. ACGN Miss Anime 2017
  9. Sakurasou-Moe 2018 Couple Div (w/ Houtarou Oreki) [7]
  10. Facebook Moe Moe World's Best Girl of Kyoto Animation 2019 [8]
  11. ISML 2020 Tornament of Champions ☆
  12. Sakura-sou Moe 2020
  13. UP SOMA Soshiki Your waifu is Trash'nt 2020 [9]
  14. Twitter Best of Heisei anime girls characters 2020 [10]

Runner-up Lists[]

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